Moontricks, KR3TURE, and More Coming To Cervantes For SHIFT Thursday

Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom is the place to be Thursday, December 9th! Get out of the cold, get down, and get yourself some fresh artists to follow by checking out this week’s fresh SHIFT Thursday’s show. The weekly installment is presented by River Beats and the Cervantes team. They provide Denverites the chance to catch a great array of electronic music flavors. Where better to get an early start on the weekend than one of our city’s most beloved venues? This Thursday, we’ll be getting down with Moontricks,Moontricks,KR3TURE, Melody Lines, and several more amazing artists.

Moontricks is the project of Canadian duo Sean Rodman and Nathan Gurley. Their unique sound encompasses bluegrass and electronic beats. They also blend string instruments and traditional folk elements with bass. Sometimes their tracks feel moody and passionate, other times uplifting and full of movement. You may know their very well-known hit “Home“. You may be familiar with other tracks such as the 2017 single “With You” (from the EP titled the same) or the newer collaboration with Gone Gone Beyond, “Coast”.

KR3TURE is scheduled to play a late set deeper into the night. This master of many instruments is also a talented producer of bass music, hailing from the West Coast and sure to continue gaining attention as he plays a series of upcoming shows withMoontricks on their winter tour. There are a handful of tracks onKR3TURE‘s Spotify page surpassing over a million listens. Notably, the track “Watch It Grow” which has had well over 2 million. In addition to KR3TURE and Moontricks, the Ballroom side of Cervantes will feature sets by local legends Melody Lines (A.K.A. Vinney Crippen, part of Mile High Sound Movement) and Mikey Thunder.

The best thing about SHIFT Thursdays? Both sides of the venue will be alive with music all night. The Other Side has four additional artists scheduled to throw down electronic sets, both sample-based and originally produced. Influences of these might include hip-hop, rap, soul, bass, and various other blends. We will get to hear Colorado-based talent such as MotfivMIDIcinal, and Louie Letdown, as well as Derlee from the East Coast. Each of these producers has a unique vibe and flavor to bring the more intimate stage of the venue, at Cervantes’ Other Side.

This lineup is sure to bring a late night of endless dancing, and a quality variety of electronic music. You can still snag a ticket here. Doors open at 8 PM – see you then!

Powabunga Festival Makes Its Magnificent Return To Vail This December

Presenting: Powabunga

Winter in Colorado is absolutely breathtaking. Whether you call this state your home or make it a point to visit during the winter months, there is something to be said about spending time surrounded by the beautiful snowcapped mountain ranges. Nestled deep in the Rocky Mountains lies a small town called Vail, Colorado. This internationally-renowned winter destination is extremely popular for skiers and riders, as well as anyone looking to step away from everyday life and simply relax.

This December, one of Colorado’s newest music festivals is making its magnificent return to Vail. Powabunga Festival is set to take place from Thursday, December 9th to Sunday, December 12th. This festival will include “four epic days and nights of live music and mountain activities“. Powabunga will be held outdoors at Ford Park, with official after-parties at various locations.

The Powabunga Experience

Spring of 2019 marked the first time that Powabunga transpired in Colorful Colorado. After the event’s massive success, the festival was supposed to take place in two locations in the spring of 2020: Vail, CO, and Lake Tahoe, NV. Unfortunately, Powabunga had to be canceled due to COVID-19.

This year, the festival is back and better than ever. The insane lineup features headliners Rüfüs Du Sol and Bob Moses. In addition, attendees can look forward to seeing Vintage Culture, Elderbrook, Channel Tres, LP Giobbi, and more. View the full lineup below!

So far, the event’s schedule is as follows. The Welcome Party will take place on Thursday before the official festival and after-parties on Friday and Saturday. Finally, Bottomless Bunga Brunch closes out the weekend on Sunday. If the event aligns with 2019, attendees can expect to see various food, drink, and craft vendors as well as art installations at the festival. Additionally, heat lamps and seating areas will be available in the VIP section.

Discover Vail, one ofPowabunga‘s official sponsors, has facilitated putting together a guide for those who plan on attending. Click here for more information on skiing and riding, après functions, dining and nightlife, and shopping. For those coming from out of town, travel accommodations for the event can be viewed here. It’s totally possible (and easy!) to get to and from your chosen Vail Resort hotel and your local airport of choice.

Secure Your Tickets

Currently, the only ticket still available for sale is the general admission weekend pass. Which provides the ticketholder access to the venue for the two festival days, December 10th and 11th. For those that scored a VIP ticket before they sold out, a bunch of extra perks is added. This includes a premium viewing area with heaters, passed hors d’oeuvers, a VIP tent with a private bar, and heated bathroom trailers.

Thinking you’ll decide to send it with your squad? Click here for tickets!

Let’s Boogie

Powabunga Festival will be here before we know it! Grab those beanies and oversized winter jackets. Lace-up your dancing (snow)boots, and start hydrating now. Secure your tickets and travel plans, and let’s get ready to boogie.

