Kai Wachi Breaks Skulls on Friday the 13th

Ka Wacbi

On Friday the 13th, Kai Wachi sold out the Bluebird Theater in Denver for a Bass-heavy showcase. The 24-year-old producer has continued to rise in the EDM music scene with his first release in 2012. Since then, he has only gained attention with his remixes and Trap-heavy songs. In 2016, he released the single “Demons,” which gained him widespread recognition from the Bass-god himself Excision, even being added to all three years of the Lost Lands lineup. For Kai Wachi’s Denver stop of his DemiGod tour, he brought a mixture of heavy and deep Dubstep. Notably, the lineup included: Sektah, Calvin Hobbes and Sam Lamar.


To begin, the night started off deep with Sektah. A Colorado local, he played a deep Dubstep set that was an interesting choice for an opener. Instead of beginning heavy, he experimented with his sound with some Space Bass vibes. However, as his set progressed, and the crowd increased, Sektah began to play a lot more Riddim chops into his mixing style. In particular, this mixture of both genres transitioned well into Calvin Hobbes set. Boasting his own style of “Hobbestep,” the young producer maintained one of the heaviest sets of the lineup. With bass drop after bass drop, the crowd’s energy changed compared to his predecessor. Obviously, it was clear that a large portion of the audience came out to support him with many enthusiastic screams.

As the lights intensified, Sam Lamar took the stage. He took the energy Calvin Hobbes projected and doubled it with his technical mixing. The lights on the side of the stage twisted and turned in a manner that paired well with his dark visuals. Instead of playing mainly Dubstep, he threw in a mixture of Riddim, Trap and Future Bass. His Facebook page boasts “one of the top 40 EDM artists to watch in 2020,” and his stage presence and professional mixing exemplified why. The mood of the audience stayed upbeat in order to set the tone for Kai Wachi.

Ka Wachi

Finally, it became apparent why this show sold out as Kai Wachi took the stage. The Boise, Idaho native captivated his audience immediately with his overzealous stage persona. True to his musical background, he played a mixture of heavy Trap beats off his album DemiGod with forceful Dubstep drops. With each drop, he counted out and hyped up the crowd both with his hand gestures and mic takeover. Further, the demonic background and skulls to accompany his “Skull Team” brand only helped to escalate the stage production of this tour. Ultimately, the crowd engagement that resonated when he played some of his tracks off his album, like “Photograph” and “Break,” demonstrated how he’s risen to become a staple in the Dubstep scene.

Overall, Kai Wachi’s DemiGod show, provided a perfect event for a Friday the 13th night out in Denver. Moreover, he made it clear that he knows how to sell out a venue and keep his crowd entertained with the artists chosen as support for this tour. Sam Lamar kept the night fresh with his multi-genre set, while Calvin Hobbes and Sektah played two varying sets to keep the audience on their feet. Kai Wachi boasts of his “Skull Team” brand, and that’s exactly what he did–break skulls.

Photos by Simon Quince

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Mr. Carmack Brings Vibes With His Band, Bass and Solo Set – Photo Gallery

Is there a better place to host a very special and intimate show than the Bluebird Theater? This past weekend, Mr. Carmack brought his live band to the Bluebird Theater to open for his solo DJ set. Mr. Carmack is one of the most talented artists out there and it was extremely special to see his art expressed over almost four hours. As evidenced through the photos below, he was having as good of a time as everyone else in the crowd.

Mr. Carmack Live was an easy listening group, making the Bluebird feel like the most intimate Soul and Jazz bar. Mr. Carmack played on keys center stage but would often conduct the rest of the group. That big smile of his was most prevalent during this set as he watched the magic unfold between the band. He would even walk around the stage getting close to each artist and vibing with them as they carried on with the Mr. Carmack-chill sounds.

After the band brought the feels, it was time for dancing. Mr. Carmack has mastered the fusion of Hip-Hop and dance music and his DJ set was none other than a popping dance party. The crowd was loud, and the sound was profound. Even some big names were showing their support in the crowd including Of the Trees and Adam Deitch from Lettuce and Break Science. What a lucky place to live as Denver was graced with not only one, but two sets of the living legend’s music.

