Future Shape 360 Is Touching Down In Denver

Metanoise Future Shape 360

Future Shape 360 Is Touching Down In Denver

Things in Denver are already heating up for the summer. That is to say, different venues throughout the city are preparing to host a vast variety of musical talent. Local favorites along with regional and international artists are all scheduled to head to the Mile High City this year.

One of the most recent show announcements comes from Metanoise. On Saturday, July 30th, they are bringing Future Shape 360 to the Fillmore Auditorium on E Colfax Ave. In fact, this immersive experience will host five different artists, including one group that hasn’t played in the state of Colorado for quite some time! With a capacity of almost 4,000 people, this Denver venue is able to host large shows, events, and indoor music festivals.

Keep reading to learn about the artists playing at Future Shape 360!

Don Diablo

Don Diablo is a Dutch producer, songwriter, and DJ. This forward-thinking musician is always exploring new sounds and genres. Many will recognize his track “Problems” with JLV featuring John K. He has a modern approach to everything he does, continuously displaying his sense of future trends. Throughout his career, he’s collaborated with or remixed artists including Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Madonna, and more. Meanwhile, Don Diablo has performed all over the world, landing at internationally renowned festivals such as Tomorrowland and Ultra Miami.


Cherub is an electronic-indie duo from Nashville, Tenessee. Formed in the year 2010, this group brings a beautiful mix of electronic music with funk, pop, and more which creates a fun, addicting sound. One of their most popular tracks, “Doses & Mimosas“, came out in the year 2014. Their latest album, DJ BJ’s Faves, came out just short of two years ago during the summer of 2020.

Cherub has not performed in Denver in quite some time. Needless to say, the Mile High City is quite overdue for an energetic set from this duo. Is anyone else already getting antsy for their glorious return this summer?

Bass Physics

Denver-based musician, producer, and DJ Bass Physics is also set to perform on July 30th. His mission is “to have a positive impact on the world through the power of music“. He creates a wide variety of sounds and sub-genres including melodic bass, electronic rock, and more. For example, “Pull The Trigger” with SoDown does a great job of showcasing his heavier sound. His live sets are refreshingly diverse, with the use of live instruments including a guitar and keyboard. Furthermore, Bass Physics has performed at Red Rocks, Electric Forest, Global Dance Festival, and more.


Digital and acoustic percussion blend together with electronic sounds to create what is COFRESI. This DJ and producer has upbeat, energy-filled music and his live sets are no different. For instance, he captivates the audience with songs like “Early Night” with Flamingosis and “Keep U High” with Bass Physics. COFRESI has already performed at a few festivals this year including Infrasound Festival in Minnesota. Before his performance this summer at the Fillmore Auditorium, you can also catch him at Summer Camp Festival in Illinois.


The Minneapolis-based DJ and producer, Gigamesh, is an incredibly talented music producer. He is most well-known for producing the instrumentals for Mike Posner’s song, “Cooler Than Me“. After hearing one of his original tracks, like “Control” featuring Caroline Smith, it’s easy to hear his signature sound present itself throughout his tracks and performances. Throughout Gigamesh‘s career, he has completed multiple tours throughout the United States as well as internationally.

Countdown To July

Future Shape 360 is only a few months away! Therefore, Denver is beyond ready for this new immersive experience taking place at the Fillmore Auditorium. Cherub is making their triumphant return to the state, and other artists on the lineup are being welcomed back with open arms.

Get your tickets for Future Shape 360 HERE!

Let’s get ready to boogie.

Photos by Gigamesh, Metanoise

Krushendo Puts Out EP Announces Show with SoDown, DMNO, Bass Physics, Defunk, and More!

Krushendo Puts Out EP Announces Show with SoDown, DMNO, Bass Physics, Defunk, and More!

Krushendo returns with the last song off his EP entitled Believe in Myself which features BVLVNCE on vocals. This tunes reminicent of old Adventure club mixed with emo/rock inspired vocals which are beautifully executed by BVLVNCE. This concludes his biggest EP to date.

Buy/Stream/More Info

Krushendo with Cheyenne Duba and 1/3rd of ZOA at X Games Aspen, CO

Krushendo has been on a roll this year since directly supporting ILLENIUM at X Games in Belly up; he has since played with MiTiS, Crystal Skies, 1788-L, Opiuo, and Defunk all in the short span of a few months. His most recent headliner at SHIFT Thursday’s at Cervantes Otherside was one of our favorite local shows to date. He has a bunch of shows on the calendar including Rekinection Festival in St Louis with LSDream, Shpongle, SoDown, Dirtwire, Maddy O’neal and many more this coming weekend May 19-21. He also has shows coming up with SoDown at The Mishawaka on July 29th and he hits Boulder May 28th with Jantsen.

