5 Awesome Music Venues in Florida That Can’t Be Missed

5 Awesome Music Venues in Florida That Can’t Be Missed

From Miami to Tampa, there are so many unique music venues in Florida that it can be hard to keep track of them all! So for those who live in Florida or are planning to travel there soon, here are five unique music venues you won’t want to miss. From small dive bars to large venues hosting some of the biggest names in music, these 5 can’t-miss music venues have it all!

1) The Beacham (Orlando)

The Beacham historic theatre is a cultural and entertainment landmark in Downtown Orlando. Originally opened as a movie theatre, it was transformed into a music venue and reopened to great acclaim. This magnificent concert hall has played host to musical legends ranging from Jethro Tull to U2. It remains one of Orlando’s premiere performance venues and is well worth a visit for any lover of music and culture.

2) The Orpheum (Tampa)

The Orpheum, located in North Tampa, is a beautiful venue with a rich history. The theater opened to the public on October 27, 1926. Since then, it has been operating for nearly 100 years and has played host to some of our country’s biggest stars. Examples of artists that have played there include STRFKR and Com Truise. Tourists from all over love to visit The Orpheum as well! It offers live music every night of the week, so something exciting is going on.

3) The Green Parrot Bar (Key West)

Located in Key West, one of Florida’s most popular tourist spots is The Green Parrot Bar. Known for its live music and sandy beach location, it’s a great place to kick back with friends and catch a few local bands playing classics from yesterday and today. We recommend ordering their famous frozen drinks!

4) The RITZ Ybor (Tampa)

The RITZ Ybor (formerly known as Club Skye) is a 1,250-capacity live music venue in historic Ybor City. They frequently have headline acts across North America and abroad, including rock, hip hop, country, pop, and electronic acts. Each month they also host a dozen or so local acts that are worth checking out. However, they seem to primarily focus on bringing electronic acts to the stage. Examples of big-name artists that either have played at or are scheduled to play at The RITZ Ybor include Blunts & Blondes, Bijou, Bear Grillz, Kayzo, and Excision.

5) Ball & Chain (Miami)

Ball & Chain is famous for its stage performances from local artists and big names. The club also serves delicious Cuban food and handcrafted drinks. Since it’s located near Downtown Miami, visitors can enjoy a variety of entertainment options after a night out at Ball & Chain. Choose between dinner and drinks or live jazz shows and a nightcap. With free on-site parking, you can make an evening of it without breaking your budget. Make sure to visit during Art Basel season!


The Sunshine State is known for having some of America’s best beaches, but its music scene isn’t too shabby either. Whether you live here or are just visiting, plenty of venues allow you to enjoy your downtime and your nightlife! In addition, concertgoers, from large arenas to small dive bars, will have a great time. So, check out these top five venues next time you want to hear some good tunes.

Photos by American Way, The Beacham, The Green Parrot Bar/jimfossum2022, The Orpheum, The RITZ Ybor