Temple Nightclub In March

Temple Nightclub In March

Denver’s hottest nightclub is in the heart of the Golden Triangle Creative District. And, it’s the city’s most modern venue. Prepare for thundering music, floor-to-ceiling lights and hypnotic visuals. Keep reading for Temple‘s events in March! Importantly, 1$ from each ticket goes to When The Music Stops, a suicide prevention organization.

March 3: Xie

LA-based DJ Xie kicks off March at Temple. She has opened for Illenium and RL Grime. Xie combines EDM, pop, and hip-hop. Best of all, she sings and plays multiple instruments. Don’t miss her show! After all, there’s nothing quite like a DJ set that features live vocals and instruments.

March 4: Yultron

Yultron headlined EDC Las Vegas in 2019. This fall, he goes on tour with Troyboi! Don’t miss this king of dance’s set at Temple Nightclub.

March 5: So Tuff So Cute

Presented by Temple and Global Dance is So Tuff So Cute. The DJ duo has performed at Coachella, Lollapalooza, and more. Futurism and fantasticism defines their unique rock and bass.

March 10: Ranger Trucco

Ranger Trucco is a producer and vocalist. He’s new on the dance scene, with shows lined up across the country. Check out his bass-heavy unique sound on March 10th.

March 12: Solardo

Solardo is also a DJ duo. In 2019, they performed at Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, Ultra, Glastonbury, and more. Solardo specializes in iconic house tunes and remixes.

March 17: Black V Neck

This month, Temple has a thing for DJ duos. Likewise, Miami natives Ian and Julian make up Black V Neck. These two deliver an inventive take on house music.

March 18: Marten Horger

Similarly, Marten Horger is a leader of high-energy bass music. Typically performing over eighty shows a year, he promises a fantastic night of EDM.

March 19: Madds

Next, MADDS. South African DJ Madison Louch holds residencies in Las Vegas and Houston. On March 19th, she brings her unfettered creativity to downtown Denver.

March 23: Not Your Grandma’s Bingo

Mirus Art Bar presents bingo with a twist! The gameshow-themed night is hosted by drag queen Lala Sears. Also, DJ Charisma accompanies. The night starts off at 7pm and is free to play. Additionally, this night features discount and special drinks.

March 26: Borgeous

Finally, platinum-selling DJ Borgeous closes out March at Temple Nightclub.

In conclusion, March is full of fun events at Temple Nightclub. For tickets and a full event calendar, click here. The nightclub is 21+. For VIP experiences, email [email protected]

Krushendo /w Prismatic Coming to Cervantes, New Single Dungeon Out now!

Krushendo /w Prismatic Coming to Cervantes, New Single Dungeon Out now!

Krushendo returns to us with another soul crushing dubstep banger entitled Dungeon, its now available on all platforms! Catch him headlining Cervantes on 3/3 for SHIFT Thursday: Krushendo /w Prismatic, NGHT OWL, Jakattack, and DocFunk!

Tickets: https://bit.ly/krushendo-03-03-tx

RSVP: https://bit.ly/krushendo-03-03-fb

Krushendo Opening for ILLENIUM at Belly Up Aspen on 1/21 and 1/22

Keep up with Krushendo on his website https://krushendo.com, or checkout all his recent releases here.

What is Deep House?

What is Deep House?

Deep House is one of the many subgenres that fall under the EDM umbrella, with origins as far back as the late 1980s in Chicago, USA. Although its heyday was between 1993 and 1995, when artists like Fingers Inc., Mr. Fingers, and Farley Jackmaster Funk were producing at the peak of their popularity, this genre still sees some production by popular DJs such as Malaa, Tchami, Rufus Du Sol, Lane 8 and Gorgon City (the latter of which is associated with Big Room House).



A subgenre of EDM that originated in Chicago, first came to fruition in 1985 when musician/producer Larry Heard‘s collaboration with fellow artist Robert Owens yielded their trackCan You Feel It.” The song became known as one of the most important releases and set a precedent for tracks that followed. While there are some artists who claim to have been influenced by dub music and reggae, it was Heard‘s take on these genres that helped define what this genre would become. This genre has since grown into an amalgamation of different styles.


This genre has come to have many subgenres due to its long evolution. The main subgenres are Progressive and Tech-House. Tech House can be broken down further into Deep Techno, Minimal, Hard-Techno, and Techno, while the Progressive Deep House is more commonly known as Progressive House or Tech-House.

