A little snow this weekend didn’t stop Saturday’s Supernatural Festival from being Denver’s hottest Halloween party. Things heated up at the National Western Complex as thousands trekked through icy road conditions to experience hair-raising music from a spectacular lineup, including EDM legends like Porter Robinson, Getter, and Space Laces.

Supernatural Festival 2023

All five stages were decked out in creepy decor and became the perfect summoning circle for the finest DJs around. To begin with, heart-throbbing bass at the Badlands Bass Cave sent us six feet deep. Music by DISSOLVES, ZOA, DECADON, Effin, CALCIUM, BOOMBOX CARTEL, and GETTER B2B SPACE LACES shook the walls all night long with tricks and treats!

For example, Decadon dropped new music with Adventure Club to tie off his set for the night. We also enjoyed the filthy dubstep banter between GETTER and SPACE LACES. Songs like “Rip n’ Dip” and “Droid” put a spell on headbangers everywhere. It was a bass head paradise to say the least.

Supernatural Arena saw the graceful performances of NJoy, faybl, ecotek, Nostalgix, Ilan Bluestone, Audien and Porter Robinson. Highlights included remixes like Adventure Club’s one of “Sun & Moon” by Ilan Bluestone, as well as NewJeans’ rendition of “Super Shy” by Porter Robinson.

In the Afterlife Hall, the decks were haunted by They Invade, PNTHR, CARL, MICVH, Ebb & Flow, EVIO and Globzter. On the upstairs level, Purgatory hosted ception, FragEmlo, Vysar, Ava Sparks, Aphid, Ronin3 and VIBRANT ILLUSION.

As a notable mention, I couldn’t help but notice a lot of young faces taking the Haunted Academy stage. I was surprised to find that a majority of the DJs were indeed young, the youngest being 12 years old! The Haunted Academy schooled us in bass physics with sets by Kai White with RELYT, Dimma, DJ Hunt, Corbin Michael, Exzached, Kowitz and Chandler Kline.

Overall Impression

It’s clear there was a great deal of effort put into the layout, design, and lineup. It all paid off because the festival was amazing!

In my opinion, the food options at the National Western Complex were great and are a perk of this venue. I’ve spent many shows on an empty stomach, often surviving the night by eating only a single chicken nugget. Freshly cooked food tastes better after dancing for hours, and their piping hot corn dogs and fries hit the spot! Water and drink vendors were plentiful as well, which meant only a short walk from each stage to grab whatever we needed.

Matching the theme of the night, merch booths also teemed with Halloween spirit! Not only was there artist merch available, but there were also glow sticks, light-up rave accessories, and Eargasm earplugs. I loved seeing effective ear protection available since music can be so loud in indoor venues like this.

(Seriously, drink water and wear sound-reducing ear plugs at concerts!)

All in all, I was thrilled by so many aspects of the night. So many people showed up dressed to impress. Teletubbies, life-like anime, cows, creatures from Wonderland, and so many more costumes elevated this event into a spooktacular affair.

As a huge Halloween fanatic myself, I felt so comfortable and excited to be around like-minded people. This truly was the biggest and baddest Halloween festival ever, and I can’t wait for the next one!

Visit the Supernatural Festival website.

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