Sofi Tukker entertain the crowd at Red Rocks!

Our hats are off to Sofi Tukker. Congratulations to the band for selling out their premiere Red Rocks Amphitheatre set. The 13th show of the 2023 season went down on April 21st, and what a show it was!

I’ve got to give props to the entire venue and all of its staff for such an excellent night. Red Rocks’ legendary status as the best concert venue in the world remains undoubtedly preserved by the kind people who work these shows daily. The parking team, venue security, bartenders, and everyone else involved was definitely feeling themselves for this show! Not to mention all the lovely ladies and gentlemen that made up the crowd.

The show kicked off early at 6:00 PM due to the snowy weather forecast for the night, so everyone could make it home safely. The opener Blu DeTiger came prepared with the sickness. A fitting choice for the first act, this American singer-songwriter demonstrated the musical approach present in every single set of the night. A blonde bombshell at 25, she does it all: record production, bass guitar, and DJing. DeTiger’s set did not disappoint!

Blu DeTiger opens things up at Red Rocks!

Next up might be my personal favorites of the night. An Italian duo known as Giolì & Assia, took the stage promptly at 7:30. For an hour long, these two lovers kept the crowd moving with their unique approach to dance music.

The act features Giolì as a multi-instrumentalist who plays the keyboard and various electronic drum kits as Assia sings. They both mix on CDJs throughout the entire set as well. Talk about skills — these ladies have many. Their music would best be described as lovely, trancey vibes with a definite house edge.

Bob's Dance Factroy takes the stage

Teasing the headlining performance was Bob’s Dance Shop. There’s not much to tell about these gents aside from how entertaining their 10-minute warm-up for Sofi Tukker was. They rejoined the headliners throughout the night with their backup dancing.

The best way to see an artist who’s new to me is to see them live completely blind to the experience we are about to enjoy. It may surprise our readers, but this was the case for every single act tonight for ya boy. Sofi Tukker may take the crown for the best performance of the entire summer season.

These two are based out of Florida. They are more properly known as Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern. Sophie, born in Germany, handles both a flying-V style electric guitar and acoustic guitar, as well as the main vocals throughout. Her best friend Tucker brings his skills as a DJ and with an equal amount of precision on the microphone to deliver an out-of-this-world experience! There were so many magical moments during their set, that it’s hard to pick just one.

Sofi showing off her guitar skills

It seems the crowd’s favorite, however, was when the EMTs joined the band for an emerge and see. I don’t know if Sophie fell down, but luckily for us, the medics brought her back on a stretcher, along with Bob’s Dance Factory. Miraculously, she was completely fine as she climbed off the stretcher and shouted out the medical staff for always being onsite for those in need. It wasn’t an actual crisis, but she made sure the crowd yelled out “EMERGENCY!” during this very special performance.

Please join us anytime any of these amazing artists return to town. You will not be disappointed!

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