EDM duo SLANDER will bring their Chimera stage show to Red Rocks this fall. On Friday, November 10th, the two DJ/producers will take over the illustrious Red Rocks with their blend of emotional lyrics and banging trap beats, dubbed ‘heaven trap.’

Known for this signature sound, SLANDER’s distinctive musical creations and unique touch have made them fan favorites. Songs such as “Love is Gone” and “All You Need to Know” featuring Calle Lehman have racked up hundreds of millions of plays on Spotify. Clearly they’re doing something right.

The brainchild of Scott Land and Derek Andersen, SLANDER was born out of sincere friendship and genuine hard work. They arrived at the perfect moniker, too, fusing their given names into one. Land and Andersen met in a fraternity while attending college and then moved on to take courses at ICON Collective. That’s where they met frequent collaborator NGHTMRE. The three then graduated from the collective, and from playing local venues and events for friends to becoming the household names they are today.

And speaking of NGHTMRE, he started the label Gud Vibrations along with SLANDER. Based on their Mad Decent single of the same name, the label features a ton of releases, with genres ranging from dubstep and a variety of trap fusions. The trio have advocated the ‘good vibes, good friends, good music’ trope for a while, and it only made sense to turn it into a brand. They’re the three best friends that anybody could have…

A night this huge, even for SLANDER, requires a little backup. And by a little, I mean this lineup features five other acts throwing down their signature sounds in support of the duo. Adding a bit of flair to this event are Kill the Noise, Trivecta, Wavedash, Saka and Redline. It’s the best supporting cast any act could ask for, so be prepared to dance your booty off.

What better place is there for SLANDER and their melodic, big bass tracks than Red Rocks? The magical acoustics, coupled with the amazing scenery, makes Red Rocks the perfect choice to host this duo. This naturally formed, open-air amphitheater offers an ambiance unlike that of any other place. It can seat almost 10,000 attendees, yet each event still feels small and intimate. Red Rocks is a special place to catch music, and this night will be no different.

If the assignment was trap and dubstep, but make it emotionally ethereal, then SLANDER understood it well. They always deliver, which is why you’ll want to catch their show at Red Rocks. The show may be in November, but tickets are on sale now! Don’t wait on purchasing your entry to the SLANDER presents Chimera show at Red Rocks this November.

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