Tchami, Malaa, Rufus Du Sol, Lane 8 and Gorgon City. It’s also worth noting that Deep House isn’t just a genre—it’s an umbrella term for several subgenres (many of which have their own distinct fanbases). They include Deep Progressive House, Detroit Techno House, and Deep Tech House. In short, if you want to explore more about this genre there are dozens of different directions you can take it in!

Where To Hear

Just like every other genre, you’ll find these events scattered all over North America, South America and Europe. In major metropolitan areas like Miami, Los Angeles, New York City and Toronto and right here in Denver – you’ll find tons of events featuring Deep House artists. Further, there are many festivals to travel to including Ultra Miami and EDC Las Vegas to hear this genre.

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What is Chillstep?

What is Chillstep?

Chillstep, also known as chill-out dubstep, is a subgenre of electronic dance music that focuses on the creation of mellow, downtempo beats designed to relax the listener. The genre has been around since at least 2009. However, it wasn’t until 2012 that the term chillstep became widely used to describe the style of music that had already been popular in EDM circles for years.

A brief history

Dubstep, a genre characterized by heavy bass and syncopated drum patterns, was created in England during the early 2000s. As its popularity grew across Europe and North America, various producers began creating dubstep variations that hewed closer to pop music aesthetics. Among these offshoots were British electro house and future garage. Further, these two genres began to incorporate more melodic basslines.

How does it differ from Dubstep?

To answer that question, we must look at what makes chillstep and dubstep different. As such, dubstep tracks usually have faster tempos than many other EDM genres with an emphasis on highly energetic sub-bass. This can be heard in songs like the classic “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by Skrillex. These are perfect examples of classic dubstep which features dominant wobbles, large kicks and loud atmospheric sounds. While there’s nothing wrong with creating these types of dubstep tunes, many artists found they had more success when they slowed things down and focused more on melodic basslines; subverting the original purpose of dubstep to create a new style.

Les Plages Eletroniques Festival

Artists who contribute to the genre

ODESZA, Seven Lions, Pretty Lights, Porter Robinson and Adventure Club are all leading artists within chillstep. Each artist has their own unique style which sets them apart from one another. ODESZA’s 2013 release titled “In Return” took home a Grammy for best dance/electronica album in 2014. Their hit single “Sun Models” remains at number 13 on Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic songs chart. The pair have been making music together since 2007 with releases like “My Friends Never Die” (2008) and “Summer’s Gone” (2009). After releasing an EP titled “Say My Name” in 2010, they were quickly noticed by legendary singer-songwriter Diplo who put out their first full length record on his label Mad Decent that same year.

Chillstep for the future

The World of Electronic Dance Music continues to grow as a profitable business, with many international DJs making millions off their performances. DJs continue to innovate and create new subgenres that appeal to large audiences and result in even greater profits for themselves. If you haven’t traveled out of state to hear some of these artists, we highly recommend that you do so!

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Wale Drops Hip-Hop Flower Bombs In Denver

The Ogden Theatre is one of Colorado’s oldest venues. On February 6th, it hosted one of 2022’s hottest acts last night: Wale and his Under the Blue Moon Tour. Opening in 1919, the Ogden saw its share of vaudeville and even live showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show when it was a movie theater in the ’80s. These days, thanks to a renovation in the ’90s, the Ogden hosts 150 shows annually, and it was Wale’s time to shine. This is Wale’s first tour since his most recent album “Forlarin II dropped, and his first tour since the pandemic. 

The Openers

With a sold-out show, the evening opened up with some amazing locals, including Ave Grim and Trayce Chapman. First up, Ave Grim has been hard on the grind with his new EP, “Therapy Session” dropping March 18th. However, Ave Grimm was feeling the love. Instead of dropping some of his heavier hip-hop songs, he was dropping it slow, with sexy jams for all the ladies in the building.

Next up was Trayce Chapman. He was happy to be back performing both of his newest EPs, both of which dropped back in 2021. His songs brought the grit and hustle that hip-hop listeners love. Both of these artists are true Coloradoans, bringing that Mile High energy and love to their hip-hop that had the crowd jumping. By the end of their sets, the crowd had filled in and was vibing hard. 

