shwarma’s Loveworthy Live EP Is Full Of Greasy-Smooth Music

Introducing: shwarma

Shwarma is a unique psychedelic and progressive rock band based in Denver, Colorado. The band is made up of five members: Pieter Montoulieu, Jackson Kaufman, Steve Sanchez, Dalton Groves, and Kevin Schultz. Their first EP, titled Angular, was released in September of 2017. Since then, they’ve continued to craft incomparable, ever-changing sounds.

When listening to music from shwarma, you’ll hear a wide assortment of genres. This eclectic group creates music that spans many genres including funk, latin, grunge, prog, jazz, punk, and reggae, to name a few. This group’s music and lyrics are brimming with spunk and personality. Their latest full-length album, Emily’s Aparments, showcases this beautifully.

Throughout the last three years, shwarma has performed at a handful of venues all around Denver. Of course, this was before most venues were temporarily closed in 2020 for COVID-19 concerns. Globe Hall, Larimer Lounge, Lost Lake, and the Hi-Dive have all had their stages graced by shwarma at one point in time.

Loveworthy Live EP

This Valentine’s Day, shwarma debuted the Loveworthy Live EP on their Facebook and Youtube pages. This is their fourth release and is complete with five slow-groovin’ love songs. In addition to five new songs, they are also releasing a video to accompany each track! The audio and video for this new EP were all recorded live back in November. On February 15th, the Loveworthy Live EP became available on all streaming platforms for listening.

Each track on the EP has a sort of retro, groovy vibe. A wide variety of instruments can be heard including saxophone, horns, percussion, and guitar. Even more so, deep, occasionally warped vocals really add to the greasy smooth feel of these tracks.

Furthermore, shwarma yet again provides listeners with a truly diverse listening experience. The Loveworthy Live EP bears tracks that will make listeners want to dance around their living room, like “Wouldja Rather?“, and a slow, haunting track called “Baby, No“.

Valentine’s Day Videos To Make You Swoon

The premiere of the Loveworthy Live EP was live-streamed on both Facebook and Youtube. Luckily, these live-streams were saved and are now viewable to anyone that might have missed the live event. These songs and accompanying videos were recorded in Denver at Lighting Services Inc.

This video event starts off by referencing their previous live stream event for Emily’s Aparments. Then, it opens with the band dressed in retro attire, ready to funk it up for “Wouldja Rather?“. A huge green screen was used while filming, as the background of this video is full of bright, neon colors.

Some of the other videos seem simpler. For instance, the video for “Instinctual Love” is black and white and consists of each band member wearing a formal suit. However, each individual video tells a story as well as the live stream as a whole. When watched from start to finish, viewers are taken on an interstellar, psychedelic journey through time.


The funky five-piece band that is shwarma continues to bring their own personality and sound to the Denver music scene. Their ability to play any genre under the sun really does give them a leg up, as listeners never quite know what they’ll hear next.

This past year, they’ve gotten a surplus of time to focus more directly on their music as opposed to putting together live shows. However, their Loveworthy Live EP provided their audience with the feel of a live show since both audio and video were recorded from a live performance.

In the words of shwarma, “we’ve got high hopes for the future and look forward to continuing bringing you the pure, unadulterated shwarmth.”

Photos Provided By shwarma

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Rock on a Monday: Mogwai Hits The Stage at Summit Music Hall

Expectant fans packed out Monday evening for the Scottish Post-Rock band Mogwai’s performance at Summit Music Hall. The crowd then continued to hold an expectant and excited air as the band emerged onto the stage. Mogwai held the audience captive throughout their movement from slow melodic melodies to sharp Scottish-rock. Mogwai formed in 1995 and released their first album, Ten Rapid, 1999 as a 9-part compilation. Since then, Mogwai’s newest album was released in 2018, titled KIN, and is an instrument-centered, ambient progression of dark, soulful music that hints at some of their more rock-forward pieces from past albums. In addition, Mogwai’s history and influence in the Art Rock scene is very prominent. Consequently, it was present that night in their laid-back, confident stage presence. Mogwai has a strong international fan-base for many years as well. This was evident within the crowd that evening.

Rock on a Monday: Mogwai at Summit Music Hall

Summit Rocks Out

Mogwai consists of Stuart Braithwaite (guitar, vocals), Barry Burns (guitar, piano, synthesizer, vocals), Dominic Aitchison (bass guitar), and Martin Bulloch (drums). In addition, the band’s signature sound uses dynamic contrast of melodic bass and guitar lines with high distortion and blistering “axe” solos. The show’s set flowed from slow and soulful to the classic hard-rock. This particular sound is rooted in Glasgow’s rich music history.

Mogwai also rarely write lyrics into their pieces. In an interview with The Express, Stuart Braithwaite states: “I think most people are not used to having no lyrics to focus on. Lyrics are a real comfort to some people. I guess they like to sing along and when they can’t do that with us they can get a bit upset.” However, no one at Summit Music Hall that night noticed, and looking around the room it seemed that many looked entranced by the bands drawn-out instrumental compositions.

Photos By Summer S. Taylor

Lastly, Mogwai is continuing their tour through the United States with their next stops including Sacramento, Pasadena, and a performance at the well-known Oktoberfest in Brooklyn on Oct. 19th.

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