Here are a few pro-tips before you make your way to Vail:

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, especially if you are not used to the altitude. Water is important, and it will be for sale in the venue throughout the weekend. You can always boost your hydration with electrolytes!
  2. Bring extra layers. The weather will change significantly when the sun goes down, and it’s better to have extra clothes for when the temperature drops. Also, handwarmers are always great to have.
  3. Bring hearing protection. Outdoor venues are still loud, and we’ve heard that Powabunga has a bangin’ sound system.
  4. Designate a sober driver for the night, use the town’s bus service, or rideshare! Safety first, ladies and gents.
  5. Always be kind, considerate, and respectful!

We’ll see you in Vail!

Photos by Powabunga

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RL Grime Community Outreach Tour Comes To Denver

This past weekend RL Grime stopped in Denver at Mission Ballroom for his Community Outreach Tour. He brought out artists from his label, Sable Valley, which included artists Jawns, Knock2, and Pauline Herr. If you have yet to attend a show at Mission Ballroom now is the time! From their in-house sound system, LED screen, and lighting display this venue is truly amazing.

Starting off the night wasPauline Herr. She started the vibes for the rest of the night. Next up wasKnock2 who definitely brought the heat with upbeat sounds getting the crowd ready to dance the night away. Following the dance beats wasJawns. With good beats and throbbing bass lines throughout the evening, the energy from the crowd never seemed to decline.

Article & Photos By: Ethan Klement

RL Grime closed out the evening with an hour and a half long set. He played some of his hit tracks like “UCLA ft. 24 Hrs”, I wanna know, ft Daya”, and his popular remix of “In your head” by G Jones.

The Community Outreach Tour has three more stops left after this Denver stop. Catch the Community Outreach Tour in a city near you!

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Celebrate Colorful Colorado at High Ground Music & Arts Experience

On Saturday, October 2nd, a brand new event is coming to Denver, Colorado. The High Ground Music & Arts Experience will take place at Levitt Pavilion at Ruby Hill Park. This event is one of the first of its kind, focusing on bringing a full day of chill, electronic music to the metro area. A wide array of vendors, most of which are native to Colorado, will bring amazing food, drinks, and other products to High Ground.

Those that will be attending this groundbreaking event that’s set to capture the essence of fall in Colorado are called Revelers. An exclusive Facebook group, Revelers of High Ground, is the perfect place to find discussions, polls, giveaways, and more. Another way to meet other Revelers is through a community in the app, Radiate. They are also hosting a giveaway for two tickets! Click here to enter.

Party Guru Press was lucky enough to connect with Noah Levinson, the founder of Levitate Events. He’s worked hard for the past five years to carefully curate essentially every detail of High Ground. This interview happened via email, where we learned all about how the event came to be, what Revelers can expect to see at the event, and what the future looks like for High Ground. Keep on reading for the full scoop!

Let’s Get Chill, Let’s Get Vibey

Kierstin Rounsefell (Party Guru Press): Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about how you first got involved in the music and entertainment industries?

Noah Levinson (High Ground Music & Arts Experience): Hello! My name is Noah Levinson and I’m the founder of Levitate Events. Live music has played a huge role in my life since I was little. My parents took me to shows since before I could remember and encouraged me to learn how to play different instruments. In middle school, I discovered electronic music and learned how to DJ. I used some Bar Mitzvah money to purchase Serato and turntables, and quickly began performing for friends, birthday parties, weddings, and other events. Along the way, I fell in love with event creation and production and started curating shows of my own.

Party Guru Press: What do you do for High Ground?

Noah Levinson: I am the director of High Ground. I have an incredible team that supports and expands my vision, but I’ve carefully crafted almost every detail and aspect of High Ground over the past 5 years. I’ve handled the talent buying, venue selection, creative direction, and team building. Now, as we move into the final stretch on the road to High Ground, I’m working closely with each of my team leads (production, VIP, site ops, vendors, etc) to make sure everything comes together beautifully.

Party Guru Press: This is the first year of the High Ground Music & Arts Experience. What inspired you to create this event?

Noah Levinson: High Ground began as a conversation with my best friend Jacob. Some of our favorite artists at the time were Kasbo, Flume, and others in the “chill” and “vibey” side of electronic music, and we were upset that there weren’t many festivals that fully captured that sort of sound. This planted the seed that eventually grew into High Ground.

A Musical Ode To Colorado

Party Guru Press: I read online that High Ground is “designed to capture the essence of Colorado while providing incredible fusions of live electronic talent.” How will this event combine the beautiful elements of Colorado with unique live music sets?

Noah Levinson: There are so many amazing things about Colorado. Our dedication to the outdoors, the strong local music scene that listens to many genres, our progressive cannabis culture, a bourgeoning local art scene, and so many other things make our state a special place. Yes, we are the bass capital, but we also love so many other genres out here.