More about Krushendo

Listen to Krushendo

Eazybaked & DMVU Co-Headline Cervantes

Eazybaked and DMVU co-headlined this week’s shift Thursday, at Cervantes’ masterpiece ballroom. The lineup for this special night was impeccable. Starting the night is Ceiva, followed up by Gangus. Then DMVU Takes the stage then Eazybaked to end the night.

Matthew Jones, aka DMVU is a Denver local and has been blowing up in the bass music scene. His career got some recognition when He dropped the song “Bloccd” with Deep Dark and Dangerous in 2016, which has over a million plays on Spotify.

Co-headlining along with DMVU is the rising duo known as Eazybaked. Eric Ray and Andrew Principe also known as “Eazybaked” have been friends for over 15 years and they have been making their mark on the bass music scene. The duo has already played the legendary Red rocks and festivals such as EDC Orlando, Okeechobee, and more.

The Openers

As doors open and people begin to fill the dance floor, the up-and-coming Ceiva takes the stage. Ceiva plays his deep experimental bass tunes with Patrick Boyle on the visuals, setting the mood for the night. Following up was The Denver local “Gangus”. The Denver local just dropped a 2 song ep with “Onhell” and has dropped a couple of tracks with the infamous “Tsurda“. Gangus came out playing his heavy deep bass hitting tunes, which was getting the crowd moving and grooving.

As you made your way around the venue, there were vendors selling merchandise, glasses, pins, and other small fun things. Alongside the vendors were live painters adding to the experience of the night. Some of the live painters were @itsmarisalove, @365dazeofgab, and @mommadose.


The first headliner in the co headlong show didn’t need to travel far being a Denver-based artist known as DMVU. As he takes the stage, the venue is packed and filled with anticipation for the following acts. Dmvu came out playing his unique style of deep bass music. With some notable remixes of classic songs like the “Banana Boat” song by Harry Belafonte, “Bullet Proof” by La Roux, and “X” by 21 Savage, he also dropped a crowd favorite “Let em Drip” by Hydraulix and Dj Afterthought featuring Wi-Fi’s funeral.

Now closing out the night is the rising duo known as “Eazybaked“.  The duo did not disappoint one bit, they came out and blessed the people of Denver with their deep and charismatic bass tunes. They played out some new collabos one being with “Milano” and another with “Fly”.  Near the end of their set, they played the timeless song known as “Old Ways” by Lab Group.


Altogether, it was another incredible night in the beautiful city of Denver. All of the musical and visual artists and vendors came together to make an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for all of these young bright artists.


Photos by Ethan Klement

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Sublime With Rome Returns To Red Rocks

Sublime With Rome Returns To Red Rocks

Many music listeners that favor reggae-rock and ska-punk have heard of the band called Sublime, formed in 1988. This group is still known for some of their timeless songs including “What I Got” and “Santeria“. In the year 1996, the band suffered the death of their lead singer, Bradley Nowell.

2010 brought the rebirth of the group. This time, with Rome Ramirez, a singer and instrumentalist on lead vocals. Rome was also a fan of Sublime and had been looking up to the group for some time. This led to Sublime With Rome.

The collaboration between Eric Wilson (Sublime) and Rome Ramirez has kept reggae-rock alive ever since. In 2011, they released their debut album, Yours Truly, as a new-group title. Since then, they have completed multiple tours and performed at various festivals across North America.

Red Rocks For The Win

On Saturday, April 30th, Sublime With Rome finally returned to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado. It has been a few years since the band had performed in Colorado, but boy, it was worth the wait. Red Rocks has a capacity of over 9,500 people and by the time the show started, almost everyone was already in the venue. Those that arrived at 7pm (when the music started) were able to snag some of the very last parking spots both before waiting in line for entry.


Katastro opened up the night by welcoming patrons into the venue with their upbeat music. This Arizona-based group plays multiple genres of music including hip-hop, rock, jazz, and more. Throughout their energetic set, they played new music along with crowd favorites like “The Way I Feel” and “Flow“. The lead singer had a wonderful stage presence, interacting with the crowd and engaging everyone to sing and dance along.


