Black Carl and Player Dave Grace The Stage At Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Black Carl and Player Dave Grace The Stage At Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

Thursday nights are always a heater in Denver’s electronic music scene; there is always something to do to start your weekend off early. Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and River Beats are back again for their weekly SHIFT Thursday. On March 24th, Black Carl and Player Dave graced the stage with Oakk and Chmura as support.

The Openers

Up and coming artist Chmura started the evening off. Recently, just about a week ago, Chmura released single “Ocean Floor” after unleashing downtempo single So What” three months ago. Chmura has been rising in the experimental bass scene the last few months. Last summer, Chmura graced the stage at Sound Haven festival. In February alone, Chmura headlined Frequency Fridays at Denver’s artist-created dance bar Beacon, and opened for Mystic Grizzly in Indianapolis, Indiana. In May, Chmura will be taking the stage at The Untz Festival. Be sure to stay up to date with this rising artist on his Sound-cloud here.

Chmura set the tone at Cervantes with basslines getting the crowd moving and ready for the remarkable evening ahead. With live painters on both sides of the venue, and vendors, individuals were sure to have a night to remember.

Hailing from Canada, master of blissful, organic tunes, Oakk took the stage next. In the last month, he released body – moving EP “Gimme That” with tunes “Gimme That” and “Bota“. In addition, Oakk released an remix of hip-hop single “Vent” this month. Coming up soon, Oakk will be opening for Ivy Lab, click here to keep up with his fresh tunes.

Oakk got the crowd ready for Player Dave and Black Carl with beatific tunes getting the crowd moving. Individuals were seen filling up the floor dancing to each beat the openers played.

The Co-headliners

Embody innovator Player Dave got every single person sitting down upstairs absorbing the bass. This evening was Player Dave‘s first co-headline and he certainly did not disappoint. From experimental bass to drum and bass tunes and everything in between, Player Dave‘s set brought smiles to the faces of the crowd . His energy was unmatched. That could be felt through each song played, including beloved CharlestheFirst tune In Pieces. In addition, towards the end of his set, Player Dave brought out extraordinary artist kLL sMTH, which got the crowd thrilled.

Finishing up the powerful evening was Alabama local Black Carl. Bringing neurotic bass, both classic and progressive, the crowd was seen dancing in pure bliss. Just two days ago, Black Carl and Player DaveFallen EP ” were unleashed with singles Petal and “Fallen“. Individuals were noticed to be filled with ecstatic and joy hearing these tunes live. Also, Black Carl shout out Mr Bill as he played some of their songs. In addition, Black Carl played parts from his recently released, “Operation Exclamation (Unreleased Spring Mix 2022), which got the crowd in a euphoric state of mind.


To sum up the evening, it was beyond doubt, a night to remember filled with surprises and numerous talented boundary-pushing artists. We certainly can’t wait to see where each of these unique artists blossom next. Closing out March off at SHIFT Thursdays at Cervantes is Zeke Beats with his Digital Death Tour, find the information you need here.

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