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Synths and Strangelove: A Depeche Mode Experience

Synths and Strangelove: A Depeche Mode Experience

Samantha Williams

July 30th, 2019

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On Saturday, July 27th, the Summit Music Hall was transported back in time from the 2000’s to the illustrious 80’s, when the renowned tribute band Strangelove provided the full Depeche Mode experience. Opening before them was Electric Duke — a tribute to David Bowie, as well as the artist DJ Randall. Fan-goers of all ages filled the dance floor as they shook what they had, to anthems of the past and present. The entire show was a spectacle from the energy of the performers to the outfits they were wearing. It’s concerts like these that show the true timeless existence of music, and how this existence connects us all.

The Summit Music Hall, situated at Blake and 19th in downtown Denver, was the perfect venue for the occasion. While intimate enough to feel like you had a front row seat, there was ample space to make room for anyone to express themselves. First to appear on stage was DJ Randall. Randall is a great addition to the electronic music scene. His style was elegant, as he incorporated classic beats into a dynamic modern set. The classics persisted as Electric Duke took the stage. 

English-raised singer Julian Shah-Taylor was captivating, as he performed to honor the musical legend David Bowie. His on-stage presence was exhilarating as he musically and visually encompassed Bowie’s persona. The Duke’s body moved in unison with the glam and gritty travelling through his lips, all while being an amusing showman. The crowd was flamboyant as they heard the legendary tracks of Bowie’s, and this energy transferred to the exciting showcase of Strangelove.

The night only became funkier as the band members Ultra Dave, Counterfeit Martin, Oscar Wilder, and InTheFletch took the stage as a tribute to Depeche Mode. Their performance was edgy and catchy — exactly what anyone would want from a Depeche Mode experience. As they casually created beautiful synth compositions and Ultra Dave took an energetic vocal lead, they transported the crowd to an 80’s experience. They played the infamous tracks “Just Can’t Get Enough,” “Stripped,” and of course “Strangelove.” The effects of the show were spectacular, from the images of 80’s-esque film flashing on the screen behind them, to the leather pants and total black glam attire they were wearing. Devoted fans were seen singing along to every word and the atmosphere was joyous — to say the least.

It’s not every day that someone is able to see a show dedicated towards beloved music of the past, and it seems like this should happen more often. When devout fans and musicians come together to share an experience, it’s an unforgettable essence of respect. All of the amazing artists that performed are continuing to different locations on tour, so all we can say now is that Denver hopes to see everyone sooner rather than later. 

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