Subdocta: Strictly Business Tour Brings the Bass to Denver

Bringing the Bass – Subdocta Brings A Night to Remember

Just another weekend in the Bass Capital…This weekend Denver was filled with some massive names in dance music. Friday night at the Bluebird boasted an impeccable lineup from bass music artists from all over the country for dance music fans to enjoy. The Bluebird Theater is already known for being one of the most intimate venues in the city. It has a max capacity of only 550 people, with a booming sound system inside which shook the ground. The one and only Subdocta rolled through with his Strictly Business Tour and sold the venue out. The opening acts were hand-picked perfectly, featuring Denver artist Konsent, Baltimore-based firecracker female artist Zingara, and local favorite Jaegna, who rocks Deadbeats all the way. Subdocta, or Preston Charles, hails from Carson City, Nevada, but brings his wobbly trap and bass beats into Colorado often.

An Impressive Opening Lineup

The night started off heavy with Konsent. He brought filthy chops with an impressive dubstep and trap song selection to match. The venue was blaring early with some crispy beats from this local. The entire crowd danced as the venue quickly filled up to capacity. Next, Zingara arrived, a talented up-and-coming female in the scene blazing the bass trail and making a name for herself. Hand-picked bySubdocta,Zingara brought a deep bass and trappy set peppered with hot remixes and a very Wakaan-sounding style. Her set constantly developed itself. Beat after beat played including some of her insanely well-produced original tunes and brought the room to a dancing frenzy.

Bassheads Rejoice: The Stars of the Show

Then, as direct support forSubdocta, Jaenga took the stage – and certainly did not disappoint.Jaenga has been known to defy the boundaries of bass music, defying the limits of genre as he brought a Deadbeats-worthy sound that sets him apart from the rest. From bass music to trap to remixes of some insane original pieces, the set was an electrifying performance from start to finish. Lastly, Subdocta ended the night with the perfect infusion of bass and his signature heavy-hitting sound. His style and set combined older-style dubstep with the newer elements of bass music.

It was another insane weekend in Denver, and Friday night was one for the books.Subdocta is a beloved bass music legend out here, and it’s clear his talents and background in audio engineering will continue to grow his devoted fanbase. We’re looking forward to seeing where 2022 takes all of these artists as the tour continues into the Spring and hits cities such as St. Louis, Austin, and Charlotte. Denver was lucky enough to be one of the first stops of the tour – just another perk of living in the Bass Capital!

Photos by: Maybe Someday Media

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Cupid Attends Crush Arizona 2022!

Cupid Attends Crush Arizona 2022!

Oh, Baby! Love is in the air this festival season as Crush Arizona makes its return to Rawhide Event Center on February 12th, 2022 in Chandler, AZ. This dazzling show is presented by Relentless Beats and their partner, Insomniac Events.

Line up

Filling the stage at the 12th annual Crush Arizona are a couple of acclaimed heartbreakers. This show will feature Crystal Skies, Deorro, Herobust, Lucii, Taiki Nulight, Valentino Khan, and Cafe Caderas with more to be announced.

Tickets and Pricing

General Admission passes are on sale now for $35, plus fees. VIP passes start at $125 and come with express entry, a commemorative lanyard, access to VIP Deck with a premium view, premium bar, and a VIP lounge. VIP is an 18+ area. Purchase tickets online here. Crush Arizona is an 18 and over event.


Crush Arizona, along with the recent announcement of RBDeep’s new three-day house and underground festival, Body Language, is showing for a forecast great shows and adds to the fresh festival season to come in 2022. 

Other exciting events on the Relentless Beats calendar include Funtcase, Nitti Gritti, Eptic, Kaskade,SubtronicsBaynkSullivan KingLiquid Stranger, SubDocta, and many more. Shows are added daily, so be sure to subscribe to the website.

Crush Arizona is produced by Relentless Beats and Insomniac Events. Be sure to follow Crush AZ and RB’s socials for the most up-to-date information!

What is Acid Techno?

Popular Artwork

If you’re familiar with techno, you may have heard the term acid techno bandied about as an early stage of techno or as one of its subgenres, but you might not know what it actually refers to. The name comes from acid house, which was an electronic dance music genre in the late 1980s and early 1990s. A genre that was known for its rapid tempo and its use of short, repeated phrases. This genre follows this pattern in its own right, but it also sometimes incorporates other types of electronic dance music, such as house or trance.

