Blunts And Blondes Sells Out The Fox Theatre

Blunts & Blondes’ Distinctive Dubstep

Blunts & Blondes, known to family and friends as Michael Guard, is a producer and DJ originating from Tampa, Florida. He is most recognized for his distinctive style of dubstep that blends elements from numerous genres including hip-hop and reggae. Festivals across the United States have seen Blunts & Blondes including Bass Canyon, Das Energi, and EDC Orlando. Additionally, he has multiple headlining tours under his belt.

This young producer is a part of the DeadBeats record label, adding to his already impressive resume. Some of his most-loved tracks are “Juicy” with GRiZ, “Lift You Up (Blunts & Blondes Remix)” with Zeds Dead and Delta Heavy, and “Bring It Back” with Badrapper.

Blunts In Boulder

On Friday, December 10th, Blunts & Blondes traveled to Boulder, Colorado to perform a sold-out set at the Fox Theatre with Pashmonix and DJ GANO. This venue is located on The Hill, nearby CU Boulder, and has a capacity of 625.

Everyone attending the show had to show full proof of vaccination against COVID-19 in order to enter the venue. Once inside, masks were recommended but not required. The venue’s lobby has restrooms, a curved bar, and an area for artist merchandise. Inside the main room, the venue’s floor is slightly tiered so that everyone has a great view of the stage. An additional small bar is located at the back of the main room and is open on select nights. Furthermore, the venue offers free water.

When the show began at 9:00 PM, there was a fairly long line outside of the venue. It did move slowly, as there were only two people checking IDs and vaccination cards. However, the ticketholders didn’t mind waiting in the cold weather because the thumping bass could be heard from outside and everyone was eager to get into the venue. Lots of people were repping their favorite artists, like REZZ, Ganja White Night, and Black Tiger Sex Machine, by wearing different types of merchandise.


Pashmonix was up first. These two producers and DJ’s frequent various venues in Boulder and Denver and were extremely fun to watch. Despite only having a small table for their setup, their heavy bass music shook the theatre. Everyone in the crowd started off the night by headbanging and moshing like crazy! Unreleased tracks were basically the only thing that these two played, hooking the audience and making them want more.


After a brief change-over, DJ GANO took the stage. This CU Boulder student kept the audience going with his contagious smile and energy. He used the main DJ booth for his setup and had bright visuals projected on a screen behind him while colorful lights shined onto both him and the audience. Throughout his set, DJ GANO played dubstep, slow funk, and even some drum n’ bass.

Time For Blunts & Blondes

After much anticipation, the sold-out venue was packed and it was finally time for Blunts & Blondes. Since the main stage set-up was already being used, there wasn’t a need for a changeover. Instead, Blunts & Blondes was able to blend the beginning of his set with the end of DJ GANO‘s.

“My name is Blunts & Blondes! Drink a lot of water, smoke a lot of weed, and have so much fun,” he yelled into the mic. He lit a joint himself, even though the venue has signage up saying that they don’t allow smoking of any kind inside. Towards the beginning of his set, he slightly messed up and had to stop the music for a brief moment. With a smile, he got on the mic again and explained what happened and that he would start that section again. The crowd cheered and the show went on.

Bright visuals consisting of his logo and rainbow-colored weed leaves were projected behind him all night. Over the course of his set, he kept the energy high by playing original tracks along with heavy bass remixes of other popular songs. Of course, “Lift You Up (Blunts & Blondes Remix)” was a hit. He also played “Safe and Sound (Blunts & Blondes Remix)” which is originally by Rebelution. Not even halfway into his set, he played a crazy rendition of “Satisfaction” by Benny Benassi. Right when the beat dropped, bright blue lasers lit up the venue and the crowd lost it.

For the rest of the night, Blunts & Blondes kept the crowd on their toes with his heavy, fun dubstep and bright, eye-catching visuals.

We Want More!

Before the night was even over, Blunts & Blondes left the crowd wanting more. He did a stellar job of playing the perfect mix of tracks and keeping the audience engaged. Everyone in the venue could see his love for music and the scene through how he played. All around, it was a very fun night.

In the upcoming months, Blunts & Blondes is scheduled to play a few shows around the United States. Even more so, he is set to perform at Wobbleland 2022 in San Francisco and Excision’s Thunderdome 2022 in Tacoma. To keep up with Blunts & Blondes for future show dates, music releases, and more, check out his social media which is linked below! We know we’ll be on the lookout for another Colorado show, that’s for sure.

Photos by Kyle Brim

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