The Show goes on

Next on stage was Cam Wallace. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Wallace brings that Southern sound into his performance. A well versed- songwriter, producer and now recording artist, Cam Wallace puts his heart and soul into everything he does on stage. Cam Wallace lifted the energy in the venue even higher, dropping hard and fast verses. He definitely got the crowd hype and people were shouting along to his songs. 

Next up was Guapdad 4000. Bringing that California vibe he grew up around, Guapdad 4000 came with the party songs and dance moves that had the crowd lit. He was extra hype because the last time he was in Colorado and performed here was actually at the Ogden, weeks before the initial venue shutdowns happened during the pandemic. The highlight of his set was when he Facetimed Thundercat and performed their song, “Dragonball Durag”. By the end of their song, the venue was completely full, and everyone was ready to keep the party going with Wale.

Wale came out on the stage and the crowd went wild. The Grammy Award winner had the most vibrant stage, with a recliner chair surrounded by the most colorful flowers. Performing a mix of his music old and new, everyone got to hear their favorite song. Wale also didn’t forget about the ladies. Singing some of his sexier tracks, including Lotus Flower Bomb,” Wale threw roses out to the ladies, who were already head over heels for him. Just because he was serenading the ladies doesn’t mean he left out the fellas either. He ended his set with his verse on Waka’s “No Hands that left the crowd hype.

Photos by: Idalis Richardson

All of these rappers brought their A-game to Denver, and the crowd was loving it. Continuing on the Under the Blue Moon tour, next up the boys are traveling to Seattle and then onward to California. Check out tour details here.

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Temple In February

Temple is the unrivaled spot to be on weekends in Denver. The nightclub features state of the art lighting, visuals, sound, and talent. This month at Temple is packed with elite evenings. Keep reading for Party Guru’s guide to the higher dimension of nightlife in February 2022.

February 5: No Mana

Visual and musical artist No Mana has performed at Ultra Miami and EDC Las Vegas. His video game-inspired aesthetic will light up Temple‘s dance floor. If you like deadmau5, you’ll love No Mana’s music under the deadmau5 label.

February 8, 15, 22: Techno Taco Tuesday

Temple offers three techno-focused nights this February. Cera Khin headlines on the 8th. Her music is industrial and hardcore. She emphasizes high energy and dance in her production. Headliners for the 15th and 22nd are yet to be announced.

February 10: Hard Candy Burlesque Show; Tommy Trash

The burlesque show starts at 8pm. Then, Tommy Trash kicks off at 9pm until 2am. His remixes are so good that one earned a Grammy nomination. These “Transform Thursdays” at Temple offer a more relaxed, community-hangout vibe than the usual club atmosphere.

February 11: Denver House Collective; Joel Corry

Every Friday 6pm-10pm at the Mirus Art Bar is Happy Hour! Start your evening with board games, art, and music. Drinks are discounted! February 11th offers a Valentines card-making station. Also, if you stay til 10pm, entry to Temple is free! Later, Joel Corry opens the dance floor. This London-based producer has been playing clubs across Europe for ten years.

February 12: JSTJR

JSTJR is a frontrunner of the zouk bass movement. His experimental EDM emphasizes imagery and emotion. The Saturday show will be energetic!

February 18: Valentino Khan

Valentino Khan incorporates bass, trap, house and more. Join the party from 10pm to 2am!

February 19: Ofenbach

Dance with the Parisian DJ duo! They’ve toured all around the world. Ofenbach makes elite deep house music. They just released their single, “On My Shoulders.”

February 24: Open Art Night; Royalty Premier

Entry is free to Art Night! Live painters and local vendors begin at 7pm. Immerse in creative energy and cocktails. Then, hip-hop royalty begin performing at 10pm. Prince JDC promises a hype and entertaining night.

February 25: Baile de Carnival; Juelz

The 25th at Temple is a Brazilian carnival party! Also, Vancouver producer Juelz performs this night. He fuses hip-hop and electronica.

February 26: DJ Pauly D

Global Dance presents DJ Pauly D! The celebrity DJ has residencies in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. He excels at classic club music. This will be a captivating night.

See a full calendar and purchase tickets here.

What is Bass House Music?