Acid Techno Genre Origins

Acid Techno originated in Chicago in 1990, first on vinyl and then later, as house music gained popularity, on compact discs. Like most forms of electronic dance music (EDM), Acid Techno blends synthesized beats with recorded sounds. The songs tend to be short and fast-paced to keep people dancing. So what makes it an acid sound? Blame Roland, that’s all! In 1986, Roland released a keyboard called The TB-303 Bass Line and dance club owners loved it. Originally intended for bass guitarists to play backing tracks while they sang or rapped, those who bought one quickly discovered that by using its controls – a knob for bass frequency and another for accent frequency – they could create acid bass lines without even playing their instrument!

Origins in Europe

The Basic Elements of Acid Techno

Acid techno was a variant of house music that emerged from Chicago, Illinois in 1988. The genre was strongly influenced by several forms of electronic dance music (EDM) that were popular in Europe at that time. These included styles such as acid house, disco, breakbeat and Detroit techno. This genre incorporates melodies produced through house-music equipment (such as analog synthesizers and drum machines) with elements of Chicago’s highly distinctive sound, which included samples and synth lines reminiscent of distorted guitar riffs. Unlike most other early forms of techno, acid techno featured a much less rigid structure than most other EDM genres did at that time. Songs typically started off slowly and built up to more energetic portions before returning to their original pace. This gave songs an open-ended feeling that later became characteristic of jungle and trip hop.

Artists Influenced by Acid Techno


Early Techno was influenced by many early electronic styles including House, Hip-Hop, and Acid. Artists like Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaata, Man Parrish all have their own personal touch in it, but when artists began experimenting with breakbeats and the Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer they created a new genre of music. Artists such as Phuture and Prescription created an entirely different sound for dance floors which set them apart from other genres at that time. Some more modern and popular techno and house artists that take this genre as influence are: Zhu, Tchami, Malaa, Tiesto and Lane 8.

Photos by Party Guru and Malaa

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New Music This Week by Flo Rida, Katy Perry, Zhu, and More!

There are some big names in the music industry that released new music this week! This includes the hip-hop artist Flo Rida, dance music DJ Alesso, and pop star Katy Perry. Plus there are some new songs from EDM producer Zhu, rap artist Grieves, and trap DJ moguls Slander. Take a look at all the new music you should be listening to this week below!

‘Wait’ by Flo Rida

Wait‘ is an upbeat track from popular rapper Flo Rida. Its lyrics describe a man who is waiting for his significant other to make up her mind about whether or not she wants to continue their relationship. In this seductive new track, Flo Rida ditches his typical pop style for an EDM-infused track that harkens back to his old school reggae roots. The song has a lot of elements that are reminiscent of his prior hit ‘Good Feeling.’ While both tracks were produced by DJ Frank E, ‘Wait’ has more of a dance feel to it. Catchy and fun, you’ll be spinning ‘Wait’ on repeat all year long!

‘When I’m Gone’ by Katy Perry and Alesso

Katy Perry and Alesso combined their forces to produce an emotional electro-pop anthem. When I’m Gone combines Perry’s distinctive voice with Alesso’s signature electronic beats. The lyrics talk about her fear of dying before her lover does. It really tugs at your heartstrings when she begs him not to fall in love with anyone else while he’s gone on tour or out with his friends. The song holds strong lyrically and melodically. Alesso mesmerized the crowd at Decadence last weekend when he performed this track during his set. The song progresses very nicely from soft keys to upbeat synths that make it a little more contemporary. This is definitely one of Alesso’s best productions yet, especially because it fits both Alesso and Perry perfectly.

New Release ‘DREAMLAND (DELUX)’ by Zhu

The week was off to a hot start when ZHU released a deluxe version of his most recent album, DREAMLAND. The deluxe album includes two brand new songs: ‘Mannequins & Egos’ and ‘Coral.PINK.’ ‘Mannequins & Egos’ features a pulsing baseline, topped with strange effects and captivating vocals. ‘Coral.PINK’ is a collaboration with Trombone Shorty that is destined to be a club anthem of sorts with its simple yet infectious beat and catchy chorus. Both new tracks show that ZHU continues to take risks in his music; he pushes boundaries that no other producers are willing or able to go. You can stream both songs as well as the full DREAMLAND (DELUX) album now on all streaming services!