Photos By Julien Deroeux

Space Jesus Takes Colorado Through the Wormhole

Space Jesus

Halloween in Colorado this weekend was–literally–out of this world. Space Jesus, aka Jasha Tull, blessed Wakaan lovers with three consecutive nights of mind-warping bass–sending you to space. Jasha is a Boulder resident himself, and kicked off night one locally at The Boulder Theatre. Nights two and three were at the Ogden and BlueBird in Denver. 

Through the Wormhole

Jasha Tull is originally from New Jersey and started producing at a young age, around 16. Since then, he has effectively delivered mind-blowing auditory at lower frequencies. If you are at all familiar with his music,  you know the diversity of his sounds and how unique the combination is. He steps outside the limits of specific genres developing an undefined, experimental bass. In short, the live performances Jasha puts on are one of a kind. The psychedelic visuals in tune with his music change the whole game. So, if you ever have the chance to catch one of his sets, be sure not to miss it. Jasha previously stated, “Space Jesus is the feeling you get when you travel through a wormhole in a fresh pair of Jordans.”  In the Wakaan community, that statement is actually true, it’s a funny feel-good feeling. 

Space Jesus

Huxley Anne

The night opened up with producers Digital Vagabond, MZG, and Huxley Anne. Huxley Anne, who is dating Space Jesus, killed it! She threw down those weird – grimy – deep – wubz we all love to hear. Her visuals were also something else. For example, the 3D grids switching back and forth with the metallic glitching glob dripping around really kept your eyes glued to the visuals. She definitely knew her crowd and how to please us. Her vibe was dark and intense but fit the scene perfectly.


MGZ Twins

MZG was on right before Huxley Anne. It was quickly noticed that they were a twin brother duo, pretty sick. Above all, they had high energy levels which was great and contagious to the crowd. In other words, every track they threw down was a headbanger, and riddim was for sure present. Overall their set was dope; I think having the variety of genres throughout the night made it a very interesting, interactive experience.

Space Jesus

Space Jesus Dominates

Space Jesus was ready to dominate us. That is to say, after the first 30 seconds my brain was obliterated by the bass. We were transported into another dimension and it was the greatest feeling ever. A highlight of the night was hearing “I’m Having Trouble Passin’ Blunts… Through These Brass Knuckles!” get dropped and seeing everyone’s filthy bass faces turning at each other, just loosing it. We have been waiting forever for this to get released, please give it to us! (The wooks cannot wait any longer.) Also, Jasha made sure to provide those spooky Halloween feels by dropping Figure‘s remix of “This Is Halloween.”

The lasers in combination with the visuals and swirling lights created a hypnotic feeling. Another thing I love about Space Jesus is his humor. The visuals during “Professor Genius” made the entire crowd giggle, and the crazy eyeballs rolling around with “Space Boss” were just so weird. But that’s okay because we love weird. Yasha is always showing love to the Wakaan fam, including clips from other amazing artists; such as Peekaboo’s “Babatunde”, and the numerous collaborations with the Wakaan King, Liquid Stranger. Cause who doesn’t get down to that? After that, the night concluded with a mean B2B2B, bringing Huxley Anne and MZG back on stage. They mixed in a bit of upbeat hiphop and closed out with the filth.

MZG, Space Jesus, and Huxley Anne

Deeper Connections

To sum up, Space Jesus‘s Colorado Halloween Weekend was a success. Space Jesus is never one to disappoint. He always prepares a special sets for his people. Pouring his time, energy, and heart into every bit of it. For instance, just yesterday he presented his “ALT” set (Alternate Listening Test). This was to experiment with music he holds deep to his heart, aiming to create an emotional and deep connection. Like I said earlier, his shows are one of a kind. Once you experience this, you understand why people chase this feeling at all of these shows.

Photos by Simon Quince

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Funky Night with Defunk

In the beginning to start the night off right, Party People opened. This is a trio that includes Mikey Thunder, Mr. Bugatti, and Benjamin’s Vibe. The Party People, a funky group coming out of Denver, Colorado, “are gaining huge ground in the electronic music arena. Their sets are deeply fused with retro hip hop, modern synth designs, and a strong anchor in funk, blues, and jazz.”

Indeed, they were showing the crowd why they are called the Party People! Scratching with a live MC, they added spitting freestyles with some glitchy dub sounds thrown in there as well. They were a perfect vibe to start the evening off right!

Next up was Homemade Spaceship. Likewise, he really knows how to get a crowd going. Rab Revere is the man behind the Spaceship. He has a fascinating way of mashing electronic bass music with instrumental and melodic sounds. He stated some of his influences are Blink 182 and Dennis Rodman.