After a 30-minute intermission, GZA and his band, complete with an electric violin, were next to take the stage. Ramsey Jones introduced the band, who would be helping to perform the “Liquid Swords” set. By this point in time, everyone coming back from grabbing drinks and snacks by the visitor center was returning to their seats. As it turns out, GZA is actually a founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

As a result, this set was much more hip-hop sounding than Katastro‘s. This didn’t stop the crowd from throwing their W’s up and singing along to various tracks. At one point, GZA stopped to take in everything, noting how the last time he was at Red Rocks was with Wu-Tang Clan and The Colorado Symphony.

Sublime With Rome

The anticipation in the venue began to rise during another 30-minute intermission before Sublime With Rome started their set. Reggae rock filled the absolutely packed amphitheatre. The band’s stage setup seemed fairly simple at first glance. However, standing light bars were placed throughout the stage and a geometric pattern of overhead lights lit up above them. There were also projections playing down onto the stage and rocks behind them. This transformed the concrete floor and rocks to show visuals of eyes, mushrooms, smiling mouths, roses, disco balls, and more.

Sublime With Rome played a healthy mix of originals, such as “Blackout“, and classic Sublime tracks including “Wrong Way” and “Smoke Two Joints“. They even played a new song that they’ve never played in Colorado before. Towards the beginning of their set, Rome brought his son out on stage and explained that they were on tour with their families, best friends, and dogs. What a fun summer! Later on, Rome made an announcement that they had a special guest. The one and only HR made a special appearance. This reggae legend has been a huge inspiration for the reggae-rock genre of music.

About an hour and a half into their set, the lights dimmed and Sublime With Rome left the stage. In general, during the break before an encore, people will generally start leaving. However, for this set, nobody budged. During the encore, Rome told a story about how he and his brother watched the recorded Incubus Red Rocks show a bunch when they were kids, and he’s always dreamed of playing this venue. Now, they’re playing Red Rocks and also touring with Incubus this fall.

The grand finale consisted of Sublime classics including “What I Got” and “Santeria“. In fact, the entire crowd singing along to “Santeria” could be heard all the way from the Lower South parking lot!

Until Next Time

From start to finish, Sublime With Rome was an absolutely amazing set to watch. Families and friends gathered from far and wide to come together over music in one of the most beautiful venues in the world. Each band had uplifting, contagious energy that could be felt throughout the entire crowd.

Reggae-rock is alive and well in the state of Colorado, and this night proved just that. Keep up with Sublime With Rome below!

Photos by Patrik Essy

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Snow Tha Product Revs Up The Energy At Mission Ballroom

Over the past decade, Snow Tha Product is a name that has reined supreme within the the hip-hop community. However, her rise to fame was no coincidence. From battle rapping locals to pushing her CD’s on street corners; Snow’s come-up is a true underdog story. She continues to prove that both consistency and hard work are key factors to success in any industry.

To begin, Snow faced adversity from an early age. Claudia Alexandra Feliciano was born to undocumented Mexican American Immigrants. Growing up in San Jose, California, she took full advantage of ESL classes that were at her disposal. She quickly became fluent in both English and Spanish, which would later set her apart as the bilingual hip-hop heavyweight she is today. Its no secret that Snow takes great pride in representing both her English and Spanish culture.

Snow Tha Activist

Snow tells it like it is. She is known to be unapologetically outspoken on real world issues both off and on the microphone. Her 2017 bilingual feature on, “Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)”, addresses the oppression immigrants endure while living in the US today. A snippet from her verse states, “Racists feed the belly of the beast with the pitchforks, rich chores done by the people that get ignored.” In addition to immigration and politics, Snow is an activist within the LGBTQ community. She openly discusses her bisexuality; encouraging her listeners to stay true to themselves, despite opposition they may face from others.

Dale Gas

Although Mission Ballroom fits a capacity of nearly 4,000 patrons, Snow is able to share an intimate setting with her Denver crowd. This performance is for the ride or die fans, the “Product Pushers”.

The surge of energy is tangible in Mission Ballroom the moment Snow steps on stage. She kicks off her headlining performance with the appropriately titled single, “Dale Gas” which was also the inspiration for the “Dale Gas” Tour title. Ironically enough, only a few moments into the track; the music comes to an abrupt stop. Something is off. Snow pauses her performance to address an audio issue concerning the sound levels on the main stage.

