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Subtronics Takeover – A Cyclops Experience

Subtronics Takeover – A Cyclops Experience


August 5th, 2019

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Denver is known as the bass capital of the world, and on August 1st and 2nd, Subtronics and company made sure that label was held true. The Ogden Theatre hosted both nights of bass music with the dubstep cronies Zia, Benda, Chee, Calcium, and Digital Ethos. Pashminas and headbangers were innumerable as they flooded the Ogden to get a taste of dubstep from the cyclops icon himself. Each minute of each night was highlighted with kind faces and grimy beats.

Zia-the Philadelphia native started off the takeover on both nights. Her style walked a line between G Jones and Rusko-esque beats, but had a more melodic flow to them. She wasn’t afraid to show the crowd what her production abilities were made of. The first person to perform at a dubstep show can yield uncertainty, but her flow left the crowd pleasantly surprised, as well as excited for what was to come for the rest of the night.

Benda took over the stage on the 1st, releasing a tidal wave of dubstep onto the crowd. Amidst 30 second lulls to save fans’ necks, he featured brostep beats that left fans sweating. Next up was Calcium, who brought a riddim set. With basically no breaks, he intertwined spacey sound bites and splitting tempo to create an atmosphere of eeriness. His skeleton visuals also added some spooky kitsch. Ending the night, Subtronics took the stage. He mixed elements of every sub genre of dubstep. Featuring bites from Skrillex and Midnight Tyrannosaurus, he provided a diverse set with his cyclops wiggling behind him. The first night ended furiously, the only way one would expect it to.


Chee followed Zia on the second night, and his style consisted of intensely low bass lines and transformative treble. Like something from a planet far away, his style was foreign enough to be revolutionary, and familiar enough to be enticing. Digital Ethos was next, and he was more representative of drum and bass. While still turning wonky beats, the Jersey based producer took over with deformed mixing, making his presence spectacularly weird. The second night came to a close with Subtronics. A little more mellow than the first night, his set was still sprinkled with heavy riddim as well as deep midtempo. Kardon played his new collab with Rusko “Bounce,” and left the crowd feeling satisfied after two nights of groundbreaking modern dubstep. 

One thing is for certain: Subtronics’s shows are a must see for any dubstep fan. His set, as well as the company he finds himself with are at the forefront of a dubstep revolution. Each person brought their own style and swagger to the stage that is unmatched. Let’s hope that Subtronics doesn’t take too long to come back to Denver, as he makes his way through festival season to Bass Canyon, Nocturnal Wonderland, and Lost Lands. As for everyone else, Party Guru Productions and the Denver area hope to see these bass gods back soon.


Day One Photos by Kevin Gordon

Day Two Photos by Simon Quince

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