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Snoop Dogg Brings the Party for the Fillmore – Photo Gallery

Snoop Dogg Brings the Party for the Fillmore – Photo Gallery


December 18th, 2019

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The one and only, multi talented, Snoop Dogg, took over Fillmore Auditorium and turned it into a party. For 25 years, Snoop has consistently released quality albums, and most recently, I Wanna Thank Me. Being a 16+ show, Snoop was able to bring together a crowd of all ages. There were fans that were there since day one, and there were younger fans that weren’t even born when Snoop emerged into the music scene. We all came together for a night full of fun, nostalgia, and singing along to all the classics.

With beautiful dancers, and songs like, “Young Wild, and Free,” and “Drop It Like It’s Hot,”  we were guaranteed a good time from the start. The crowd went crazy when Snoop started playing Akon’s “I want to love you” featuring Snoop. Everyone was teleported back to 2006 when the song was released, and we all still remember all the words, definitely one of the best moments of the performance.

Photos By Luis Morales-Castro

New Gangsta Rap

Opening for Snoop Dogg, was RJ, a newer gangsta rapper who differentiates himself from the modern day mainstream rapper. None of that mumbo jumbo mumble Rap, he complemented Snoop, and had quite a fanbase here himself. Looking through the crowd during his set, there were true fans singing along word-by-word to his songs. 

OG Snoop Dogg

Snoop has also delivered a new album for the youngins; a lullaby album. With songs like, “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” “California Roll,” and “Doggy Dogg World,” the new generations will be exposed to legendary music from a very young age, just like a lot of us were. 

Snoop is a legend, an OG, one of the best to ever do, and is still going strong. Not even a year after headlining Red Rocks, he showed us love and we hope to see him back soon.

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