When I envision Colorado in the Fall, I also think about snow-kissed mountains, golden leaves on every tree, crisp Autumn air, and the exciting potential for every kind of weather. This is the essence of Colorado, and with nearly 25 artists from around the world (many are from Colorado) who perform live fusions of electronic, funk, jam, R&B, and hip hop, High Ground is set to capture that unique energy as a whole.

Party Guru Press: Has everyone in the general public reacted well to the announcement of the event so far? Do people seem excited to attend?

Noah Levinson: As my team prepared to announce in May, one of my biggest insecurities was that my years of dedication to this project would be met with a lackluster response. However, I couldn’t be happier with the reactions and comments we’ve received so far! People tell me every day how excited they are for High Ground, and thank me for curating something unique and unexpected; something that pushes against the grain.

When we first announced the lineup, somebody shared it on Facebook saying “Everything from the Colorado-inspired branding & chill electro vibe to the venue choice & lineup is impeccable. I predict that High Ground will gain national recognition and become Denver’s first major destination music festival within the next few years as it continues to grow.” This is the sentiment I’m frequently met with, and I get goosebumps thinking about what we’ve created and where we can take it.

High Ground Revelers

Party Guru Press: What artists are you excited to see perform at High Ground?

Noah Levinson: All of them. Seriously, every artist from the bottom to the top are some of my favorites. Kasbo was one of the first artists I placed on my “hit list” 5 years ago, so having him with us this October is full circle; a dream come true. 

Party Guru Press: How did you and your team go about finding art, food, and drink vendors for the event?

Noah Levinson: We listen to what our friends and Revelers (this is what we call our attendees) are excited about! We’re excited to present a full array of vendors at High Ground, many of which are brands native to Colorado. We’re still looking for a few more food and product vendors. Brands can apply on our website on the “Get Involved” page. 

Party Guru Press: What will make this event different from other art and music events that take place in the Denver Metro area?

Noah Levinson: Quite frankly, everything about this will be different. We’re so proud to be working with the Levitt Pavilion, which up until recently didn’t really bring electronic acts to its stage. For many, this will be their first time attending something at Levitt. Musically, there aren’t any other experiences in Colorado that focus so specifically on this style of music. You can find it occasionally at a one-off concert, but this is the first time that you’ll be able to experience a full day of chill, genre-blending, live-performed vibey electronic music.

Finally, we have a narrative that’s fused deeply into all aspects of High Ground. We used the spirits of animals native to Colorado to tell a story of powerful story of rebirth, togetherness, and collective positivity to beckon a greater world for ourselves. We hope this is the most beautiful music festival you’ve ever attended.

“Do What You F*cking Love”

Party Guru Press: There is a lot of uncertainty about events in the face of the COVID-19 Delta Variant. What safety measures do you have in place?

Noah Levinson: We will follow local, state, and federal municipality guidelines, as well as Levitt Pavilion & industry standards to protect our attendees, artists, staff, and everyone else on-site. With the recent full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine, we strongly encourage attendees to get vaccinated and stay masked so that our community as a whole can continue to move in a positive direction.

Party Guru Press: What do you hope for the future of High Ground? Does this event have the potential to turn into a multi-day festival eventually?

Noah Levinson: Eventually, I think High Ground could totally become a multi-day music & arts festival… maybe even with camping? But at the same time, it’s most important to us to grow steadily and cultivate a strong community of Revelers. High Ground is special, and we don’t want to make massive leaps at the risk of losing the aspects that make us special. I envision that someday, High Ground will expand beyond electronic to include some elements of psychedelic rock and hip-hop (which we’ve sprinkled in gently this year).

Party Guru Press: Would you like to give any words of advice, or motto, to encourage others to remember as 2021 comes to a close?

Noah Levinson: I don’t mean to sound cliche, but do what you fucking love. I have so many friends that complain about their 9-5 jobs, and I’m like “just do what you love” and they don’t seem to understand how a little leap of faith can turn your passion into your career. Take what you love, combine it with the things you’re good at, and DO IT.

Words Of Gratitude From A Fellow Party Guru

Party Guru Press: Is there anything else that you’d like mentioned that hasn’t yet been discussed? 

Noah Levinson: My mom is my business partner. GANG GANG. But in all seriousness, Jobi Halper is so insanely smart and creative, and as a lifelong music lover with 25+ years of legal and business experience, she’s the best partner I could ask for and I wouldn’t be able to produce this festival without her.

Party Guru Press: Final question, would you consider yourself a Party Guru?

Noah Levinson: I’m a fucking weirdo who revels in the face of live music. There are certain forms of energy that exist only within live music, and more than anything, I love creating these environments for people to experience something profound. I am a party guru.

Until October…

After getting to learn all about the event from Noah Levinson himself, we cannot wait for October. High Ground Music & Arts Experience is an innovative, unique event that celebrates music, art, and colorful Colorado. A strong community of Revelers is already forming, ecstatic about what’s to come.