While many electronic dance music genres incorporate heavy bass lines and reverberating drums, one subgenre that specializes in this style of music is bass house. This dance music genre includes music by artists like Joyryde, Jauz, Ghastly and Dr. Fresh and took inspiration from many other house music styles to create its own unique sound. If you’re interested in learning more about the history and production of this genre, keep reading to find out more!

Bass House History

Firtst, the history of this genre can be traced back to American producer and DJ, TJR. While touring in Europe during 2014, TJR heard a bass-heavy song being played by a DJ that sounded completely different from any other music he had ever heard before. t didn’t take long for DJs around the world to catch onto this revolutionary sound either. In addition to bringing it overseas, DJs such as Borgore and Caked Up incorporated elements of bass house into their own sets.

Jauz at Fox Theater
Bass House Sound

What makes this genre so distinct from other genres of EDM is that it takes influences from different styles of house music, and incorporates a heavy bass line. . While some artists in the genre who prefer not to add vocals, most modern bass house songs contain highly syncopated samples with ethereal harmonies over a powerful bassline. A few examples of popular tracks in this genre include Joyryde’s “Hot Drum”, Jauz’s “Meant To Love You”, and Dr. Fresch’s “No Love (featuring TLC)”. Further, the unique sound of this genre draws comparisons to a handful of other electronic genres including deep house, trap, and moombahton. However, bass house stands out for its heavy use of drum samples and energetic synths. Overall, if you enjoy dance music with an aggressive beat you should definitely check out some songs from this genre!

Check out Jauz’s “No Love” on Soundcloud
Bass House Influences

The roots of this genre run deep in multiple areas of EDM. The genre is heavily influenced by UK garage, drum & bass and dubstep, with some artists blending these styles to create a new subgenre. Dr. Fresch takes influence from house and techno music. The fusion of elements also led to another related style: liquid trap. Liquid trap borrows elements from heavy bass lines, minimal drops, simple percussion and wobble basses reminiscent of hardcore dance songs popularized in the early 2000s.

Bass House Artists

The following are some of our favorite artists in this genre. Be sure to check them out if you’re a fan of bass house music! (In alphabetical order) – Joyryde, Jauz, Ghastly, Dr. Fresh! If you’re looking to travel for an EDM festival these are some artists we highly recommend you catch a live set of. Make sure you have their Spotify playlists in your queue to get familiar with their best tracks.

Photos by Party Guru Press

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Subdocta: Strictly Business Tour Brings the Bass to Denver

Bringing the Bass – Subdocta Brings A Night to Remember

Just another weekend in the Bass Capital…This weekend Denver was filled with some massive names in dance music. Friday night at the Bluebird boasted an impeccable lineup from bass music artists from all over the country for dance music fans to enjoy. The Bluebird Theater is already known for being one of the most intimate venues in the city. It has a max capacity of only 550 people, with a booming sound system inside which shook the ground. The one and only Subdocta rolled through with his Strictly Business Tour and sold the venue out. The opening acts were hand-picked perfectly, featuring Denver artist Konsent, Baltimore-based firecracker female artist Zingara, and local favorite Jaegna, who rocks Deadbeats all the way. Subdocta, or Preston Charles, hails from Carson City, Nevada, but brings his wobbly trap and bass beats into Colorado often.

An Impressive Opening Lineup

The night started off heavy with Konsent. He brought filthy chops with an impressive dubstep and trap song selection to match. The venue was blaring early with some crispy beats from this local. The entire crowd danced as the venue quickly filled up to capacity. Next, Zingara arrived, a talented up-and-coming female in the scene blazing the bass trail and making a name for herself. Hand-picked bySubdocta,Zingara brought a deep bass and trappy set peppered with hot remixes and a very Wakaan-sounding style. Her set constantly developed itself. Beat after beat played including some of her insanely well-produced original tunes and brought the room to a dancing frenzy.

Bassheads Rejoice: The Stars of the Show

Then, as direct support forSubdocta, Jaenga took the stage – and certainly did not disappoint.Jaenga has been known to defy the boundaries of bass music, defying the limits of genre as he brought a Deadbeats-worthy sound that sets him apart from the rest. From bass music to trap to remixes of some insane original pieces, the set was an electrifying performance from start to finish. Lastly, Subdocta ended the night with the perfect infusion of bass and his signature heavy-hitting sound. His style and set combined older-style dubstep with the newer elements of bass music.