New Single ‘Tomorrow’ by Grieves, Marley B., and DJ Hopper

Renowned indie rapper Grieves is back with his newest single ‘Tomorrow.’ He recently teamed up with Marley B., along with DJ Hopper to release a hypnotic new track that gives us hope that he’ll be making some new full-length material soon. With the support of top-tier rappers like Atmosphere, Grieves has made a name for himself in the music scene. The rapper has been out of commission for quite some time, but when he’s on his game there aren’t many who can do it better. Let’s hope he doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon. Listen below to ‘Tomorrow’ here!

New Single ‘Getting Late’ by Slander, if found, and Danni Carra

Slander and artist if found released a dirty bass-infused tune featuring rising vocalist Danni Carra. The single, ‘Getting Late‘ was released on Slander’s record label Heaven Sent. Slander has grown through the EDM scene over the past few years. They have gained a lot of attention from the electronic music community through their collaborations with EDM superstars like Said the Sky and NGHTMRE. Their new song begins with reverberating piano chords before Carra takes over with an opening verse about having no regrets for her actions that night. It is when she sings “But we gotta get going / Because it’s getting late” that she sets in motion what will become an incredibly energetic chorus as Slander ups their production to create one of their best songs yet.

An Amazing Week for New Music

A lot of incredible music was released this week for you to enjoy for the rest of the new year. If you’re looking for some fresh tunes to help get through these times, check out each of these new music releases today!

Cut Chemist Brings Funk to Denver

Cut Chemist Brings Funk to Denver

Shift Thursdays Is Back At Cervs

Shift Thursdays is back again, and this time is hosting Cut Chemist. No stranger to the EDM world, Cut Chemist has been producing music for over 30 years. The California native began his journey in the music world at the early age of 11. He labels himself a turntablist. With deep roots in the hip-hop world, he founded and created the rap group Jurassic 5. Most importantly, the artist created the Grammy award winning group, Ozmatli. This EDM artist is no stranger to the stage!

Furthermore, with Denver being a larger thriving music scene, Shift Thursdays at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom is the perfect venue for Cut Chemist. On December 30th, they will host Shift ft. Cut Chemist with DJ Shortkut (Invisibl Skratch Piklz/Beat Junkies) and Brisco Jones. Cervantes has two different sides, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom and Cervantes Other Side. Both sides of the venue have the capability to hold different artists. This is the ideal place for funk master Cut Chemist.

Funky Mixes

Most importantly, to get a better feel of his funky sound, here is one of his latest mixes on SoundCloud. This mix holds a myriad of funky drops.

For anyone looking for something to do right around New Years, Shift ft. Cut Chemist with DJ Shortkut (Invisibl Skratch Piklz/Beat Junkies) and Brisco Jones is the perfect move. With other long-time artist DJ Shortkut on the line-up, there is no way you’ll want to miss this event! Another longtime EDM artist, DJ Shortkut has been making music since 1987. Most importantly, he is a leading brand ambassador for DJ software technology Serato. With Denver local Brisco Jones opening for this event, there will be plenty of music for everyone to enjoy.

Where Will You Be This Weekend?

Overall, anyone looking for a mixture of music, this is the event and place to be. Whether you’re looking for a funky set with Cut Chemist or looking for a hybrid mix of hip-hop styles with DJ Shortkut or Brisco Jones, there is no better way to end the year than at Cervantes for Shift Thursdays.

Remember, as of December 1st Cervantes’ Masterpiece and Cervantes’ Other Side are requiring proof of full vaccination for COVID-19 for entry into the venue. Negative tests will no longer be accepted. According to the venue’s website, “acceptable documentation includes a physical copy of the COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, digital copies obtained through verified health applications, and photocopies of the vaccination card. The name on the vaccination card must match the name on the attendee’s ID.”

For tickets to Shift Thursdays ft. Cut Chemist click, here!

Photos by Party Guru and Cut Chemist

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Polo G “Capalot” the Chicago Prodigy

Polo G, the Chicaco Prodigy. One of the hottest names in hip-hop who took the industry by storm with his unique rise to fame came to town to showcase his third studio album, Hall of Fame. Polo brought his young artist Scorey who put on an electrifying and engaging performance for an early support act. Joining Polo on this tour is another hot artist on the rise. Hotboii, per usual, rocked the stage and had the crowd screaming word for word to his main hits Don’t Need Time and Nobody Special.

