Boogie T Graced The Stage For His First Headline At Red Rocks

Boogie T Graced The Stage For His First Headline At Red Rocks

Louisiana Native Brock Thornton aka Boogie T has been playing and writing music since he was 8 years old. His unique sound and artistic abilities, whether that is on the decks, the guitar, or singing have led him to be on the forefront of the Electronic Music Scene in recent years.

Since Boogie T released album 2KFO in 2018, he has had collaborations with popular dub-step artists, including Ganja White Night, Flava“,Reminisce, and Subtronics, Gummy Worm, and Nuclear Bass Face” with Subtronics and NGHTMRE. In addition, Boogie T has released numerous singles such as, “Get Down The Clown, “Mouth Orchestra“, Don’t Fear The Reefer.

Beyond just his DJing and producing skills, Boogie T debuted “Boogie T.RIO” in 2018 at Electric Forest. Boogie T.RIO consists of Boogie T on vocals and guitar, Andriu Yanovski on the keys, and Frank Castro on the drums.

On April 8th, Boogie T.RIO released EP 3rd Coastwith songs, “Main Street”, “Space Man”, and “Southern Coast” . Also on April 8th, Boogie T and Boogie T.RIO graced the stage at Red Rocks Amphitheatre for Boogie T‘s first headline event at Red Rocks. Alongside the band and the man himself was, Bawldy, Khiva, Minnesota, and SoDown.

Red Rocks Season Is Back

There is no doubt that music lovers are thrilled to be back at Red Rocks. As soon as clocks turned to 4pm, individuals started to line up at the gates, filled with delight and excitement for the evening ahead. Once inside, attendees were seen finding the perfect view, their friends and building new friendships. At the top of Red Rocks, attendees were seen waiting in line for a wide array of drinks and foods including, White Claws, Beer, Nachos, Burgers, and more. Also there were many ecstatic individuals in line waiting for the exclusive merch that included, a Boogie T Jersey, Shirt, Pashimina, pins, and even more.

Starting The Night Off

Kicking off the evening was Louisiana Native dub-step producer Bawldy. He has been a rising artist since 2018 with singles “Spliff” and “Bloop”. Just in 2021, Bawldy released singles “Whatcha Hearin”, “Wait”, “Surreal”, “RIP Mom I love You”, Doobadoo”, and “Blargh!”. As well in 2021, he dropped “Bawls Deep” EP featuring four songs. Besides his own songs, Bawldy has released numerous collaborations, including “Routine”, “Let U Know”. “Put Down The Liquor”, with Blunts & Blondes, “Slackin'” with TVBOO, and “Ole Possum” with Boogie T . For a little over 30 minutes, Bawldy brought major heat and set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Following right after was Canadian DJ and songwriter Khiva. Since her release of “Fresh Cut Love” and “Aphrodite” in 2018, Khiva has been gracing the stages at top festivals. To name just a few, Khiva has played Shambala, Okeechobee, Yonderville, Camp Bisco, The Untz, and more. This year thus far, Khiva is set to play Electric Forest, Sonic Bloom and more. Khiva brought deep wubs with low frequency soundscapes and fierce beats. As well, Khiva played her newest release Love Note, which got everyone sitting down in pure bliss.

By this time, the Red Rocks stands were filling up as individuals were waiting for Boogie T.RIO‘s sunset set. For the hour, music lovers listened to popular Boogie T.RIO songs, and had the chance to listen to Boogie T.RIO‘s new EP “3rd Coast. In addition, Boogie T brought his grandma on stage, which, had everyone delighted.

Minnesota took the stage next. He brought energy with each song, including his newest release Into the Void, and Old Ways by Lab Group. Pounding bass was heard through each row at Red Rocks. The last opener was Denver Local saxophone and DJ SoDown, who got the crowd ready for Boogie T. SoDown recently released EP “Get Up, which got attendees getting up and dancing.

Boogie T

Highly anticipated, Boogie T took the stage next and did not disappoint. Every single person at Red Rocks was standing up, dancing, and smiling. Throughout his set, not only did he shout out numerous artists, but, Boogie T played different VIP’s and remixes, getting the crowd hyped. Some songs he played include “2KFO“, “Hit Em” with Subtronics, and “Raven Master“.

An Unforgettable Night

With every artist bringing the heat, exculusive merch, and an after party event, the evening was sure an unforgettable night with memories that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait to see where every opener, Boogie T and Boogie T.RIO flourish next. Keep up to date with Boogie T down below to be sure to catch him the next time he is in Denver!

Photos by Ethan Klement

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