If you want to experience this brand new event first hand, there is still plenty of time to purchase tickets for you and your friends. Click here to secure your general admission and VIP tickets. We’ll see you at Levitt Pavilion!

Photos by High Ground Music & Arts Experience

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Oreoku’s Big Unicorn Energy Is Here To Stay

Oreoku is an electronic music producer and DJ based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He focuses on genres including trap, house, and dubstep while also bringing insane energy to his music. Throughout this past year, he’s done an impeccable job of keeping his momentum in these ever-changing times.

Party Guru Press recently got the chance to ask Oreoku a few questions via email. We learned about his hard-hitting music, his experiences playing shows in 2020, and what fans can expect from him in the near future.

Introducing: Oreoku

About a year and a half ago, Oreoku dove straight into the producing world. However, he’s had his stage name ready since 2008 when he was in high school. His favorite anime, Naruto, inspired it. His first EP that he worked on was with Broken Inglish, who is also based in Colorado Springs. Previously, he’s used FL Studio to produce his music.

If you haven’t heard one of Oreoku’s slammin’ tracks yet, he suggests that you listen to his latest release titled “Work It!“. This piece starts off with a bright, upbeat melody backed by light vocal chops. Quickly, it transitions into a more energetic track with intersecting rhythms and sounds. Oreoku’s favorite part of this track is the second drop when he adds “the huge bass into it and then it kind of flips into a jersey house mix,” he explained.

The album cover of this track is bright baby blue with a picture of an animated unicorn that is, yes, twerking. This image combined with the sound of the track does an amazing job of capturing what Oreoku calls “big unicorn energy”. He uses this term a lot on social media platforms, so we asked him what it means. “Big unicorn energy is the best energy in the world because it’s magical! The meaning of big unicorn energy to me is that moment at a show where you lose all control and the music just completely takes you,” said Oreoku.

Family Matters

Family has always been a key factor for Oreoku. In fact, it is what keeps him so motivated and driven. “Early last year, me and my wife found out that our daughter has cancer and knowing that has pushed me to work even harder to make things better for her for her future,” Oreoku said.

In addition to this major life change that he and his family had to adjust to, he’s also had to slightly change his career path. Before COVID-19 hit, he was able to support himself and his family by playing shows and selling merch. Now, he has to work a supplemental day job.

We asked Oreoku what his typical day-in-the-life looks like. He said, “I usually just wake up, go to work, home by 2:00, spend some time with the wife and kid until she goes to work, and then work on music while she’s working.” This definitely sounds like a juggling act, but so far Oreoku has done a great job at balancing everything.

Maintaining Momentum in 2020

In the early stages of COVID-19, lockdowns, closures, and travel restrictions were mandated almost everywhere. All venues had to temporarily close and there weren’t any alternative methods to live shows yet except for live streams. Oreoku played plenty of shows on Facebook Live and other platforms, but he missed feeling the rush of being in front of a crowd.

When he finally got to play at drive-in shows and venues again, he was elated. He elaborated by saying, “the in-person events and the drive-in events were amazing! Just feeling the energy of the crowd again was something different. Like I went so long with just playing on Facebook Live and other virtual shows that I almost forgot what it felt like to perform in front of a crowd again.”

This past year, Oreoku played at various locations in Colorado. Additionally, he was able to travel to other states including Florida to bless them with big unicorn energy IRL. The most recent show that Oreoku played was at Your Mom’s House in Denver, Colorado. This show was a fundraiser for the Black Lives Matter movement. “The rappers that performed had an amazing message and all of them had amazing performances,” Oreoku shared.

Coming Up

Fans of Oreoku can expect quite a lot from this up and coming house, trap, and dubstep artist. Regarding music, he has an EP scheduled to be released next month. After that, a bunch more music is on the way. Oreoku said, “my plan for this year is to drop at least one song each month.” By the end of the year, he hopes to have an entire album.

Colorado and the rest of the country will have multiple opportunities to experience the big unicorn energy of Oreoku in person this year. “Colorado will for sure see me play a lot more here in 2021. As far as the rest of the country, I’ll be playing in Florida quite a bit this year and there’s a possibility that I might get booked for Michigan this summer,” Oreoku explained. This year, he also hopes to play a Dapper Promotions show at Sunshine Studios if everything opens up again to allow for that.

For those that want to rep Oreoku, he currently has items like hats, hoodies, t-shirts, stickers, and masks available for purchase. This year, he is going to re-launch his tank tops and is hopeful that those will be successful as well. In order to get your hands on some of these sweet items, send Oreoku a message on his Facebook.


To any of our readers that love high energy music like trap, jersey house, dubstep, and more, we highly suggest that you check out Oreoku. This Colorado local has been killing the game both here and around the country.

Considering that he’s only been producing for a year and a half, he’s been able to make a solid mark on the music industry. Last year, he was able to stay active in the scene, and he’s not stopping in 2021. Be on the lookout for new music, merch, and show announcements!

