Afterhours In Denver Have Reached New Limits

Afterhours In Denver Have Reached New Limits

Underground parties have been a staple in the EDM scene for years and years. Most notably now with Denver’s rise in population, the growth in the dance scene has led back to the roots of the culture. We’re fortunate that we can bring out any name in the scene at any point to play warehouse parties. It’s a true testament to that growth, and why Denver is a scene to watch.

Promoters across the state have been working diligently with new event spaces to put on the best possible experience for all involved. This is further emphasized by 128 Productions who put on an absolute heater of a party recently. It’s no easy feat to throw a large-scale party in an event space that is used primarily for events outside of concerts, to begin with. With their credentials, they were able to get the bid to host CID at National Western Stockyards Event Center.

National Western Complex

What a turnaround for events this past year with the new developments of the National Western Complex. Most notably these grounds have been around for decades, but across the 20-acre plot of land, they have been developing consistently. With that being a trend it has garnered the attention of large-scale events. The newest addition to the grounds, The National Western Stockshow Event Center is a space that pairs lovely with the growth of after-hour parties in Denver.

128 Productions and National Western

Being able to host thousands of occupants comfortably from the hours of midnight and beyond is a true challenge. National Western Stockshow Event Center became the perfect spot for such a task before even walking into the building. The typical shortage of parking at most after-hour events was thrown out the window on the grounds of the complex. On the inside, the event center provided a coliseum atmosphere to go along with the killer sound system, and a large amount of open space. This was the perfect canvas for 128 Productions to take the lead on throwing the party of the year.

128 Productions and All Their Glory

Locally founded 128 Productions made a statement that they know how to throw a party. All of the great features of a facility depending on the host’s vision to make the most use of them. 128 Productions made their vision clear to provide a space where up-and-coming artists such as Josh Fedz, Londen Summers, and THATZ HOT can shine next to Grammy award-winning artist CID.

All of the performances brought it out in front of a massive crowd, where the energy was very much alive on the dance floor. From the unique house style of THATZ HOT to the disco house of Londen Summers, and Josh Fedz mixing it up with some tech house there was no shortage of entertainment before CID. Once CID took the stage his award-winning approach to house music was on full display. With popular remixes being thrown in, while also hearing newly released tracks such as “Deep In Your Heart“.

Afterhours By 128 Productions Is Something We Hope To See More Of

From taking this blank canvas of potential to painting after-hours energy is no simple task. 128 Productions proved that they can step up to the plate and do just that. From talent buying to finding the perfect warehouse event space, they had everything down from the jump. Most importantly their execution shined in providing the perfect warehouse vibes.

Photos by Darren Lee

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