She commands the audio engineers to, “Turn up the music on these wedges!”. She explains that she has been on a 2.5-year hiatus from touring, so her fans deserve the best show from her possible. The sound quality was not up to par for the comeback tour Snow was anticipating. A few moments passed and the DJ spins “Dale Gas” back to its intro; returning with a newfound intensity. The sound is on point, the party has officially begun. Snow has all of Mission Ballroom peaking with a revamped excitement for her performance.

Block Party At Mission Ballroom

Snow carried on the party at Mission Ballroom with no reservations. She goes on to perform her chart topping hits, such as “Butter” and “Wassap”. The show’s momentum is in full swing and the crowds excitement cannot be contained. In a blink of an eye, the celebration soon overflowed onto the mainstage! Snow handpicked a group of lucky concert goers to join her and the Dale Gas crew for the remainder of the night.

At this point, the atmosphere of the venue feels like an all out block party with close friends and family. Snow Tha Product’s Dale Gas tour revs up the energy at Mission Ballroom. It’s difficult to determine where the crowd stops and the performers begin. Snow is engaging in conversation with the audience, stage dives into the crowd several times and even took a celebratory shot of tequila or two. A night that will not be forgotten in a hurry for the Denver “Product Pushers”.

Photos by Casey Raser

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Tripp St Takes Over the Ogden

Seeming to come out of nowhere, the enigma known as Tripp st. took over the Ogden, in which he showcased his music. Adding to the night was an extraordinary visual experience from the Denver local “Nox Lumina“. The lineup included Maxfield, followed up by Templo. Then the one and only Kill Smth play as direct support for Tripp St. 

All night, I kept hearing the same question being asked by curious fans, “who is Tripp St.?” He made his debut in just 2021 with an all-original 47-minute mix known as “Welcome to Tripp St.” Following up was his debut album “Welcome to Tripp St ” released on Clozees record label Odyzey. Not much is known about Tripp St. With speculations floating around that it’s a side project of a much larger artist such as Pretty Lights, Tipper, or GvO. Although many are skeptical of these rumors, one thing we are sure of is that he’s not new to producing. So the question remains who is Tripp St

The Openers

He got the night started in one of Denver’s most beloved venues, the Ogden with a capacity of about 1,600 people. The building is filled with history, closing its doors in 1917 as a theater and re-opening in 1993. Tonight, it will host Tripp St. as he takes over the Ogden.

Starting the night off as people fill in the dance-floor was Maxfield. With a slow-building eerie intro that drops into his unique style of production in which he seemed to blend ambient sounds with some trip-hop-inspired drums, layered with some deep bass . Contributing to the Maxfield experience was Alyssa Rose on visuals giving fans a visual experience of the music. Following up was Templo coming out the gate strong with his glitchy hip-hop-inspired tunes that had the people moving. At this point in the night, the Ogden is starting to feel like a sold-out event. The energy in the room was high and filled with excitement for the night ahead.

A wave of silence hits the crowd as everyone prepares themselves for the underground legend Kill Smth. The Denver local put on a jaw-dropping performance living up to the hype that surrounds his name. He played his deep experimental bass tunes with a touch of some drum and bass that had the crowd going nuts. In addition, Glass Crane and Actulize were on visuals taking fans on an all original pilgrimage through bass and time.


At this point in the night, the venue is filled with people shoulder to shoulder. Tripp St. takes over the Ogden with a slow-burning intro with cinematic properties, which leaves the audience in an almost meditative state, preparing themselves for what is to come. For the next hour, Tripp St. took the people on a journey through sound mending genres together. This was carried by the steady flow of euphoric free form bass and a combination of classical instruments with a touch of hip hop and funk to tie the whole thing together.


Overall, It was another incredibly unforgettable night at the beloved Ogden. Tripp st. along with his stunning lineup of support, gave his fans an experience they will never forget. Although we did not find out who the man behind Tripp st. is, he did speak on the mic for the first time leaving us more curious about who this man is. We are excited to see what all these amazing artists have in store for the years to come. You can catch Tripp St. again traveling to Iowa for Kosmic Kingdom in June.


Photos by Ethan Klement

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SHIFT Thursdays At Cervantes’ In April

SHIFT Thursdays At Cervantes’ In April

If you can believe it, the month of April is already here! Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom is going to keep Denver dancing with four brand new editions of SHIFT Thursdays. This weekly event is held in either room of the venue, The Ballroom or the Other Side. Throughout the month, Cervantes’ will bring in different types of electronic acts for attendees to get groovy too.