We asked Oreoku for words of advice or a motto for everyone to remember going into 2021. He said, “don’t get discouraged when you can’t figure something out musically the first time. Stay consistent and eventually, things will click.” He also wanted to thank his wife. “I would just like to give a shout out to my beautiful wife Lauryn. If it wasn’t for her I would have never even started this career,” Oreoku exclaimed.

To wrap up the interview, we asked Oreoku if he would consider himself a Party Guru. To this, he said “HELLS YEAH!!!!”

Photos by Patrik Essy

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Check Out These New Releases From Colorado Artists!

Denver, Colorado. This music hot spot is constantly pumping out new releases in a wide variety of genres. Of course, many know it as the bass capital due to the sheer amount of high-quality electronic music that is produced there. On the other hand, a large number of artists in Colorado specialize in other genres including indie, acoustic, rock, alternative, and electro-pop.

If you’re interested in adding some hot new Colorado releases to your playlist, keep reading!

Amstar: “The Heist”

Amstar is a Denver based music producer that creates deep, dark, grime-filled house. For the past year or so, he’s been making his name known in the bass capital and beyond. He even curates his own Spotify playlist titled “Mad Sound“.

The Heist” is the latest solo release from Amstar, via BROHOUSE. From start to finish, this track truly packs a punch. An intricate buildup includes percussion, vocals, and a bumpin’ bassline. Then, an almost apocalyptic drop follows. The level of intensity perfectly fluctuates throughout the duration of the track and ends with a simplified instrumental bit. Listen to Amstar‘s new release above and prepare to bring that bass face out of hiding.

Andy Sydow: “Gold Dust Woman / The Chain” (Medley)

Andy Sydow is a man of many talents. If you ever get the chance to see him perform live, you’ll hear a handful of diverse genres. Americana, rock, alternative country and more are accompanied by his skillful demonstration of various instruments. Andy Sydow also hosts a podcast on the side called Middle Class Rock Star.

Are there any Fleetwood Mac fans out there? If so, you’ll absolutely love Andy Sydow‘s newest cover medley. This five-minute mashup includes pieces from both “Gold Dust Woman” and “The Chain“. Memorable vocals are combined with beautifully executed, upbeat instrumentation. Listen to Andy Sydow‘s powerful rendition of Fleetwood Mac above!

Courage: Do With That What You Will

Attention! Christian Walsh from Broomfield, Colorado has debuted his first musical release in almost four years. In spring of 2020, he completed his degree in recording arts. This acoustic-mastermind has been creating stimulating tracks under the name of Courage.

Do With That What You Will is a seven-track EP that features his own indie vocals along with his absolutely alluring guitar melodies. Picture leaves falling, coffee shops, and driving with the windows down. According to Christian, “the whole album has a central theme of love and is supposed to serve as a collection of memoirs.” Meanwhile, it also has an underlying tone of uncertainty and loss. Listen to the refreshing EP from Courage above.

Covex: “Not The Last Time”

By now, almost all of the melodic music lovers in Colorado have heard of Covex. This producer and DJ has an unquestionable understanding of music as a whole. Every single track that he produces brings together a flawless combination of musical elements that listeners have fallen in love with.

October brought along yet another breathtaking Covex release. The track starts with bright sounds accompanied by his own, signature vocals. While the song itself sounds happy and uplifting, the lyrics allude to a breakup between two lovers. However, heavy-hitting guitar beats paired with upbeat synths and percussion proves this track to be quite stunning. Wake up your senses by listening to Covex‘s lastest masterpiece above.

Decadon: Marshmello x YUNGBLUD x blackbear – “Tongue Tied” (Decadon & KJ Sawka Remix)

Magnificently bridging the gap between rock ‘n roll and bass music is Denver’s Decadon. This #RockStep master has been perfecting his skills for the past eight years. His mixes bless listeners with a blend of rock music and dubstep, resulting in each of his tracks being completely unique.

A few months ago, Decadon teamed up with KJ Sawka to produce an artful remix of Marshmello‘s “Tongue Tied“. The original track also features YUNGBLUD and blackbear. Compared to the original track, Decadon‘s version is much more rock-focused as opposed to pop. More percussion, synths, and electric guitar riffs are present along with a new, vibrant chorus. Hear Decadon and KJ Sawka‘s energetic remix above.

Illenium: “Paper Thin” with Tom DeLonge of Angels & Airwaves

Currently, Illenium‘s name is known all across the globe. His melodic bass music has captivated hundreds of thousands of listeners. Each one of his tracks, albums, and live sets are overflowing with emotion and energy. No matter if you like chill, melodic tracks or high energy dubstep tracks, Illenium has something for you to enjoy.

Paper Thin” is a collaboration between Illenium and Tom DeLonge of Angels & Airwaves. This track does a stellar job of blending classic rock elements with a light, melodic feel. A simple electric guitar and Tom’s vocals kick off the track as percussion is gradually added in. Then, a breathtaking chorus drops into existence complete with bright synths and vocal chops. So far, listeners have expressed that this song makes them feel nostalgic because of the throwback rock elements. However, it’s a perfect mix of the present and the past! Listen to Illenium‘s latest original track above.

