Same Same But Different Fest: Post-Set Q+A With LSDream

The sights and sounds of music returned to Lake Perris, California for a festival that is all the same as many fests yet truly different. In its third year rendition, Same Same But Different Festival overcame the many difficulties of the pandemic with a strong lineup featuring SSBD first-timers Big Gigantic, STS9, LSDream, Clozee, and Polish the Ambassador. Along with the return of Boombox, Dirtwire, COFRESI, and Megan Hamilton for a great representation of many artists who refuse to be categorized in a genre. 

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Arise Music Festival 2019

August is here once again folks and Colorado’s most treasured camping festival just had the pleasure of celebrating it’s 7th year at The Sunrise Ranch, in Loveland, Colorado. Arise Music Festival made it’s way to Sunrise Ranch once again this past August 2nd through the 4th. Arise Music Festival is a multi-genre event that celebrates music in all forms across it’s 7 unique stages. The 2019 celebration featured headliners of all genres, including Tipper, Beats Antique, CloZee, SunSquabi, Voodoo Dead, and many more! Arise also provides a range of attractions, including guided yoga sessions, an array of workshops, themed villages, and educational courses. This camping festival in particular prides itself on the fact that they are a leave-no-trace event. The festival features waste disposal options of all forms, including recycling and composting. Arise has multiple educational programs based around waste management and environmental awareness. Another major component that makes Arise Music Festival stand out over other events like it, is the undeniable focus on creating a family-friendly environment. This event brings every attendee the all-around Colorado music experience.

Arise Music Festival began it’s operations back in 2013. From the conception of the event and on, Arise has always taken place in the breathtaking town of Loveland, Colorado, at the infamous Sunrise Ranch. Co-founders Tierro Lee and Paul Bassis set their sites on the creation of a festival with a major focus on environmental sustainability and regeneration. Arise Music Festival was originally founded on leave-no-trace principles. On top of a great location, diverse lineup, an array of activities, Arise has set it’s focus on helping the all mighty Mother Earth. That is why for every ticket sold, Arise Music Festival plants a tree somewhere around our planet.

The three day camping festival offers 7 outdoor stages, health concious food vendors, merchandise vendors, live painting, sculptures, art installations, acrobatics, and so much more! Arise Music festival even brought the circus flying trapeze to the festival circuit, with the help of the Pneumatic Arts collective! The festival provides a variety of villages, including a children’s village, a healing village, Noco Hemp Village, and the Wisdom Village. The environmental, educationally fueled festival also created an “Activist Alley,” that provides a place for attendees to find non-profit organizations that are working hard towards improving the environment, social injustices, and working to make a change. The festival also provides multiple sanctuaries for any human in need featuring multiple different meet ups, workshops, and conferences. The ecstatic sober camp, goddess grove, and the yoga sanctuary in particular provided a safe and nurturing environment for even the most fragile of souls.

The event is often praised for it’s celebration of every genre, including fan favorites like reggae, funk, electronic, hip-hop, rock, bluegrass, folk music, and every genre in between. The 2019 lineup featured artists like Homemade Spaceship, DJ Drez, Lunar Fire, Defunk, Maddy O’Neal, Marvel Years, along with a multitude of others. Day one started off with a bang, with sets featuring a head bangin’ set from New York natives Memba. From there the Party Guru Press team made its way to the much anticipated Beats Antique set. The Beats Antique performance featured multi-member choreography, with a 20’s style flare. The highly revered member Zoe Jakes performed while pregnant on stage with absolute beauty and grace! Miss Jakes even proceeded to address the Arise crowd explaining, “I was told what I should and should not do with my body from so many people. But I chose to listen to my body and so far it is working out quite well! Thank you for supporting artists at every stage in their lives.” Beats Antique brought an experience incomparable to any other to the weekend. Tipper finished out the night with a funky psychedelic set paired with an array of colorful visuals.

Day two arrived and opened the day with Tubby Love and Amber Lilly, who touched on the major current political tragedy that is occurring at our border camps. The political focus brought goosebumps to the surrounding spectators as the crowd began to chant “Build a bridge!,” expressing their outrage against the mistreatment of immigrants in our country. Soon after SunSquabi got real funky and got the entire festival moving and grooving to the beat. Then the great Dave Tipper welcomed the sunset with a twilight dream tempo set, with an array of colorful and unique visuals. The day two sunset set was extremely unique in particular due to the fact that when Tipper began his set, the stage remained visual free. But as the crowd said goodbye to the sun and welcomed the moon, and night fell over the sky, Dave Tipper presented his visual show with pride! CloZee closed out the night with a jaw dropping, awe inspiring set, featuring fan favorite beats from her Electric Forest set back in 2018. The set also included brand new music, featuring collaborations with multiple artists. If you ask Party Guru Press team, our girl CloZee took the weekend by far. Her set featured breathtaking psychedelic visuals paired with eye catching lasers. She had the entire crowd moving in sync in awe of her glorious middle eastern inspired set. Her set brought the entire festival to one stage. Arise unified.

Day three came around the corner and brought the attendees a day to recover, shop around, and experience the Colorado music scene up close and personal. Maddy O’Neil brought day three to a close with an array of otheer performers, including acoustic performances from Amber Lilly and Tubby Love, and even a fire performance with The Arise fire & Performance Spectacle! The Arise Music Festival came to an elegant end until next year! Until then the Arise team will be hard at work year round to bring a bigger and better experience to Colorado next year!

The Party Guru Press team inquired if the festival would eventually move locations due to the participation growth over the years and the production assistant Mo Hnatiuk insisted, “Sunrise Ranch is our home! We are here to stay! We have tightened up parking, moved villages, and made other changes to accommodate Arise’s growing popularity. This is the biggest Arise yet and we will keep it going to get as many people to be apart of this experience.” As if this Colorado treasure hasn’t accomplished enough, Arise Music Festival is officially the largest Colorado camping festival as of this year! Arise invites you to Sunrise Ranch in 2020! Become part of a movement of improvement, become part of the change, and join this beautiful and growing Colorado community.

Photos by Matthew Salamander

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