Blue lighting and lasers protrude from the stade at Decadence Colorado above the packed crowd of attendees.

Stepping into my inaugural Decadence in 2014 was an unforgettable experience. The ballroom of the Colorado Convention Center welcomed me with a dynamic back-to-back performance by local talents Illenium and Said the Sky, setting the tone for an enchanting two days. Little did I know that this introduction would mark the beginning of a near-decade-long tradition of concluding each year at Global Dance’s annual celebration, Decadence Colorado.

Decadence, to me, is not just an event. It’s a high-energy commemoration of the year in Colorado’s vibrant dance music scene. While some may critique the repetition of artists billed during the summer, I see it as a culmination of the most significant acts that graced Colorado throughout the past 12 months.

Looking back at 2024 means revisiting a five-hour Skrillex set at Red Rocks, Illenium headlining the largest electronic show in America, and the return of Red Rocks headliners Subtronics, John Summit, and Ganja White Night. Undeniably, the lineup consistently delivers some of the foremost acts in the dance music space, solidifying Decadence as arguably the country’s premier New Year’s dance music show.

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The Colorado Convention Center, a longtime home for Decadence, recently underwent renovations that slightly altered the layout. Despite these changes, the venue’s spacious concrete ballroom facilitated smooth navigation for the sold-out crowd. Bars, merch booths and water stations were strategically placed to minimize congestion. The only logistical hiccup was the bathroom situation, a consequence of curtained-off areas due to renovations. Yet, if this was the sole drawback, my weekend journey was nothing short of delightful.

The production crew consistently crafted a mesmerizing experience at the two main stages. Unique designs, massive LED screens, extravagant laser displays, and suspended lighting rigs all came together to breathe life into each environment. The crowd dispersed evenly due to the visual display towards the back, preventing congestion, while the impeccable sound setup ensured crisp sound throughout the venue.

Image Credit: Cameron Bullard (@Havenprojectofficial)

The pinnacle of my weekend was undoubtedly Skrillex’s awe-inspiring New Year’s set. Positioned just beyond the second set of speakers, I welcomed the new year to the tune of “With You, Friends” into “Fine Day Anthem.” Despite technical difficulties with the stage-right CDJ, Skrillex seamlessly blended old and new tracks, captivating the Denver crowd under a sea of balloons and confetti.

While Skrillex stole the spotlight, the weekend boasted several phenomenal performers. Mersiv and Subtronics unleashed colossal bass sounds, captivating every Denver bass head in attendance. Brondo and Deathpact, both hard-hitting bass acts, showcased unreleased music and left the concrete floor quivering beneath our feet. From main stage domination to the Silent Disco brimming with local talent, Decadence went above and beyond with its programming.

Red lasers overpass the crowd as Skrillex rings in the new year of 2024.
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I was constantly greeted by overwhelmingly positive souls throughout my trip this weekend. From waiting around in line to holding spots in the crowd, every human I ran into radiated positivity and splendor for the experience we all shared. The celebration aspect of Decadence adds another layer to the already astonishing environment of live music. Individuals bring along those who wouldn’t normally attend a music festival under the guise of celebrating together, introducing them to a world that only live entertainment can conjure.

Acts like Sofi Tukker, Sidepiece and Galantis took over the house stage setting the dance floor on fire at 128 BPM. Major acts like John Summit and Illenium commanded massive crowds as the first night of dancing began. My surprise act of the weekend came from Two Friends and their big booty anthems that electrified the crowd. Mixing songs that you can’t help but sing along to into massive trap, dubstep, and house beats, they kept the energy high.

The lineup and set times were nothing short of perfect, but Decadence offered more than just music. It provided a space to usher in the new year with friends, caught up in the brilliance of one of the best concerts and productions, a testament to the consistent excellence of the Global Dance team.

Image Credit: Cameron Bullard (@Havenprojectofficial)

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