Finally it was time for Polo to take the stage. DJ Toney Tone had a short introductory set and finally dropped the beat to a fan favorite Flex. The crowd erupted and phone lights came out. Polo entered the stage with a ton of energy and appeared to be in a great mood. Surprisingly enough, Polo steered away from what most hip hop artists do and gave his fan all of their favorites. Playing a wide range of songs from his three album discography.

Remember, Polo’s rise to fame came without mixtapes, something his supporters praise him for.

Photos By Peter Gliniecki

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Lespecial, Sqwerv, 3420, and DJ Mongo Coming To Cervantes This Thursday

Shift Thursday’s – Cervantes Brings The Heat

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom is a music venue located in downtown Denver. Since its grand opening in 2003, they have hosted many artists including Pretty Lights, STS9, Warren Haynes, and more. The venue is a true treat to all Denver music fans, and remains of of the most beloved venues in Colorado. Cervantes consists of the main ballroom area, and is connected to its smaller venue counterpart called The Other Side. Many shows are held simultaneously, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy both sides of the venue. New to Cervantes is Shift Thursday’s, which are new music events which occur each Thursday of the week.

In the last year or so, Cervantes introduced SHIFT Thursdays. These events focus on various sub-genres of electronic music. Some of the artists who have graced the stages at these weekly events include INZO, Supertask, Russ Liquid, Sully, The Crystal Method, and more! The venue has a capacity of 900 for the main ballroom at 500 for the Other Side. The venue will be operating at full capacity this Thursday.

The Lineup This Thursday

This Thursday, December 2nd, concertgoers are in for a treat. lespecial, Sqwerv, 3420, and DJ Mongo will be slaying the main ballroom stage. The headliner lespecial is a trio and hails from Boston. Their music consists of what they call “aggressive death-funk dance”. They perform very energetic live sets. Back in October, they released their official music video for their single Repeater.” We certainly hope this electro-beat song is played on Thursday. Next, Sqwerv is a band which consists of four members. They are sure to have you dancing and grooving with their psychedelic soundscapes and melodious pop choruses. Be sure to buy your tickets soon. This will be a show with great vibes all around! Click here to buy your tickets. 

Proof of Vaccination and More

Cervantes requires proof of full vaccination, 14 days from the last dose. Additionally, negative test results will not be accepted. Be sure to have your vaccination card ready to be checked at the front door. Lastly, we can’t wait for this Thursday, and to see what other grand talent Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom will be bringing to Shift Thursdays! 

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RL Grime Community Outreach Tour Comes To Denver

This past weekend RL Grime stopped in Denver at Mission Ballroom for his Community Outreach Tour. He brought out artists from his label, Sable Valley, which included artists Jawns, Knock2, and Pauline Herr. If you have yet to attend a show at Mission Ballroom now is the time! From their in-house sound system, LED screen, and lighting display this venue is truly amazing.

Starting off the night wasPauline Herr. She started the vibes for the rest of the night. Next up wasKnock2 who definitely brought the heat with upbeat sounds getting the crowd ready to dance the night away. Following the dance beats wasJawns. With good beats and throbbing bass lines throughout the evening, the energy from the crowd never seemed to decline.

Article & Photos By: Ethan Klement

RL Grime closed out the evening with an hour and a half long set. He played some of his hit tracks like “UCLA ft. 24 Hrs”, I wanna know, ft Daya”, and his popular remix of “In your head” by G Jones.

The Community Outreach Tour has three more stops left after this Denver stop. Catch the Community Outreach Tour in a city near you!

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Boston to Berkeley II – Rancid & Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys and Rancid co-headline the “Boston to Berkeley II” tour with special guest The Bronx. This is the first time that Rancid and Dropkick Murphys have hit the road together since their 2017 national tour “Boston to Berkeley”.

According to the tour press release provided by A12 Entertainment, “Rancid and Dropkick Murphys have a long and important history together. Back in 1997, Rancid’s Lars Frederiksen came across a copy of Dropkick Murphys’ original EP at a friend’s house. He turned it over to his bandmate and Hellcat Records president Tim Armstrong, who quickly snatched up the band for his new label.”