Lucid Vision: “Still Dreaming” (feat. COFRESI)

If you’re looking for a seamless fusion of live-electronic music, look no further. Lucid Vision is a brilliant producer that impeccably combines live instrumentation with unparalleled sound design. As a matter of fact, this track is only a preview of what you can expect to hear on this producer’s debut album, coming out on December 1st.

For “Still Dreaming“, Lucid Vision teamed up with COFRESI. Beautiful vocal chops and undulating synths are accompanied by higher-pitched cosmic sounds. About halfway through the song, a voice whispers “are we dreaming?” The acute precision of the track’s composition makes us feel like we are. According to Lucid Vision, this track exemplifies his new sound. “Think of the love/obsession of chasing dreams, experiencing dreams, and dreaming up new dreams.” Listen to this enthralling piece above!

Mport: TroyBoi – “Flamez” (Mport Flip)

“Mport yourself into the sound” with Denver’s bass artist, Mport. This experimental artist doesn’t constrain himself by sticking to a single genre. In fact, his goal is to always produce the most original music possible. Mport has also been classically trained, graduating from the University of Colorado Denver where he studied audio engineering.

This month, he released his absolute FIRE flip of Troyboi‘s “Flamez“. Mport took the unique, trap sound of the original track and morphed it into something darker and bass-heavy. He also includes more of a standard buildup to the drop by adding in percussion that quickly increases in tempo. Additionally, the melody of the chorus is backed by gritty synths that enhance the overall depth of the song. Interested in hearing Mport‘s latest track? Listen above.

Ready Or Not: “Drop It Low”

For over ten years, Ready Or Not has been cultivating his own bass house and G-house sound. In addition to putting out a number of records under Ready Or Not‘s name for the past few years, he’s also graced the stages of many Denver venues. Some of his inspirations include Jauz and Ephwurd, which you can definitely hear in his own music.

Drop It Low” is Ready Or Not‘s latest release. Out via Mixa Records, this track begins with clean percussion, bass, and some higher pitch sounds that form a melody. Once the tempo picks up the pace and drops into the chorus, a voice says “drop it low” before the track morphs into something more ominous. After a calmer bridge, the track picks up right where it left off and maintains it’s stamina until the end. Until more Ready Or Not comes out, listen to this hot track above!

VIVIAN: “Mother” – Danzig Cover

Presently, the dream-pop duo, VIVIAN, is based in Northern Colorado. The two members were no strangers to each other prior to forming VIVIAN. Actually, they worked together both at their day jobs in the music industry as well as in their previous band, Stella Luce. Since forming this new duo, they’ve produced ethereal electronic chill.

Their newest release is a cover of Danzig’s “Mother“. Accompanied by a trippy, alluring music video, VIVIAN hypnotizes their listeners. Keyboard, guitar, soft percussion, violin, and warped vocals are showcased in this creative interpretation. Anyone who savors indie, instrumental, music needs to listen to this hair-raising cover above. The four minutes and forty-nine seconds really do fly by.


These outstanding releases are only a tiny fraction of what Colorado musicians regularly produce. Imagine how much more is out there that hasn’t even been discovered. Hopefully, these artists will get a chance to perform their new songs live sometime soon.

If you appreciated even one of these tracks above, don’t hesitate to check out the artists on social media or Soundcloud. Like their page, share their tracks, and even reach to them if you wish. Now more than ever, local artists need your support!

Cover Photo By Lucid Vision

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Enjoy Live Music and Bowling at Live on the Lanes

A New Live Music Experience

In Northern Colorado, a new live music experience has emerged. Chipper’s Lanes has joined forces with The Mishawaka and 105.5 The Colorado Sound to present the series called Live on the Lanes. These socially distanced concerts take place inside Chipper’s Lanes, which has a bowling alley, laser tag, and arcade.

Live on the Lanes takes place at Chipper’s Lanes on North College Avenue in Fort Collins. In mid-September, Live on the Lanes made its debut with music by Pipin’ Hot. Then, Ginger Whale performed for the second event.

So far, Live on the Lanes has been quite successful! It’s a perfect, innovative way for people to get out of the house and have fun with family and friends. There is something for everyone as attendees have the opportunity to participate in all of the activities that Chipper’s Lanes provides in addition to listening to live music.

Safety First

Chipper’s Lanes has made sure to take the safety of everyone very seriously. This includes their own employees, the bands, and of course everyone attending. According to Chipper’s Lanes, “if you are concerned about what is being done to keep you and yours safe, fear not, we are going above and beyond what is being asked to do just that.”

They are regularly and thoroughly sanitizing every touchpoint and surface including tables, chairs, bowling balls, restrooms, and more. Furthermore, when attendees enter the building, they are escorted straight to their table or bowling lane. Table service is provided for both food and beverages, and a lane attendant and waiter take care of everything you need. Finally, face coverings are required for everyone when not at their table.

