Tinashe and Shygirl laying on bed with Denver show details listed on right.

Shygirl and Tinashe are taking over Denver’s Mission Ballroom on November 13th. These two talented artists have teamed up for a 13-city co-headlining tour that is sure to pack venues across the U.S.

Both experiential musicians thrive on creative freedom. They are no-nonsense people who know exactly what they want when it comes to music. Shygirl and Tinashe’s collaboration is a match made in musical heaven, and I, for one, am here for it.

Both songstresses have debuted new music this year, with Shygirl releasing a deluxe version and a follow-up to her highly successful album, Nymph. That deluxe edition, Nymph_o, features a ton of collaborators, including, of course, Tinashe. The reworking of her highly popular song, “Heaven,” includes Tinashe’s angelic spin, making an already amazing track even better.

Tinashe gave fans a preview of her impending release, BB/ANG3L with the song, “Talk to Me Nice.” The sultry and provocative track showcases Tinashe’s vocals and signature R&B sound. Dark and mysterious, “Talk to Me Nice” is the greatest teaser for the album due out later this year.

Adding support for all the tour dates is DJ Uniiqu3, the Jersey club queen known for her high energy and ubiquitous uptempo beats. She’s the ideal choice to keep the vibe up and popping all night long.

With the supporting act covered, let’s tackle the venue. Where would be the best place to catch these multi-gifted powerhouses? Mission Ballroom, of course. This cutting-edge venue is pretty special and unique, much like Tinashe and Shygirl themselves. Its flexible seating arrangement allows every vantage point to be a great one. Whether it’s set up for 2,000 people or 3,950, each show is intimate. Couple that with the amazing sound, and easy access to both bars and bathrooms, and Mission Ballroom checks all the boxes for what a banging venue should be.

Trust me when I say you don’t want to miss this doubleheader. Tinashe and Shygirl are a musical treat on their own, but the two together are just chef’s kiss. Throw in DJ Uniiqu3 and you’ve got a must-see show. Get your ticket today for Shygirl and Tinashe’s co-headlining tour coming to Mission Ballroom November 13th.

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