The production was incredible all night long.

If you follow bass music, it’s pretty likely you’ve heard the name SubDocta. The mastermind made a name for himself long ago. Between establishing himself as a dubstep pioneer with his signature “West Coast Wobble” to touring and showing the world his unique form of bass music, he has become a must-see for most bassheads all over.

Denver, however, seems to hold a special appreciation for SubDocta, and the city always goes crazy for his shows. On February 1st, SubDocta returned to Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom with a stacked lineup, and he was a sensation in the Bass Capital once again.

SubDocta couldn’t have picked a better venue to have such a massive family reunion. Cervantes is located in what used to be the Casino Cabaret, which hosted lots of intimate, classic shows. Ever since Cervantes opened its doors back in 2003, it has become a second home for all types of music lovers and artists alike. The bass scene here has become especially bumpin’, so it made sense for SubDocta and friends to play here.

SubDocta lounging it up backstage.

Opening up the night was Denver local Braxx. Hot on the heels of his recent release of the Universal Language EP, Braxx has easily become a favorite in the Denver bass scene. He’s been playing shows at venues all over the city, as well as other cities and festivals around the country. There simply couldn’t have been a better opener for this night, and once Braxx started the momentum never stopped.

Braxx opened the night off proper.

Next up, all of those who showed up early were treated to a special SubDocta: Psych Ward set. He shared that he had started playing these sets during COVID and was excited to bring them back for us in person. Though a lot of people had no idea what type of genre to expect from this set, it was safe to say there was something for everyone. From drum and bass to old school UK dub to deep wubs to filthy house, this set was all over the map in the best possible way.

Keeping the energy up after the first two sets were none other than the “Snoitch boys” themselves, otherwise known as Kyral x Banko. This bass duo has been on the rise for years now. After meeting while both pursuing their own musical passions back at the University of Illinois in 2012, the duo have created a unique style of bass mixed with hip-hop that you simply won’t find anywhere else. They played lots of our favorite tracks as well as lots of unreleased music with an energy that made it impossible not to dance.

Kyral x Banko always through a crazy show!

The legendary Digital Ethos was next, and though his set was a bit deeper and more experimental than some of the others, it was every bit as captivating and energetic as his predecessors. Digital Ethos has always been a Denver favorite. Between his opening sets for Rezz at Red Rocks last year and Peekaboo at Mission Ballroom as well as many other iconic performances, everyone was elated to see him do what he does best in the city that loves it the most.

Digital Ethos brought his experimental bass to life on stage.

Last but certainly not least was SubDocta’s headlining set. He covered a lot of ground that we didn’t get in the earlier Psych Ward set, full of bangers and special surprises. The best surprise, perhaps, was when he brought out some special guests for a classic Denver B2B. Between himself, Black Carl, Kumarion, and all of the openers, the stage was packed and kept the room bursting with energy until the very end.

SubDocta played two incredible sets.

This show was one for the books, and it was certainly done in true Denver style. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements from SubDocta, and all of the amazing supporting artists!

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