Upcoming Events

Currently, Live on the Lanes has events scheduled through the end of November. A variety of different local artists will get the chance to perform again, keeping music alive in Colorado.

On October 17th, Kessel Run will fill the bowling alley with instrumental, exploratory rock music. October 23rd will also feature rock music, but this time from Tenth Mountain Division. After that, Dave Watts and Friends will bring various artists together for a truly unique show on October 30th. These artists include Marcus Rezak, Jans Ingber (The Motet), Casey Russell (Magic Beans), and Chris Duffy (Magic Beans).

On Halloween, Live on the Lanes is throwing a special Big Lebowski Halloween Costume Party! That night, VIVIAN will take to the stage to perform some beautiful dream-pop. Fun fact: the members of this duo, Tim and Alana, have been a part of The Mishawaka family for a while!

Continuing on, Cycles is scheduled to perform a fresh hybrid of rock, jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk, and more on November 14th. The last event currently scheduled is on November 20th and features music by reggae fusion group, Luna Shade.

Reserve Your Tickets!

In order to attend Live on the Lanes, ticket reservations are required. These events have a limited capacity, so if you see a band on the schedule that you’d like to see, it’s definitely recommended to get your tickets sooner rather than later.

Chipper’s Lanes states that “a total of 30 socially distant seating areas are provided. There are 11 bowling lanes available with 8 seats, and 19 tables ranging from 2 to 8 seats.” Additionally, 1 ticket is good for 1 table or lane. When purchasing tickets, you have the option to select an area from a seating map or choose a ticket based on price. The cost of a ticket ranges from $80.00 to $300.00, not including fees. Furthermore, only the purchase of a lane includes bowling.


If you love bowling, live music, food, and drinks, you’ll absolutely love Live on the Lanes! This inventive new concept is a great, safe way to support live music. If you want to bowl, enjoy delicious food, or rock out to your favorite band, click here for tickets and information.

Photos by Sunny Side Production

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Mr. Carmack Brings Vibes With His Band, Bass and Solo Set – Photo Gallery

Is there a better place to host a very special and intimate show than the Bluebird Theater? This past weekend, Mr. Carmack brought his live band to the Bluebird Theater to open for his solo DJ set. Mr. Carmack is one of the most talented artists out there and it was extremely special to see his art expressed over almost four hours. As evidenced through the photos below, he was having as good of a time as everyone else in the crowd.

Mr. Carmack Live was an easy listening group, making the Bluebird feel like the most intimate Soul and Jazz bar. Mr. Carmack played on keys center stage but would often conduct the rest of the group. That big smile of his was most prevalent during this set as he watched the magic unfold between the band. He would even walk around the stage getting close to each artist and vibing with them as they carried on with the Mr. Carmack-chill sounds.

After the band brought the feels, it was time for dancing. Mr. Carmack has mastered the fusion of Hip-Hop and dance music and his DJ set was none other than a popping dance party. The crowd was loud, and the sound was profound. Even some big names were showing their support in the crowd including Of the Trees and Adam Deitch from Lettuce and Break Science. What a lucky place to live as Denver was graced with not only one, but two sets of the living legend’s music.

Photos By Julien Deroeux

Arise Music Festival 2019

August is here once again folks and Colorado’s most treasured camping festival just had the pleasure of celebrating it’s 7th year at The Sunrise Ranch, in Loveland, Colorado. Arise Music Festival made it’s way to Sunrise Ranch once again this past August 2nd through the 4th. Arise Music Festival is a multi-genre event that celebrates music in all forms across it’s 7 unique stages. The 2019 celebration featured headliners of all genres, including Tipper, Beats Antique, CloZee, SunSquabi, Voodoo Dead, and many more! Arise also provides a range of attractions, including guided yoga sessions, an array of workshops, themed villages, and educational courses. This camping festival in particular prides itself on the fact that they are a leave-no-trace event. The festival features waste disposal options of all forms, including recycling and composting. Arise has multiple educational programs based around waste management and environmental awareness. Another major component that makes Arise Music Festival stand out over other events like it, is the undeniable focus on creating a family-friendly environment. This event brings every attendee the all-around Colorado music experience.

Arise Music Festival began it’s operations back in 2013. From the conception of the event and on, Arise has always taken place in the breathtaking town of Loveland, Colorado, at the infamous Sunrise Ranch. Co-founders Tierro Lee and Paul Bassis set their sites on the creation of a festival with a major focus on environmental sustainability and regeneration. Arise Music Festival was originally founded on leave-no-trace principles. On top of a great location, diverse lineup, an array of activities, Arise has set it’s focus on helping the all mighty Mother Earth. That is why for every ticket sold, Arise Music Festival plants a tree somewhere around our planet.