The crowd was going insane! The Party People and Homemade Spaceship really knew how to get everyone going and ready for Defunk.

Funky Night with Defunk

When Defunk came out and the audience went wild. In fact, we could feel the venue moving! It was quite the party. That is Defunk’s style, as well as the openers. To get the people going, making everyone wanna dance all night.

Originating from Calgary, Canada, Defunk has taken funky bass music to a whole new level. Best known for his attention of bringing elements of funk, jazz and blues into heavy bass music, he states he “constantly strives to develop new sounds with new elements based around the idea of groove.” He adds all of the elements needed in order to essentially blow the roof off the venue! Disco, funk, jazz, then followed by some filthy drops.

The lights and visuals Defunk had during his set were awesome. Even more, at one point there was smoke shooting out of the ground, with confetti flying everywhere, absolutely bonkers! We don’t think anyone can go to a Defunk show and not want to get down. This is why people love him and what he does so much. People can leave their stress at home and wind down, (or in this case wind up), to some funky dub music. He embodies what the purpose of music is: bringing people together in universal harmonic sounds.


It is a whole vibe and you should try to catch one of his next shows! His tour is almost over, but Defunk has three more shows in Charleston, Atlanta, then Chicago. Don’t miss out.

Photos by Ash Daniels

Manila Killa Fills the Bluebird Theater with Melodic Bliss

Chris Gavino (Manila Killa) is a Washington based producer and DJ who began producing music when he lived in the Philippines. Growing up around the world, this young melodic genius primarily learned his production skills via self-taught Ableton lessons. Over the course of finishing up his college career, he gained an insane amount of streams online, co-founded the independent label Moving Castle, and performed at countless festivals around the United States.

On June 20th, Manila Killa brought the 1993 Tour to a close at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado. This two-month long tour touched down in 10 other cities before making its way to the Mile High City with support from MELVV, ilo ilo, and AObeats. The Denver edition of the tour featured support from Denver locals, Shae District, and Boulder local, Covex.

Manila Killa At Blue Bird theater , Denver CO.

The show started about thirty minutes behind schedule, so by the time that the duo Shae District went on, there was already a handful of people spread throughout the venue getting drinks and quietly chatting. The overall crowd energy was fairly quiet and low but picked up as soon as Shae District brought live vocals and instrumentation to the stage. Their music was very positive and vibey, complete with the use of a trumpet, electric guitar, and drum pad.

As the venue started to fill, Covex took to the stage next. This young producer and DJ has taken massive strides in the last few years of his career. Opening with his recent release “Breakaway” with Cosmoe and Cxsiddy, his contagious smile and upbeat stage presence completely brightened the energy within the venue. Covex also used a drum pad during his set in addition to a keyboard, Roli Block, and his signature live vocals.

Throughout his set, he had a complex, ever-changing display on the LED screen behind him. Covex‘s hour-long set was very versatile, as he seamlessly transitioned between more emotional melodic music to deeper electro house and back. Along with fan favorites such as “Fortress” by Illenium and “Potions” by Slander and Said The Sky, Covex also played an unreleased track called “Forgive Me” which is coming out next Thursday.

By the time Manila Killa came on, the venue was about 75% full. The crowd was full of anticipation and excitement. The stage setup consisted of a larger DJ booth that was already back lined, and the table legs were lit up with multi-colored LED lights. Water colored visuals added to the aesthetic appeal of his set. The crowd’s energy slowed down a bit; everyone was chill as they enjoyed the show. In the back of the venue, more people were talking as they were getting drinks and taking in the environment.

He played a few of his most popular songs, including “Everyday, Everyday,” featuring Nevve and “Wake Up Call,” featuring Mansionair. At one point, he brought Covex up on stage to perform his remix of “All 2 U.” Everyone put up their phone flashlights and lit up the venue, really making for a memorable moment.

For those of you who enjoy chill, melodic music complete with vocals and live instrumentation, Manila Killa is not a show to miss! This writer could tell that he had put extra effort into making the show an entire experience. Guests of all different ages were able to enjoy themselves. As of right now, Manila Killa only has a few more events scheduled for the summer: Brownies & Lemonade in Los Angeles and High Seas Festival in New York. We highly recommend checking him out if you ever get the chance.

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