Tickets for SHIFT Thursdays range from $10 to $20. These lively installments are quite unique, with vendors and live painters scattered throughout the venue on most nights. The combination of cheap drinks, friendly staff and patrons, and amazing music is sure to have you hungry for more.

Keep reading to learn about who’s heading to SHIFT Thursdays this month!

April 7th

Orchard Lounge (Ballroom)

Orchard Lounge is kicking off April’s SHIFT Thursdays with an open to close set in The Ballroom. This trio was formed in Chicago back in the year 2001. Since then, they’ve worked to craft their experimental, sophisticated sound.

Oddio.Files Takeover (Other Side)

On The Other Side, Oddio.Files is putting on a stacked takeover. Denver native, phLO, will be headlining the night with his underground hip-hop bass music. Other artists that will be performing include Mr. Truman, Cap’n Swivler, and Foxy Dope. Special visuals will be crafted by mega.pixel.

April 14th

Nitecap (Ballroom)

Get ready for Nitecap. This massive funk-filled night in The Ballroom will feature members from three different well-known groups: Sunsquabi, Lettuce, and Recess! The complete list of artists performing includes Josh Fairman (SunSquabi), Adam Deitch (Lettuce), Ian Gilley (Recess), Chris Karns, Drew Birch (Recess), Lazy Syrup Orchestra, Collidoscope, and Louie Letdown.

April 21st

Axel Thesleff and Josh Teed (Other Side)

Axel Thesleff and Josh Teed will be co-headlining this edition of SHIFT Thursdays. This show is going to be crazy cool. Axel Thesleff is based in Finland and incorporates different live instruments into his set, including a keytar, drum pad, and midi mallet. He’s even toured with Beats Antique. Josh Teed also incorporates live music in his set in the form of violin. Also on the lineup are Lowcation and Blossomn.

April 28th

Au5 and Chime (Other Side)

To conclude the month, Au5 and Chime will be filling The Other Side with upbeat melodic bass. These two co-headliners have been producing music for quite a while, developing their signature sounds. Presented by Amplitude Presents, there are a few other artists on the lineup. Attendees can look forward to hearing music from Dekai and Xuinn as well.

If you are yet to experience SHIFT Thursdays, we highly recommend that you check out one of these shows this month! A wide variety of electronic sub-genres will be featured, so there’s something for everyone. Plus, it’s always well worth it to check out some new artists you may have not heard of before.

Want to get access to sweet stuff including show announcements, free tickets, and ticket contests? Join the SHIFTfam Facebook Group here!

Photos by Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom (Facebook, Website), Ethan Klement

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Review and Recap Video of Krushendo’s Take Over of Cervantes

Review and Recap Video of Krushendo’s Take Over of Cervantes

Colorado local Karlyle Walker, aka Krushendo, has been on the rise in the melodic bass scene. Since he opened for MitiS in 2018, Krushendo has been at the forefront in the bass capital. He has truly been crushing it! Last month, on February 7th, Krushendo released a soul-crushing dubstep banger titled, “Dungeon”. As well, just a few months ago, Krushendo released MiTis – TRY featuring RØRY (Krushendo Rekrush). On January 21st and 22nd of this year, Krushendo graced the stage direct supporting Illenium at two sold-out shows in Aspen, Colorado. A few weeks later he played another sold out show in Portland, Oregon with MiTiS again and Crystal Skies.

On March 3rd, Cervantes’s weekly installment of SHIFT Thursdays held one of Krushendo’s largest headlining shows to date. Joining him as support was, Jakattak, NGHTOWL, Prismatic, and Docfunk.

Art And Silent Disco

As soon as Cervantes Other Side doors opened at 8 PM, the floor started filling up. When fans walked in, they were greeted with a bar. While you walk further back into the venue, there was artwork by numerous talented artists. Back on the patio, there was a silent disco hosted by Make Wavs and Longevity Productions.

Starting The Night Off 

Denver local Jakattak kicked off the evening. Jakattak played his unique sound for fans to move to. Jakattak has been on the rise with new releases including just a few months ago, his collab with DeniZen “Creature” through Make Wavs, and his bootleg remix of Big Sean “Moves”. In addition, back in December, he took over a five-hour slot during the Noise for Toys fundraiser over Twitch. As well, Jakattak has graced stages across Colorado such as The Church Nightclub, Your Moms House, and 830 North in Fort Collins, which is an arcade, bowling alley, and venue. To keep up with new releases by Jakattak, follow him on SoundCloud here.