The three day camping festival offers 7 outdoor stages, health concious food vendors, merchandise vendors, live painting, sculptures, art installations, acrobatics, and so much more! Arise Music festival even brought the circus flying trapeze to the festival circuit, with the help of the Pneumatic Arts collective! The festival provides a variety of villages, including a children’s village, a healing village, Noco Hemp Village, and the Wisdom Village. The environmental, educationally fueled festival also created an “Activist Alley,” that provides a place for attendees to find non-profit organizations that are working hard towards improving the environment, social injustices, and working to make a change. The festival also provides multiple sanctuaries for any human in need featuring multiple different meet ups, workshops, and conferences. The ecstatic sober camp, goddess grove, and the yoga sanctuary in particular provided a safe and nurturing environment for even the most fragile of souls.

The event is often praised for it’s celebration of every genre, including fan favorites like reggae, funk, electronic, hip-hop, rock, bluegrass, folk music, and every genre in between. The 2019 lineup featured artists like Homemade Spaceship, DJ Drez, Lunar Fire, Defunk, Maddy O’Neal, Marvel Years, along with a multitude of others. Day one started off with a bang, with sets featuring a head bangin’ set from New York natives Memba. From there the Party Guru Press team made its way to the much anticipated Beats Antique set. The Beats Antique performance featured multi-member choreography, with a 20’s style flare. The highly revered member Zoe Jakes performed while pregnant on stage with absolute beauty and grace! Miss Jakes even proceeded to address the Arise crowd explaining, “I was told what I should and should not do with my body from so many people. But I chose to listen to my body and so far it is working out quite well! Thank you for supporting artists at every stage in their lives.” Beats Antique brought an experience incomparable to any other to the weekend. Tipper finished out the night with a funky psychedelic set paired with an array of colorful visuals.

Day two arrived and opened the day with Tubby Love and Amber Lilly, who touched on the major current political tragedy that is occurring at our border camps. The political focus brought goosebumps to the surrounding spectators as the crowd began to chant “Build a bridge!,” expressing their outrage against the mistreatment of immigrants in our country. Soon after SunSquabi got real funky and got the entire festival moving and grooving to the beat. Then the great Dave Tipper welcomed the sunset with a twilight dream tempo set, with an array of colorful and unique visuals. The day two sunset set was extremely unique in particular due to the fact that when Tipper began his set, the stage remained visual free. But as the crowd said goodbye to the sun and welcomed the moon, and night fell over the sky, Dave Tipper presented his visual show with pride! CloZee closed out the night with a jaw dropping, awe inspiring set, featuring fan favorite beats from her Electric Forest set back in 2018. The set also included brand new music, featuring collaborations with multiple artists. If you ask Party Guru Press team, our girl CloZee took the weekend by far. Her set featured breathtaking psychedelic visuals paired with eye catching lasers. She had the entire crowd moving in sync in awe of her glorious middle eastern inspired set. Her set brought the entire festival to one stage. Arise unified.

Day three came around the corner and brought the attendees a day to recover, shop around, and experience the Colorado music scene up close and personal. Maddy O’Neil brought day three to a close with an array of otheer performers, including acoustic performances from Amber Lilly and Tubby Love, and even a fire performance with The Arise fire & Performance Spectacle! The Arise Music Festival came to an elegant end until next year! Until then the Arise team will be hard at work year round to bring a bigger and better experience to Colorado next year!

The Party Guru Press team inquired if the festival would eventually move locations due to the participation growth over the years and the production assistant Mo Hnatiuk insisted, “Sunrise Ranch is our home! We are here to stay! We have tightened up parking, moved villages, and made other changes to accommodate Arise’s growing popularity. This is the biggest Arise yet and we will keep it going to get as many people to be apart of this experience.” As if this Colorado treasure hasn’t accomplished enough, Arise Music Festival is officially the largest Colorado camping festival as of this year! Arise invites you to Sunrise Ranch in 2020! Become part of a movement of improvement, become part of the change, and join this beautiful and growing Colorado community.

Photos by Matthew Salamander

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Westword Music Showcase 2019 Celebrates 25 Years

On June 29th, Westword Music Showcase will return for its 25th edition in Denver’s Golden Triangle. Westword will be showcasing national acts as well as a ton local talent. Artists included on this lineup range from a multitude of genres. Jauz, CHVRCHES, Jai Wolf, Bishop Briggs, Crooked Colours, Lovelytheband, The Knocks, The Wrecks, and Shaed are included on this lineup.

Photo from Westword’s photo gallery

The showcase will run from 12:00 PM to 10:00 PM, along with having a ton of participating venues in the area holding events as well. The Westword Music Showcase is Denver’s largest single day music festival, so this is definitely not something to miss!

Photo from Westword’s photo gallery

General Admission tickets are on sale as well as VIP tickets. Either one will get you access to all of the fun! VIP has extra perks including separate entrances to the festival, special viewing areas, shaded seating, VIP restrooms, and even premium food vendors.

You can check out more information and buy tickets here!