Bringing the Bass – Subdocta Brings A Night to Remember

Just another weekend in the Bass Capital…This weekend Denver was filled with some massive names in dance music. Friday night at the Bluebird boasted an impeccable lineup from bass music artists from all over the country for dance music fans to enjoy. The Bluebird Theater is already known for being one of the most intimate venues in the city. It has a max capacity of only 550 people, with a booming sound system inside which shook the ground. The one and only Subdocta rolled through with his Strictly Business Tour and sold the venue out. The opening acts were hand-picked perfectly, featuring Denver artist Konsent, Baltimore-based firecracker female artist Zingara, and local favorite Jaegna, who rocks Deadbeats all the way. Subdocta, or Preston Charles, hails from Carson City, Nevada, but brings his wobbly trap and bass beats into Colorado often.

An Impressive Opening Lineup

The night started off heavy with Konsent. He brought filthy chops with an impressive dubstep and trap song selection to match. The venue was blaring early with some crispy beats from this local. The entire crowd danced as the venue quickly filled up to capacity. Next, Zingara arrived, a talented up-and-coming female in the scene blazing the bass trail and making a name for herself. Hand-picked by Subdocta, Zingara brought a deep bass and trappy set peppered with hot remixes and a very Wakaan-sounding style. Her set constantly developed itself. Beat after beat played including some of her insanely well-produced original tunes and brought the room to a dancing frenzy.

Bassheads Rejoice: The Stars of the Show

Then, as direct support for Subdocta, Jaenga took the stage – and certainly did not disappoint. Jaenga has been known to defy the boundaries of bass music, defying the limits of genre as he brought a Deadbeats-worthy sound that sets him apart from the rest. From bass music to trap to remixes of some insane original pieces, the set was an electrifying performance from start to finish. Lastly, Subdocta ended the night with the perfect infusion of bass and his signature heavy-hitting sound. His style and set combined older-style dubstep with the newer elements of bass music.

It was another insane weekend in Denver, and Friday night was one for the books. Subdocta is a beloved bass music legend out here, and it’s clear his talents and background in audio engineering will continue to grow his devoted fanbase. We’re looking forward to seeing where 2022 takes all of these artists as the tour continues into the Spring and hits cities such as St. Louis, Austin, and Charlotte. Denver was lucky enough to be one of the first stops of the tour – just another perk of living in the Bass Capital!

Photos by: Maybe Someday Media

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