In the heart of North Denver, a transformation story is unfolding within the walls of Soul Quest Studios. This space is an Avant-Garde art and music venue that has rapidly become a linchpin in the local creative community.

Known initially as Medusa Collective, the space’s transition to Soul Quest Studios marked not just a change of name but an evolution in vision and purpose. Vahn Ivan, alongside co-owners Alex Knuckey and Sam Venardos, spearheaded the revival of the concept. Leveraging their shared dream of nurturing a brand that celebrates artistic expression in its myriad forms they created Soul Quest Studios.

The Genesis of Soul Quest

The story of Soul Quest Studios is a testament to the power of community and the magnetic pull of creative collaboration. Vahn, an initial tenant, saw an opportunity to preserve the essence of Medusa Collective while embarking on a new journey. As creative director and co-owner, Vahn fosters artistic expression, making the studio a hub for diverse collaborations. Concurrently, Alex and Sam, also co-owners, shared a dream of opening a music venue together.

Alex is embracing the role of operations manager. Sam is taking on everything behind the scenes. Together the trio transformed the gallery into a vibrant music venue. Their efforts were aimed at managing logistics and creating a supportive environment for artists to grow their platforms.

Sam plays a multifaceted role at Soul Quest Studios, embodying the HR department, orchestrating logistics, and overseeing security management. Her unwavering commitment is pivotal in maintaining the studio’s seamless operation, ensuring it stands as a secure and nurturing sanctuary for both artists and visitors. The studio has also welcomed Kelsey Huckaby aboard, who adeptly manages the coordination of all workshops, adding another layer of dynamism to the team’s efforts.

Vahn, Alex’s and Sam’s collective vision has been crucial in realizing their dream of a music venue that champions local talent. The shared history of the trio, dating back over a decade, infuses Soul Quest with a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect. Soul Quest is a hub for artists and musicians, and underpinning its operations is a strong sense of community.

A Unique Creative Ecosystem

Soul Quest Studios distinguishes itself through its eclectic offerings and commitment to inclusivity. From hosting its “Art Quest” nights to offering workshops and vibrant after-parties, the studio caters to a broad spectrum of creative pursuits.

Its state-of-the-art music and visual production equipment have attracted renowned artists like Skrillex and Zeds Dead. At the same time, its open-format art nights encourage emerging talents to explore and express themselves without boundaries. The studio’s integration with Vahn’s Mindbeam Productions brings a cutting-edge production dimension, further enriching the artistic experience for creators and patrons.

Core Values and Community Engagement

The core values of exploration, respect and freedom are at the heart of Soul Quest Studios. It endeavors to provide a sanctuary for creativity, where individuals can discover and nurture their artistic medium in a supportive environment.

This ethos extends to their community engagement practices, where collaboration trumps competition. It helps foster a vibrant, creative community that thrives on mutual respect and shared growth.

The Soul Quest Experience: Art Quest Nights

Art Quest nights at Soul Quest Studios encapsulate the essence of creativity and community. Every Tuesday evening, the event begins at 7:00 PM with painters and visual artists immersing themselves in their work against the backdrop of personal playlists.

As the evening progresses, the space vibrates with energy during open decks sessions. This is where aspiring DJs take the stage with state-of-the-art sound and visual production equipment. These 30-minute sets provide a rare, hands-on experience in a judgment-free environment.

The studio’s back patio also becomes a spectacle, hosting fire performers and flow artists to enhance the communal vibe. Soul Quest’s inclusive BYOB Art Quest nights foster a melting pot of artistic experimentation and collaboration until 2:00 AM. The only two rules are showing up with art or work on the community art project, and respecting other artists, yourself, and Soul Quest. Check out this video of a recent Art Quest night!

Skrillex and Zeds Dead at Soul Quest Studios

The story of how Skrillex and Zeds Dead played a set at Soul Quest Studios is a testament to the studio’s commitment to high-caliber music experiences.

Soul Quest was preparing for an event in collaboration with SpaceWaves, setting the stage for an unforgettable night. Through serendipitous connection, friends from KOJA Sound, who were with Skrillex & Zeds Dead at Decadence, shared the artists’ desire for an underground after-hours.

After negotiating with their tour managers, Soul Quest Studios became the venue for this impromptu show. The result was a mesmerizing, three-hour back-to-back set that not only thrilled the 300 attendees but also deeply gratified the artists! They even left behind a cooler of goodies as a token of appreciation.

The event exemplified Soul Quest’s ability to bridge the gap between local creative pursuits and global music phenomena. It is fostering an environment where unforgettable experiences are born.

Impact and Vision for the Future

The space has become a pivotal force in Denver’s art community. By providing a platform for local artists to showcase their talents and collaborate, Soul Quest helps new artists discover their sound. Its ambitious vision includes expanding its footprint, diversifying its event offerings, and fostering regional and international collaborations.

With upcoming events like Orbital Madness, an art show on March 16th, and plans for a membership program, the studio is poised for growth while staying true to its mission of creativity and community. Check out the deets for some rad events happening this month below!

A Hub for Creativity and Connection

As Soul Quest Studios continues to evolve, its foundational commitment is to offer a space where creativity knows no bounds. Everyone is encouraged to embark on their soul quest — that remains unchanged. The studio stands as a center of inspiration in Denver, symbolizing the transformative power of art, music and collective endeavor.

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