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Space Jesus Takes Colorado Through the Wormhole

Space Jesus Takes Colorado Through the Wormhole


November 5th, 2019

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Space Jesus

Halloween in Colorado this weekend was–literally–out of this world. Space Jesus, aka Jasha Tull, blessed Wakaan lovers with three consecutive nights of mind-warping bass–sending you to space. Jasha is a Boulder resident himself, and kicked off night one locally at The Boulder Theatre. Nights two and three were at the Ogden and BlueBird in Denver. 

Through the Wormhole

Jasha Tull is originally from New Jersey and started producing at a young age, around 16. Since then, he has effectively delivered mind-blowing auditory at lower frequencies. If you are at all familiar with his music,  you know the diversity of his sounds and how unique the combination is. He steps outside the limits of specific genres developing an undefined, experimental bass. In short, the live performances Jasha puts on are one of a kind. The psychedelic visuals in tune with his music change the whole game. So, if you ever have the chance to catch one of his sets, be sure not to miss it. Jasha previously stated, “Space Jesus is the feeling you get when you travel through a wormhole in a fresh pair of Jordans.”  In the Wakaan community, that statement is actually true, it’s a funny feel-good feeling. 

Space Jesus

Huxley Anne

The night opened up with producers Digital Vagabond, MZG, and Huxley Anne. Huxley Anne, who is dating Space Jesus, killed it! She threw down those weird – grimy – deep – wubz we all love to hear. Her visuals were also something else. For example, the 3D grids switching back and forth with the metallic glitching glob dripping around really kept your eyes glued to the visuals. She definitely knew her crowd and how to please us. Her vibe was dark and intense but fit the scene perfectly.


MGZ Twins

MZG was on right before Huxley Anne. It was quickly noticed that they were a twin brother duo, pretty sick. Above all, they had high energy levels which was great and contagious to the crowd. In other words, every track they threw down was a headbanger, and riddim was for sure present. Overall their set was dope; I think having the variety of genres throughout the night made it a very interesting, interactive experience.

Space Jesus

Space Jesus Dominates

Space Jesus was ready to dominate us. That is to say, after the first 30 seconds my brain was obliterated by the bass. We were transported into another dimension and it was the greatest feeling ever. A highlight of the night was hearing “I’m Having Trouble Passin’ Blunts… Through These Brass Knuckles!” get dropped and seeing everyone’s filthy bass faces turning at each other, just loosing it. We have been waiting forever for this to get released, please give it to us! (The wooks cannot wait any longer.) Also, Jasha made sure to provide those spooky Halloween feels by dropping Figure‘s remix of “This Is Halloween.”

The lasers in combination with the visuals and swirling lights created a hypnotic feeling. Another thing I love about Space Jesus is his humor. The visuals during “Professor Genius” made the entire crowd giggle, and the crazy eyeballs rolling around with “Space Boss” were just so weird. But that’s okay because we love weird. Yasha is always showing love to the Wakaan fam, including clips from other amazing artists; such as Peekaboo’s “Babatunde”, and the numerous collaborations with the Wakaan King, Liquid Stranger. Cause who doesn’t get down to that? After that, the night concluded with a mean B2B2B, bringing Huxley Anne and MZG back on stage. They mixed in a bit of upbeat hiphop and closed out with the filth.

MZG, Space Jesus, and Huxley Anne

Deeper Connections

To sum up, Space Jesus‘s Colorado Halloween Weekend was a success. Space Jesus is never one to disappoint. He always prepares a special sets for his people. Pouring his time, energy, and heart into every bit of it. For instance, just yesterday he presented his “ALT” set (Alternate Listening Test). This was to experiment with music he holds deep to his heart, aiming to create an emotional and deep connection. Like I said earlier, his shows are one of a kind. Once you experience this, you understand why people chase this feeling at all of these shows.

Photos by Simon Quince

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