Next up taking the stage was NGHTOWL, who embraces heavy-hitting bass music that embodies emotions. NGHTOWL captivated fans with his extraordinary sound. Just within the last six months, NGHTOWL has released singles, “Skyburst“, “Cloud City“, “nighttime“, and his most recent release, “Deeper.” Click here to keep up with all of his new incredible releases.

Prismatic who has released tracks on well-known labels like, Subsidia and Wakaan took the stage next. He kept the energy strong preparing fans to be ready for the headliner of the evening. Prismatic has released banger after banger, including his three-track “Mystify” EP five months ago. Just last month, Prismatic released heavy hitter “Refresh” through Rude Service. Follow this mastermind here.

The Time Has Come 

While Krushendo was preparing to grace the stage, fans were noticed walking closer to capture the perfect view. Krushendo started off with major heat as he was playing melodic vocals and all of the heavier melodic bass elements with the smooth tempos of slower, heavy-hitting bass music. Everyone was getting down with smiles on their faces and even, some headbanging.

Also on stage, was a guitarist and drummer at certain points, creating a unique experience for fans. To top it off, lasers consisting of numerous colors were going off during each banger. The lasers could be seen even in the back by the art. Above the stage was a visual screen that included his name and other visuals to get lost in. Fans were able to immersive themselves into the whole event, and experience the special evening. In addition, Krushendo announced his upcoming EP. Fans were able to listen to a glimpse into his new music, including unreleased songs.

Ending the night was Docfunk. He kept the vibes high with his Dirtybass house, Drum and Bass with Hip Influences, and Halftime tunes. Keeping the fans dancing with some “booty music” as Docfunk calls it, ensuring fans ended the night perfectly. Check out his popular tracks here, including “Slum Lordz“, Ghetto Funk“, and “In Da House Vol.2 “, all songs to make you lose control.

An End to the Madness

This event was definitely an unforgettable night for fans, with bass, new tunes, and getting lost in the lasers and visuals. Every artist brought major heat with good vibes all around. Be sure to keep an eye on Krushendo, we certainly can’t wait to see where this Colorado local goes! To stay up to date with Cervantes’s weekly SHIFT Thursday for the rest of March, click here

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Said The Sky Makes His Beautiful Return To Denver

Said The Sky Makes His Beautiful Return To Denver

Said The Sky is an extremely talented producer, songwriter, performer, and DJ. This Colorado native, known to family and friends as Trevor Christensen, has been playing the piano and other various instruments since the young age of eight. His strong background in melodic music combined with technical training has allowed him to create an absolutely breathtaking signature sound.

Show & Tell” (feat. Claire Ridgely), “Emotion Sickness” (feat. Will Anderson of Parachute), and “Where’d U Go” (with Illenium) are some of Said The Sky‘s most well-known tracks. Since his start, he’s brought his captivating live experience to venues and festivals throughout North America. Currently, Said The Sky is on tour for his most recent album, Sentiment.

The Sentiment Tour

On Friday, March 25th, Skygazers (what his fans call themselves) gathered in Trevor’s hometown of Denver, Colorado. Joining Said The Sky in Denver were Olivver The Kid, Afinity, and Midnight Kids.

This show took place at the Mission Ballroom, which is one of the newer venues in Denver. The venue has a capacity of nearly four thousand people. However, the stage can actually be moved depending on the expected attendance to slightly grow or shrink the size of the main floor. Multiple bars and restrooms are scattered throughout the venue along with two VIP balconies, a tiered seating area, a merchandise booth, and even food options.

Olivver The Kid

Olivver The Kid started off the night by singing, playing the guitar, and also using a drum pad. His logo was displayed on a small screen behind the DJ booth, while multicolored lighting was used over the stage as well. One thing that visually stood out for the duration of the night was the fact that there was no visuals screen in front of the DJ booth. This allowed attendees to see the full-body silhouette of whoever was performing.


If you have heard of the group Pixel Terror, then you know Afinity. Just this week, Pixel Terror announced that their two members (Ahrya and Bentley) would be pursuing separate musical projects from now on. Bentley will continue under the Pixel Terror name, while Ahrya started a brand new project titled Afinity.

