Shpongledroid Fillmore Auditorium Halloween 2023

It’s no secret that the Denver music scene is one of the most vibrant in the country. With live music of all types every single night of the week, sometimes a music lover’s biggest problem is trying to choose which shows not to go to.

Once in a while, though, an event really stands out, one we know we just can’t miss! One of those happened this past weekend. Announced this summer, Shpongledroid took place at the Fillmore Auditorium on October 27th, and it was the perfect kickoff for Halloween.

This was an iconic show for more reasons than one. First of all, it’s rare that we get an opportunity to see Shpongle. The music group consists of both Simon Posford and Raja Ram, though this performance was specifically a Simon Posford live set.

What made this show extra special was that Posford was accompanied by the legend himself, Android Jones, who took the visual experience to the next level. Mixed with Posford’s music, Jones’ visuals transformed the whole room into a psychedelic wonderland.

Artists all over the venue helped to make the night as immersive as could be.

Upon entry, everyone transported into another dimension. There were art installations and live painters all up and down the venue as well as ornate jewelry and much more for patrons to look at. Altogether, they added more perfect ingredients to Shpongle’s psychedelic concoction.

First up, Cosmic Trigger took the stage. Otherwise known as Jamie Grashion, he came all the way from London to share his unique, psychedelic sounds. This was the perfect set to warm us up for an incredible evening.

Next, Freddy Todd kept the energy high with a bass-heavy set. He treated us to some unreleased music as well as a unique visual experience thanks to Johnathan Singer and Fractaled Visions. Todd always puts on a great show. The visuals enhanced his music and added an extra layer of texture to the whole experience.

Freddy Todd amped up the energy in the room.

Just when we thought the energy couldn’t get any higher, Ultrasloth took the stage in full costume. Consisting of kLL sMTH, Duffrey and bioLuMigen, the Ultrasloth project is hip-hop infused bass that derives from many different musical styles. Their passion and energy got the crowd moving and grooving all the way up until the main event.

Ultrasloth was the perfect direct support to get everyone excited for Shpongle.

As unique and incredible as all the openers were, none of them could have prepared us for what was to come once Shpongle took the stage. They planned out an astounding and immersive experience for us — complete with dancers, aerialists, and performers.

Posford and Jones truly put the crowd into a psychedelic trance for almost two hours in a performance unlike any other. The crowd stayed engaged the entire time. Between the performance, the art around the room, and the creative costumes around every corner, the auditorium became a theatrical paradise.

The dancers took the night's performances to the next level.

Simon Posford and Android Jones teaming up for Shpongledroid made for an incredible Halloween weekend here in Denver. If you weren’t able to make it out this time, keep your eyes peeled for more Shpongle events in the future. We have a feeling Posford isn’t done just yet!

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