SLANDER brought the heat all night.

From small venues to massive festivals, there aren’t a lot of artists who can do what SLANDER do.

Scott Land and Derek Andersen have been making music and performing together for about a decade now. In that time they have toured many times and played huge festivals all over the world, all while continuously putting out new music as well as maintaining their family and personal lives.

This past Friday, SLANDER hit yet another mile-marker in their career: headlining the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The insane new Chimera stage show, combined with a killer lineup, easily made this one of the best shows of the year.

SLANDER brought the fire, both literally and figuratively.

Redline started the night off with some heavy drum and bass. This got the crowd up and moving and ready for an energy filled night right off the bat! What you might not know is that Redline is SLANDER’s VJ. It was awesome getting to see him showcase his multiple talents in one night at such a breathtaking venue.

Next up, Saka took the stage. Saka has been on the rise, playing shows and festivals all over the country. He switched up the mood with some deep dub and unreleased tunes that had everyone mesmerized.

The production was top-notch all night.

One of the neat things about this show was its eclectic lineup, and the next act certainly kept that trend going! Wavedash came out with lots of heavy tracks, both new and old. Their spontaneous sound is unlike any other artists in the bass world, and it’s clear they’re always having a complete blast on stage.

Kill the Noise B2B Trivecta came out next for their direct support set. This performance was all over the place in the best possible way. From heavy Kill the Noise tracks to melodic Trivecta tunes to some unreleased wubs, this was the perfect duo to play right before the main act.

Kill the Noise and Trivecta showcased  a wide variety of music during their epic b2b.

The second SLANDER went on stage, the audience was instantly captivated. Their Chimera production made it a completely different show than their previous ones. It features an extremely large stage that curves around on the sides, which gives the audience a fully immersive visual experience. The whole set is designed as one big movie, and there are numerous clips intermingled with the music to take the audience on a full journey throughout the night. Combined with lasers and pyrotechnics of many kinds, this was truly a unique way to experience their music.

The Chimera setup gave fans a unique and incredible new AV experience.

This set was the perfect journey through SLANDER’s wide variety of music. From filthy riddim beats to slow and melodic tracks, and from old favorites like “Love Again” to newer bangers like “Wish I Could Forget,” the dynamic duo brought out something for everyone. At one point, they brought Trivecta back on stage to play their new track together. This was clearly a truly magical moment for all three of them.

We can't wait to have SLANDER back in Colorado!

SLANDER has been on fire for years now, and this was a much-deserved showcase of their hard work. We hope to see them back on the Rocks next year, and can’t wait to see what they’ll be cooking up in the meantime.

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