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Spafford: Night One at Their ‘Home Away from Home’ in Colorado

Spafford: Night One at Their ‘Home Away from Home’ in Colorado


November 1st, 2019

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Spafford clearly loves Colorado, and Colorado has tons of love for them. Per their statement on Spafford’s website, performing a two night run at The Ogden Theatre is one of the main highlights during the whole tour.

Photos By Photographer Reda Ruokyte 

Spafford is a creative and experimental Jam Band covering a wide variety of music as well as producing their own. They call their genre of music “Electro Funk Therapy” and it certainly is. This tour is incredibly special because the band is playing with their returning drummer, Nick Tkachyk. The rest of the band is made up of Brian Moss on guitar & vocals, Jordan Fairless bass & vocals, and Andrew “Red” Johnson on the keys. Spafford was formed in 2009, previously only performing at open mic nights in their hometown of Prescott, AZ. Over the last decade they have grown to have quite the following across the country.

Photos By Photographer Reda Ruokyte 

We received a very special treat with the first sounds of the night being the opening theme song of John Carpenters “Halloween.” This set the mood for a show full of Halloween favorites. Between some heavy drums and guitar wailing–Spafford lead us into another smooth and easily-overlooked cover, the theme song for the video game Zelda. The also played the all-time-loved Ghostbusters theme, ending the set with a crowd favorite, the first song they started with!

Photos By Photographer Reda Ruokyte

The second set kept the crowd rocking and rolling, including a few more familiar tunes like “Low” by Cracker. Nobody knew the name of the song, but most of everyone certainly knew the words. The show ended with incredible amounts of energy, as well as screams and cheers. Spafford’s fan base certainly knows how to have fun and dance hard.

Photos By Photographer Reda Ruokyte 

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