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Steamy Beats at Summit with Sango, Savon and Dante ThatGuy

Steamy Beats at Summit with Sango, Savon and Dante ThatGuy

Emily Kemper

February 22nd, 2020

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Seattle-based producer Sango brought an epic party to Denver’s Summit Music Hall this past Saturday night. Unmatched vibrant energy sent waves through the venue deep into early Sunday morning. 

Sango has been performing for over seven years. He has produced for and remixed the works of many notable artists including Bryson Tiller, Tinashe, Goldlink, and Aaliyah. He has two studio albums out so far, North and In The Comfort Of. However, like many, I discovered him on Soundcloud, the original platform of many up-and-coming artists.

The young artist’s contemporary, dynamic and seamless resonance creates a non-stop uplifting and soulful stream of genre-transforming dance music. Sango‘s artistic and musical influences are clear, while still maintaining his own unique spin on the fusion he creates. He proves he can weave a multitude of styles together and truly create his own sound – from modern chillstep and contemporary drum beats to classic samples taken from gospel and funk.

The Openers

Walking into Summit, the venue was drenched in shaking hips, bouncing bodies and bass-thumping deep into people’s bones. The atmosphere captured a club feel with the crowd enthusiastic early in the night. Openers Dante ThatGuy and Savon set the dance floor up for a hard-hitting booty-shaking night.

Rapper and producer Dante ThatGuy, originally hailing from Maryland took the stage first. He started the night off playing bass and rhyme dropping. Which, definitely got people moving. Michigan-based Savon was much like Sango in his captivating and diverse set – frequently building up to bouncing energy from ambient, sexy, and slow. 

Sango was a changing ocean of hip-hop and electronica spanning a spicy spectrum of genres, intertwining between heavy and dreamy, hard and transcendent. He effortlessly performed his creative trade with poise and professionalism. Smooth, frequent transitions between sounds and beats kept the crowd captivated and dancing all night long. Sampling a variety of artists such as the unforgettable “Int’l Players Club” by Outkast and Xavier Omar’s and “Beautiful Wife”, the entire set was drenched in both the familiar and the more obscure. Drum patterns from across the globe appeared in unexpected places. Favela funk fusion and international beats point clarity to the diversity in Sango‘s artistic influences. 

Sango Photos By Idalis Richardson

This innovative artist is clearly a conscious musician and producer, with a melting pot of wisdom and clarity to share. Written on his official website, Sango says:
“Change …. challenges me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I also figured something out. I can’t change the world, but I can change my world, which allows others to see inside of it and hopefully I can influence them to feel/do the same, and hopefully, that trend goes on to the next person.”


Sango proved to be a master of both melody and bass. Summit‘s awesome acoustics and open dance floor proved to provide the ideal venue for Dante ThatGuy and Savon and Sango‘s February 15th show. Hours passed like minutes in the funky-soulful-juicy thump of this crowd. With tired legs and hips, I can genuinely confirm that Sango was so far the most memorable dance party of 2020.

Photos by Idalis Richardson

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