Frequency Sound Series Becomes the Talk of the Town

Frequency Sound Series Becomes the Talk of the Town

As the month slowly comes to an end, one thing that is far from being over is the sweet sounds of dirty beats in the hottest new venue in Denver. Every Wednesday at Beacon Denver, the Frequency Sound Series was set out to immerse you in new genres, artists, performers, and stunning visuals. Let me tell you, they did not disappoint on March 30th when Ganeesha, Visional & Pvzzlr took the stage for an epic night of tribal-infused bass music.

Ganeesha, Visional & Pvzzlr

The Openers

First up, we had the pleasure to see Pvzzlr take to the stage for the first time in his career at an official venue. From where the audience was standing, it felt like Pvzzlr had been spinning the filthiest trap beats for decades. Amazing stage presence, connecting with the crowd on all levels, and he really turned up the heat for a perfect start to the evening.

Visional was up next and he was set out to show us his skills and talent as a bass-heavy producer/DJ. Usually performing the fast-paced, heavy bangers like Trash Talk by JAWNS, Visional kept with the vibe of the night giving us the feet moving sounds of Tribal Trap. One song that got the crowd moving was actually a collaboration by the night’s very own, Visional and Ganeesha called Till The Morning.

The Headliner

Not only did Pvzzlr get to show us his finesse with the faders for the first time, but Ganeesha was also making his live debut at this gorgeous venue. Playing over an hour’s worth of all original music, Ganeesha took us on an adventure that forced the “stank face” on every single person in that building. The crowd was truly feeling it and enjoying this new weekly installation by Party Guru Productions and Beacon Denver, it was truly the Wobble we needed in the week.


Photos By: Casey Raser

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