SVDDEN DEATH presents Valley of Darkness II at Red Rocks

Dubstep producer SVDDEN DEATH (real name Daniel Howland) returned to Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Sunday to headline Valley of Darkness II on his VOYD tour, an unearthly concert experience loaded with spectacular talent and jaw-dropping bass.

A Rave to the Grave!

Rows of seats quickly filled in as Vanfleet initiated our descent into the Valley of Darkness. Her take on trench dubstep with piercing metallic synths and wobbly bass was a certified knockout! If you missed seeing this rising artist, check out her sick Starlift EP released through Cyclops Recordings here for a taste.

HVDES assumed control of the stage next and gave us everything, everything that we wanted! As both a producer and vocalist, they offer emo nostalgia coupled with insidious dubstep that had all the scene kids going nuts. I personally loved this set so much that I saved their whole track list right after the show. Don’t sleep on HVDES’ ascent to success and catch info about their tour across the U.S. this summer here.

Annihilation awaited us as YAKZ and PROSECUTE took over. Bass faces were engaged as headbangers succumbed to bone-crushing drops. 😤 These heavy-hitting bass gods both have collaborations with dubstep artists like MARAUDA and UBUR. Each came ready to tear up SVDDEN DEATH’s Valley of Darkness!

Next up was the Red Rocks debut of YVM3. Hidden behind a stage panel, YVM3 began throwing daggers of tearout dubstep with the intent to SLAY. Cutting-edge drops from their album A Tragic Beginning rumbled us into oblivion! Although the face(s) behind this project are unknown and remain shrouded in mystery, we have our theories. (*cough* 😈)

Then, Apashe delivered a soul-shattering introduction of “RIP” (his collab with Vladimir Cauchemar) that sent shufflers into a dancing frenzy. Time stood still as he played Battle Royale, a symphony-like hit orchestrated with heart-stopping drops. This high-energy set resonated a dark renaissance aesthetic and was arguably one of the best I’ve ever seen!

SVDDEN DEATH Presents Valley of Darkness II at Red Rocks

Valley of Darkness heads into SVDDEN DEATH Overtime

Cries of excitement erupted as SVDDEN DEATH approached a podium made of bones to present his unholy Sunday sermon. Now at the cusp between earth and hell, our time of reckoning passed and we plunged head first into the VOYD.

Headbangers rejoiced as SVDDEN DEATH conjured neck-breaking beats to create his otherworldly sound. Hellish, technicolor visuals flashed across the stage to create an incredible hell-on-earth experience! The show later transitioned into a much darker vibe that sent chills down our spines. He donned his signature mask, an unsettling skull with antlers, as he led us through his unnatural realm. We couldn’t get enough of the creepy, intense bass. Heady tracks like “Terrible” hit us so hard that they sent us into rigor mortis.

In a thrilling turn of events, SVDDEN DEATH defied gravity and levitated from the stage for his finale! Like a necromancer of darkness, he was suspended in the air with huge black wings that extended around him and became the highlight of the performance.

Overall, SVDDEN DEATH’s Valley of Darkness II was a huge success! We will be reminiscing this concert in our nightmare for weeks to come. 👻

Photos by Michael Diaz

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