Exclusive Interview With Anjunabeats Newest Signing: Euphoric Nation


From twitch DJing to ABGT464, Euphoric Nation reaches the upper echelon of progressive trance with their latest single “Stranger”. Found on the latest edition of Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 454, the Minneapolis-based duo collaborated with Michael Fearon and vocalist Lya Adams for their first big hit. Staying true to their sound, this uplifting track combines soothing vocals with a melodic beat that will keep your mood jovial or even… euphoric.

Euphoric Nation was founded in 2010 by Don Ortega, E.N. He is well-known in the Minneapolis trance scene but evolved to new levels once Justin Zanish joined in 2019. Shortly after the duo gained enough notoriety to gain many bookings including direct support for Laserface. Party Guru Press was able to catch up with Don from Euphoric Nation to hear more about their journey to ABGT. Check it out below!

Photo by Euphoric Nation

The Offical Interview

Party Guru Press: Tell me about the track “Stranger”, How did it develop with your collaborators?

Euphoric Nation: This was actually our 2nd track with Michael Fearon. We previously released “Lost at Sea” on Ava recordings and people liked that track a lot so we planned to follow it up with something special. We started working on the track earlier this year and brought it to Mike Shiver who has a knack for finding amazing vocalists which is how we were able to connect with Lya Adams. The rest is history.

Party Guru Press: What inspires Euphoric Nation‘s music?

Euphoric Nation: Trance is a tough genre that has started to move in a new direction. What inspires Euphoric Nation is an uplighting feel and happy vibe, and we try to carry that forward. We like to combine that happy feel with a dance beat. 

Photo by Brez Media

Party Guru Press: How did you navigate the pandemic?

Euphoric Nation: We were definitely on a high in 2019. The last show we played was the Laserface show at the Armory. “Lucky for me, I already had my online format radio show for a couple of years, Trance Paradise, so I was familiar being behind the camera doing live streams and so I rebooted it on Twitch. We started to play consistently and got a couple of big raids including Gabriel and Dresden. Recently we started working with Final Fantasy 14 and got our own virtual club in there (Club Poncho).”

Party Guru Press: Wow! A virtual club? Can you tell me a little more about that?

Euphoric Nation: When we first started doing it we were only able to purchase a small plot in the game. So it only allowed a certain number of characters to come through and we would literally “sell-out” the club. People wouldn’t be able to get in since the club was at capacity. So they had a line out the door. Our group of friends would look forward to it and still be able to ‘go out’ together in the game. We did get a small plot and we had people frustrated after multiple weeks of being sold out and asking us to upgrade. When the server upgrade happened we were able to buy a large plot and accommodate more characters.

Party Guru Press: A couple of fun questions to share with the world. What is your go-to pizza topping?

Euphoric Nation: It’s weird 🙂 Canadian bacon, mushroom. My father used to order it and just liked it.

Party Guru Press: What is your dream booking?

Euphoric Nation: The Mecca or Dreamstate for sure.

Party Guru Press: If you were to make any other genre of music besides trance what would it be?

Euphoric Nation: During the lockdown, I was introduced to tech-house. I found some on twitch sets and liked it a lot. It’s really groovy and “dancy”. Makes me want to get up and rave. 

Party Guru Press: What is your new favorite track right now?

Euphoric Nation: Jody6 – rabbit hole. I love the matrix sound bits they sampled in it. 

Where can you find Euphoric Nation next? They just had a release party show in their resident venue REV in Minneapolis on October 15th and have more bookings in the works. Check out their Instagram page for the latest announcements on tracks and shows coming soon!

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