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Sonic Bloom 2019: Experiencing Life on the Unified Field

Sonic Bloom 2019: Experiencing Life on the Unified Field


July 3rd, 2019

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The 4-day annual Sonic Bloom Music Festival occurred this past weekend at the Hummingbird Ranch, on June 20-24, 2019. The 4 nights were filled with an array of musical experiences; from A Hundred Drums, to Emancipator, Nobide, Gramatik, Zilla and even including Opiuo. During the day the festival offered a selection of perma-culture courses, mediation, and breathing workshops.

A Hundred Drums playing at the Meadow Stage on Jun. 21, 2019.
Emancipator plying at the Bloom Stage on Jun. 21, 2019.

We arrived late Thursday night. The winds were cold. We remembered wondering how on Earth we would make it through the weekend as we entered the venue. Then, as we arrived onto the Bloom stage, everything made sense. Music filled the cold air and suddenly the winds didn’t seem so cold anymore. Art exhibits spewing flames from their insides heated up the ground and the surrounding areas, with huddles of people laying down and relaxing underneath them. The sky was beautiful. Miles upon miles of the deepest, darkest blue sky with endless stars, for as far as the eye could see. We’d arrived right at Vibesquad‘s set which led into Kayla Scintilla and Eve Olution at 12:30. The music was right, and loud. The sound was crisp and clear. At this moment, we knew we had made the right decision to come this weekend; We knew we never wanted to leave this place.

Friday day came, and then the night came quicker. Friday’s weather consisted of hail and rain most of the day, so it was nice to sit inside and relax to prepare for the night of music that was to come. The Bloom stage that night would be home to Ayla Nereo, Yheti,Emancipator Ensemble, and Gramatik, just to name a few. Yheti was one of our absolute favorites of the weekend, crushing more than three sets, including a secret b2b with Of The Trees, which would take place in the Yoga Dòm that morning at 4 am. (Did we mention that Funktion One sound system booming at the Yoga Dòm all weekend?) Yheti’s style is experimental, with heavy bass music and sounds, sometimes more abstract than formulaic, but always heavy. Party Guru Press had an amazing time experiencing the music of these artists who have cultivated their sound from computer programs. Emancipator Ensemble also gave a stunningly beautiful live performance, with a full band which took our breath away. Although Party Guru Press spent most of our time at this stage all night, we made sure to explore the Meadow stage and the Hummingbird stage as well. The production level at this festival has very clearly continued to rise and improve every year, in both sound quality and stage design, and this year’s exhibition was no different. The artwork and lighting laced throughout the stages were impressive, and massive. We could not wait for the next two days to follow.

Gramatik Playing on the Bloom Stage on Jun. 21, 2019.

Saturday came quickly, but the weekend inhabitants of Hummingbird Ranch were abuzz with excitement. Talk of the secret sets and most beautiful moments of the night before, and who they were most looking forward to tonight. Saturday was arguably the busiest lineup of the weekend, with the Bloom stage being home to Detox Unit, Spoonbill, Jade Cicada, and Opiuo, just to name a few. The Meadow Stage was popping off the night with locals and big names alike, including but definitely not limited to Phlo, female bass-powerhouse Khiva, Pushloop, and The Widdler, while the Hummingbird Stage was home to the deep-house dance party vibes by Dirtybird star Mark Farina, followed by a sunrise set by Yheti beginning at 3:30 am. The entire night was the biggest dance party ever, with crystal-clear music bumping from every corner of the Ranch. The vibes at this festival are truly unparalleled. It was almost as if every Colorado electronic music lover was at this festival, dancing constantly to the drums under this massive starry sky that covered the festival grounds like a blanket. We were absolutely astounded with this magical place.

Opiou playing on the Bloom Stage at Sonic Bloom Jun. 23, 2019.

Sunday came quicker than ever, as the fast-paced weekend of Sonic Bloom rolled to an end. Despite partying and seeing everything we possibly could this weekend, we didn’t want the dance party to ever end. Sunday was a beautiful sunny day with clear skies; the mountains in the distance were breathtaking and picturesque. There was still one more night to take in the beauty of the ranch in all of its glory. Sunday’s lineup consisted of a second special set from Spoonbill, which we was extremely grateful for — he is definitely an artist to check out and see live if you haven’t yet. It will change you and the way you hear music! On the Meadow stage were Denver locals, female producer Dozier and Ableton-certified instructor Homemade Spaceship, who BOTH absolutely murdered the decks with a trippy, heavy and bass-forward set. The Hummingbird stage was home to dance music legend Sasha Rose, which this writer particularly enjoyed, but the real star of the night, in our humble opinion was Um.. ,who performed a special set at 1:15 am that certainly did not disappoint. The set closed off the weekend perfectly, with the LA-based duo’s unique sound design and heavy bass lines.

Morning Yin Yoga Class in the Yoga D’om taught by Elana Theodorou on Jun. 23, 2019.

This year’s Sonic Bloom was nothing short of an amazing musical experience. This writer’s personal experience may have been influenced by the fact she was surrounded by the most healing, beautiful music in her life, but looking around all weekend, it seemed that everyone can appreciate and experience the Unified Field in their own, unique way. Perhaps this is why it is called the Unified Field — it truly does bring every individual together under a sky that stretches for miles, with some of the craziest beats, art and light work you’ve ever experienced for four days straight. Until next year on the Hummingbird Ranch, Colorado’s premiere electronic dance music festival…we are eagerly awaiting to be back in 2020 and every year moving forward.

Photos By Photographer: Summer Taylor

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