Sundown Colorado glowed this weekend as a stand-out event in Colorado’s growing sober-conscious community! Music, lights, and good vibes flooded the Tivoli Quad in Denver at the second annual alcohol-free Sundown Colorado Festival this past Saturday. Created by the founders of Ignight Entertainment and Secret Dance Addiction, Sundown Colorado is a music lover’s festival designed to enhance your senses, detoxify your body and mind, and help you create conscious connections in a healthy, sober environment.

Rejuvenate at Sundown Colorado

The Daily hustle and bustle can leave us tired and mentally drained before the weekend even starts. Our bodies needed to hit the “reset” button before hitting the mainstage dancefloor, and Sundown Colorado had us covered! Onsite amenities included detox treatments by FRE, live group meditation, crafted NA beverages by Gruvi, SPIRIT, and Spiritless, and amazing eats. Vegan and paleo options were available too! When we needed to rest, beautiful LED lounges hosted by 303 Magazine and The Phoenix were the perfect place to relax and enjoy the electric atmosphere. Sober partying here looked and felt so good!

To further promote wholesome living, Sundown Colorado partnered with The Phoenix, CAiR, and YPR-CO to bring information about their resources to those in recovery or anyone considering a lifestyle change. All things considered, this festival intends to have a lasting positive impact on everyone.

An Artistic Scene

Upon entering the festival, complimentary Suja Functional Shots and refreshing non-alcoholic beverages gave us an energy boost. Incredible electronic music filled the air as gorgeous live paintings were done by local artists. As we danced into the night, aerial performers, butterfly dancers, and talented mimes added to the creative atmosphere. We looked forward to an evening full of excitement and partying- without the hangover or regret!

The Lineup

First on the lineup to open Sundown Colorado mainstage with colorful beats and vibes was Karl Funhouse. Next, DJ SiLec took over the stage with fun and funky music that got the crowd moving. After, Amberdehn hit the deck with deep housey bass that set the mood as the sun began to tip behind the Tivoli tower. DJ “Mike” Ignight lit up the quad with his electric dance music. Then, duo TASHAXMARO (Tasha Blank & House of Maro) came up, and they mixed us some hot & sassy beats. Next to hit the deck for a duet encore was DoubleCrush! With the sun setting behind the main stage, these two had sparks flying as they called upon all the “housewives” to dance! As in, wives who love house 😉

Photos by Mike Rampi

Canadian duo SkiiTour was next and took us on a high-energy journey with club vibes. After, N2N hit the stage with deep, drippy house. Lastly, all the way from the UK, Curbi took over the stage as the closing act and bass rumbled through the Auraria Campus while he delivered amazing house music and even mixed in familiar retro beats- like Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me“!

Leaving a festival feeling better than ever

Sundown Colorado had a mission to allow people to connect and enjoy music for what it truly is, and they succeeded. We left reeling about the music performances, with no fear of a hangover, mentally recharged, and even connected with others on their own journey in sobriety. This spirit-free festival was unique and fulfilled the need for awesome entertainment and positive lifestyle support.

We can’t wait to party positively at the next Sundown Colorado Festival!

Photos by Mike Rampi

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