It was another insane weekend in Denver, and Friday night was one for the books.Subdocta is a beloved bass music legend out here, and it’s clear his talents and background in audio engineering will continue to grow his devoted fanbase. We’re looking forward to seeing where 2022 takes all of these artists as the tour continues into the Spring and hits cities such as St. Louis, Austin, and Charlotte. Denver was lucky enough to be one of the first stops of the tour – just another perk of living in the Bass Capital!

Photos by: Maybe Someday Media

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Cupid Attends Crush Arizona 2022!

Cupid Attends Crush Arizona 2022!

Oh, Baby! Love is in the air this festival season as Crush Arizona makes its return to Rawhide Event Center on February 12th, 2022 in Chandler, AZ. This dazzling show is presented by Relentless Beats and their partner, Insomniac Events.

Line up

Filling the stage at the 12th annual Crush Arizona are a couple of acclaimed heartbreakers. This show will feature Crystal Skies, Deorro, Herobust, Lucii, Taiki Nulight, Valentino Khan, and Cafe Caderas with more to be announced.

Tickets and Pricing

General Admission passes are on sale now for $35, plus fees. VIP passes start at $125 and come with express entry, a commemorative lanyard, access to VIP Deck with a premium view, premium bar, and a VIP lounge. VIP is an 18+ area. Purchase tickets online here. Crush Arizona is an 18 and over event.


Crush Arizona, along with the recent announcement of RBDeep’s new three-day house and underground festival, Body Language, is showing for a forecast great shows and adds to the fresh festival season to come in 2022. 

Other exciting events on the Relentless Beats calendar include Funtcase, Nitti Gritti, Eptic, Kaskade,SubtronicsBaynkSullivan KingLiquid Stranger, SubDocta, and many more. Shows are added daily, so be sure to subscribe to the website.

Crush Arizona is produced by Relentless Beats and Insomniac Events. Be sure to follow Crush AZ and RB’s socials for the most up-to-date information!

What is Acid Techno?

Popular Artwork

If you’re familiar with techno, you may have heard the term acid techno bandied about as an early stage of techno or as one of its subgenres, but you might not know what it actually refers to. The name comes from acid house, which was an electronic dance music genre in the late 1980s and early 1990s. A genre that was known for its rapid tempo and its use of short, repeated phrases. This genre follows this pattern in its own right, but it also sometimes incorporates other types of electronic dance music, such as house or trance.

Acid Techno Genre Origins

Acid Techno originated in Chicago in 1990, first on vinyl and then later, as house music gained popularity, on compact discs. Like most forms of electronic dance music (EDM), Acid Techno blends synthesized beats with recorded sounds. The songs tend to be short and fast-paced to keep people dancing. So what makes it an acid sound? Blame Roland, that’s all! In 1986, Roland released a keyboard called The TB-303 Bass Line and dance club owners loved it. Originally intended for bass guitarists to play backing tracks while they sang or rapped, those who bought one quickly discovered that by using its controls – a knob for bass frequency and another for accent frequency – they could create acid bass lines without even playing their instrument!

Origins in Europe

The Basic Elements of Acid Techno

Acid techno was a variant of house music that emerged from Chicago, Illinois in 1988. The genre was strongly influenced by several forms of electronic dance music (EDM) that were popular in Europe at that time. These included styles such as acid house, disco, breakbeat and Detroit techno. This genre incorporates melodies produced through house-music equipment (such as analog synthesizers and drum machines) with elements of Chicago’s highly distinctive sound, which included samples and synth lines reminiscent of distorted guitar riffs. Unlike most other early forms of techno, acid techno featured a much less rigid structure than most other EDM genres did at that time. Songs typically started off slowly and built up to more energetic portions before returning to their original pace. This gave songs an open-ended feeling that later became characteristic of jungle and trip hop.

Artists Influenced by Acid Techno


Early Techno was influenced by many early electronic styles including House, Hip-Hop, and Acid. Artists like Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaata, Man Parrish all have their own personal touch in it, but when artists began experimenting with breakbeats and the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer they created a new genre of music. Artists such as Phuture and Prescription created an entirely different sound for dance floors which set them apart from other genres at that time. Some more modern and popular techno and house artists that take this genre as influence are: Zhu, Tchami, Malaa, Tiesto and Lane 8.

Photos by Party Guru and Malaa

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