Mission Ballroom Gets Detoxed by Excision

Excision Mission Ballroom

It’s that time of the year: the time when thousands of bass heads gather in Colorado from near and far to attend annual shows headlined by Excision (real name Jeff Abel). On February 9th, Jeff played one of his famous “Detox” sets at Mission Ballroom for the first time, making history.

Excision Mission Ballroom

Opening Support

A diverse lineup of supporting acts graced the stage and elevated the energy as expected. Lizzy Jane, Whales, Hairitage, and Ravenscoon played energetic, bass-booming sets that made the crowd wild out. At one point, Ravenscoon mentioned that his set marked a full circle moment. He recounted that he’d seen Excision at Cervantes in 2010, and now he’s his opener.

Excision Mission Ballroom

Excision Detox Set

For those who don’t know, an Excision “Detox” set deviates from his usual, heavy-hitting dubstep sets. It incorporates genres outside of dubstep and arguably introduces sounds never heard before. It serves as a proper display of Abel’s full creative range.

Abel’s “Detox” set proved to be versatile, unpredictable, and jam-packed with tunes, leaving people speechless. A few of the subgenres explored in this set were techno, bass house, drum and bass, glitch hop, and experimental bass. Along with that, he also threw in some oldies! All of these were seamlessly mixed to make you think you know what’s coming, only to then get shot into oblivion.

Excision Mission Ballroom

Detox Set Production

Abel is known for his top-tier stage shows, which partially led to his fame. That infamous production, conjoined with the Mission Ballroom sound system, is a match made in dubstep heaven. Sharpshooting lasers and pyro garnished the experience, raising it above the rest.

From front to back, the show was unforgettable and will go down in history. The openers put on their best and synergistically amped up the energy. Abel threw down a heater of a set that encompassed a plethora of phenomenal music. And, of course, Mission Ballroom served as the perfect place for each artist to get the production they deserved.

Excision Mission Ballroom

Who is Excision?

Excision is an early dubstep legend and long-standing household name. Abel started the project in 2006, releasing on multiple notorious labels and collaborating with other artists. Throughout the past few years, Abel has busted out tours worldwide and even created his own festivals. His most recent label is Subsidia, where upcoming bass artists are in the spotlight. Abel is unquestionably a pioneer in dance music and will forever stand as one of the best bass music artists of all time.

Excision Mission Ballroom

Abel continues to set the bar higher by claiming every opportunity to do something new. His set at Mission Ballroom gave familiar fans a new way to experience his production. In the same sense, it gave newbies an unbeatable first-time show! It’s a genuine test of mastery for artists to reinvent themselves while keeping true to their roots. Abel’s passion has shined in his ability to do such, and he continues to be a positive leader in the EDM community.

Photos by Sammantha Drake