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Steve Aoki is a man of many talents and passions, with music and science being but a couple. A dollar for every ticket sold for Aoki’s HiROQUEST: Genesis Tour is going towards a marriage of these interests: The Aoki Foundation. The Aoki Foundation’s main objective is supporting organizations researching regenerative medicine and preservation of the mind. Aoki is currently set to keep touring until the mid July, where he will wrap up in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The HiROQUEST Appetizers and Entrées

You can’t have a showstopper moment without the proper start, with acts from all around the United States. Aoki’s Denver stop at Mission Ballroom was a night full of high-tempo house mixes. This stacked lineup had the bodies present crowding to the floor.

First up was Bok Nero from Philadelphia serving up his unique blend of dance, rap and trap music. After he warmed us up, the second act of the night kept that same energy. Regard (also known as Dardan Aliu) is a Kosovo-Albanian producer who laid down some heavy hitting house.

The next two DJs barely gave the crowd enough time to breathe between sets. Producer Bobby McKeon, known professionally as 4B, has a signature blend of trap and dance that earned support form other heavyweight names. Along the same wavelength, JSTJR‘s has a unique brand of zouk bass inspired by Buraka Som Sistema, the forerunners of the genre. These two DJs complimented each other’s skill sets so well that they left us gasping for breath.

Steve Aoki: the Main Course

The headliner of the night was the majestic beast known as Steve Aoki. Leaving no room for doubt, he immediately showed his love for what he does with the first song of his set.

As he started with a remix of “My Heart Will Go On,” the screen behind Aoki showed his face in place of both DiCaprio’s and Winslet’s in the iconic Titanic scene. Aoki tossed copies of his latest album into the crowd. He went on to sign one of his books and threw that into the crowd as well!

Aoki constantly read the crowd, refusing to let up the tempo until we were all lost in the sauce. Alien balloons, “Cake Me” signs, shoulder rides — the closer you got to the rail, the more memories you had the chance to make.

It wouldn’t be a true Aoki show without the icing on the cake: confections covering the fans. There’s nothing like seeing person after person take a full cake to the face. One attendee nearly toppled from another’s shoulders because of the impact (that lucky birthday girl sustained no injuries).

Just Desserts

The entire show was a borderline fever dream in the best of ways. Friends and family, strangers and acquaintances came together under one roof for one hell of a show. Steve Aoki and friends will continue the party until the end of summer, with a minor break in the middle. Aoki’s HiROQUEST: Genesis Tour is hitting hard and fast, and it’s proving to be a show you won’t want to miss.

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