Sullivan King's Thrones of Blood Tour

Keaton Prescott, better known as Sullivan King, is a well-known wild man in the headbanger world. His performances display his artistic flair as a DJ, guitarist, producer and musician. Recently, King returned to Denver to kick off his Thrones of Blood tour with a two-night run at the Mission Ballroom in heart of the bass capital. The tour featured opening performances from Level Up, Blenda, and Vastive.

The crowd at Mission on Friday, March 24th was young and enthusiastic. The good homies at the venue got them all in with a quickness, as the entire floor was packed out for Vastive warming things up at 9:00 PM sharp. In a rare occurrence on a Thursday night in Denver, the bass crowd showed up in full force early for a full night of raging.

Speaking of Vastive, I’ve got to say that among the openers his performance was my favorite. Incorporating the sounds of metal, punk, and the heavy end of dubstep with his undeniable presence and enthusiasm, Vastive got things heated up proper. He was fully feeling Denver’s energy as the crowd got banging to his hefty blends.

Amongst the crowd, fans of all ages were squadding up and making new friends throughout the venue. I was impressed by the raw enthusiasm and camaraderie as unity and solidarity were felt throughout every corner of the space. The merch booth line was a killer, and for good reason as the fans had not only shown up repping their gear – they seemed determined to sell the merch booth out. More than that, the spirit of friendship was felt throughout the building for the Thrones of Blood Tour.

One of the opening acts for Sullivan King's Thrones of Blood Tour getting things warmed up

As the remaining openers kept things moving, I was reminded of how my first entry into the electronic music world was at a similar all-ages event catering to bass lovers. It seems the story remains the same throughout the electronic music world today. Young fans develop enthusiasm and love for the sounds of the scene, and the DJs and producers of the world feed off of this to create their music and performances. The beat keeps on going as the underground and the mainstream continuously fuse to create new sounds.

Sullivan King did not disappoint. Well known for his intense energy, Sullivan King took the stage B2B style with Kai Wachi to a great fanfare. The back-to-back performance was tight as this format breaks from the way either artist would play individually to create something unique. The brotherhood between the two artists was palpable. The production at Mission was also insane, featuring a full pyrotechnics display as these guys killed it throughout their set. Their full arsenal of talent was on display as they shredded guitar, mixed tracks, and took to the mic with fierce vocals to keep the levels up.

After the show the man himself took to Twitter to say “Thank you sm [sic] for the absolute best first show I could ask for to kick off a tour, cannot WAIT to run it back tonight for the first solo set of the tour!!!” Sullivan King B2B Kai Wachi was something else to behold. They absolutely tore the Mission Ballroom apart with their performance, whipping the crowd into a frenzy of raw power. Don’t miss the Thrones of Blood Tour in your city as this will be the boys’ first bus tour.

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