Shpongledroid event art poster

What exactly is a Sphongledroid, you ask? In October, the psytrance music of Shpongle (real name Simon Posford) will join forces with the visionary art of Andrew “Android” Jones. The Fillmore Auditorium will host the shows, featuring a live set by Posford paired onstage with the iconic visuals of Jones. Expect an extravaganza of sights and sounds when Shpongledroid comes together!

Shpongle Returns to Colorado

Posford (also known by the stage name Hallucinogen), who handles synths and production for the group Shpongle, will be headlining the show. Shpongle last visited Colorado in 2019 at the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The immersive, full-band live performance featured dancers, guest singers, and trippy art galore.

Since that epic back-to-back bonanza at Red Rocks, Shpongle has toured sparingly and released one EP to keep fans wanting more. Carnival of Peculiarities dropped in 2021, offering listeners 25 minutes of psychedelic bliss. Posford remained busy during that time, releasing a studio album of his own. Flux & Contemplation – Portrait of an Artist in Isolation offers his take on the struggles of dealing with the COVID lockdown. This toned-down masterpiece takes listeners on a triumphant if somber voyage.

Android Jones Takes Art Worldwide

Born and raised in Boulder and residing in Lyons, Colorado, Jones got his artistic start in game development. Having worked on several titles in the Metroid series, he eventually became disillusioned with developer culture. Beginning a new journey into digital visual arts, Jones founded the production company Obscura Digital. The group achieved notoriety by projecting digital images onto worldwide landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Empire State Building.

After attending a 2016 SynerGenesis party, Jones found a creative home within the visionary arts movement. He flourished leaning into a more psychedelic-friendly environment. His artwork adorns the album covers of numerous influential musicians, including STS9, Tipper, and Beats Antique to name a few. His works include digital art like NFTs and projection demonstrations. He also creates physical pieces like posters, pins, and murals. Expect amazing items to be available at the shows to complement his artistic performance.

A Spectacular Sensory Showcase

For two nights in October — Friday, the 10th, and Saturday, 1the 28th — the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver will be a haven of art and music. Beyond the feature pairing of Shpongledroid, you’ll see additional performances that partner musicians and artists each night. Jam to sets by Ultrasloth, Freddy Todd, and Cosmic Trigger on night one. Night two, The Trifinity, Ahee, and Miraja will bring the noise. Attendees can check out live painting, an art gallery, crystals and more! Don’t miss what will be an unforgettable event, and secure your tickets today!

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