Afinity’s show on Friday was his debut of the new project, and what a debut it was. His electric energy and sound had everyone that was on the floor jumping and dancing. He played some remixes of songs that the crowd was familiar with, including Illenium’s “Blame Myself” (with Tori Kelly). For his set, three large screens lit up behind him and he had a full visuals display.

Midnight Kids

Midnight Kids was created by “dreamers, believers, and late night rebels“. The focus of their music centers around encouraging people to be comfortable with their stories and stay true to themselves. If you haven’t heard any music by Midnight Kids yet, “Find Our Way” (feat. klei) and “Keep It Complicated” do a great job of showcasing their sound. Early last year, the two members announced that they would be going their separate ways in regards to music. So, Kyle Girard is the sole member presently.

By the time he came on, the venue was basically full, including the tiered section in the back. By now, there were quite a bit of VIP ticket holders up on the balconies as well. Midnight Kids played a high-energy mix of original tracks along with crowd favorites including music from Space Laces, Illenium, and a remix of “Bulletproof” by La Roux.

(Hometown) Hero

While these three stellar acts were warming up the stage for Said The Sky, he was getting tattooed backstage by Denver artist Jawnton, who’s done some of Trevor’s other tattoos as well. After a twenty-minute set change, Trevor FINALLY took to the stage! His set had the largest production of the night with a massive LED wall tall enough to touch the ceiling along with the three other screens. Multi-colored light bars, fog, pyrotechnics (fireworks and fire), and cryo jets were used throughout his performance.

Said The Sky used the DJ booth and also played a few songs on a beautiful grand piano and an acoustic guitar. Day Gatsby was on the drum kit and only used one hand to play the entire night due to an injury on the other. Olivver The Kid was also a part of most of the set, singing and playing the guitar for multiple songs. During the song “Hero” (with Olivver The Kid and Dabin), Dabin even made a special appearance! Jack Newsome also made an appearance to sing their song titled “Holdin’ My Own“.

Being the Sentiment Tour, most songs that Said The Sky played were from his latest album. The crowd sang along to some of their favorites including “We Know Who We Are” (feat. Olivver The Kid) and “Go On Then, Love” (feat. The Maine). For his encore, Trevor sat down on the front of the stage and played his guitar for “Walk Me Home” (with Illenium and Chelsea Cutler), just like he did to conclude his Red Rocks set last fall.

“An Experience Through Music”

Said The Sky played a beautifully emotional and memorable set in Denver. It was easy to see that everyone in attendance was enjoying themselves. Happy tears were shed by many as the crowd danced, sang, and became fully immersed in the captivating experience that is Said The Sky. As always, his production was bigger and better than before, and we can’t wait to see what will happen next time he plays a show in his hometown.

To keep up with all things Said The Sky including tour dates and new releases, check out his socials below!

Photos by Patrik Essy

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Darude Brings Trance To Reelworks

One of EDM’s original trance artists, Darude is making his grand return to Denver. On April 16th, Darude and Kristina Sky will return to Denver this spring to entertain the masses.

Darude Trance Legend

Darude remains one of EDM’s most influential artists. He was named one of EDM’s most influential artists when he was only 24 years old. The Finnish artist has transformed artists for over two decades and will make a big impact upon his return to the mile-high city. Over the years, he has appeared on many influential TV shows including BBC, NBC, and MTV. He is also a 3x Grammy-winning artist. Performing at worldwide festivals, he has most recently made his return to the festival circuit with a performance at SoCal’s Dreamstate festival in 2021. Darude has withstood the testament of EDM and proved that this genre of music is here to stay.

For support, Darude will bring Kristina Sky for support. Another important player in the early stages of trance music, Sky has been making waves in the trance scene since 2002. She has played festivals such as EDC, Ultra Miami, and has also found herself playing Dreamstate. Kristina Sky created and runs the United We Groove/United We Trance brand. This is a 6-year-running annual rooftop party in Miami during Miami Music Week.

Reelwork, a Perfect Venue

Reelworks is the perfect venue to host this legendary night of trance. They boast a custom JBL sound system. Reelworks is a fully immersive venue and is the perfect intimate environment to host these two trance legends. With large-scale light installations, it would be a wise idea for anyone to travel to this event to see Darude and Kristina Sky on April 16th.

Photos provided by Reelworks

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