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Shpongle Droid Staggering Fillmore Takeover

Shpongle Droid Staggering Fillmore Takeover


December 12th, 2019

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As the sun began to set across the horizon in the Denver Metro area, fans from all around the US gathered on December 6, 2019, to witness the incredible performances by Shpongle, Android Jones, and Desert Dwellers. The showcase featured outstanding visuals created by none other than Android Jones. The Party Guru Press team had an efficient entry into the venue due to the strategically placed entrances. The event, held at the newly renovated Fillmore Auditorium, provided plenty of space for everyone to move about. Several bars were also located throughout the venue. Getting drinks was an absolute breeze. With a setting like this, Party Guru Productions was quick to capture the ambiance of the night. 

The Shpongle Duo

Shpongle was formed in 1996 in England, by Simon Posford (also known as Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram. Generally, the duo would make music in the Psychedelic ambient, Psychedelic dub, and Psytrance genres and when Posford was asked to describe his music he responded it’s “like nothing you’ve ever heard before.” Raja Ram contributes a broad spectrum of musical compositions as well as flute concepts. Meanwhile, Posford generally focuses on production studio work, live instrumentation and usually is responsible for the synthesizers. Since the release of their first album, Are You Shpongled?, the group has continued advancing their music career seeming to drop a new studio album about every four years. The latest one, Codex VI, released in 2017. These days they are on the move touring around the United States.

Desert Dwellers

Treavor Moontribe and Amani Friend, or more commonly referred to as Desert Dwellers, opened up the night at the Fillmore, setting the mood just right for anxious fans. Desert Dwellers have been shifting listeners into a state of complete bliss for a few decades now. Joining groovy sounds with vibrations of serenity and skillfully blending in percussion and deep base. The crowd began moving with synchronization to the melodic sound of Desert Dwellers.

The dazzlingly lighting combinations took our team aback. The lighting paired with the sacred geometry visuals really brought the entire experience together. Desert dwellers joined in with acrobats, aerialists, fire performers and an array of musicians. Amani and Treavor began their careers as independent DJ’s and music producers in California and New Mexico. Today they have earned the reputation as one of the most prolific tribal trance artists in the United States. 

Spectacular Shpongledroid

Behind Shpongle were mesmerizing visuals from the notorious Android Jones adding even more of a galvanizing effect sending the crowd into a trance-like state. The visuals consisted of a pastel palette paired with a geometric psychedelic vibe. Along with the unusual visuals, Shpongle had an array of tribal dancers in store for the crowd. The dancers created a tribal and primitive choreographed set that drew the crowd in. The crowd also seemed very tranquil and spread out. Everyone had enough room to dance around without the bother of running into someone, or something. Each and every soundtrack played melted into a rhythmic jam session constantly pulling the crowd into a dreamy state. Once again, Shpongle put on an exhilarating performance.

Mission Successful: with the combination of these artists, dancers, and all the unbelievably charming merchandise at the vendors’ tables, it’s no wonder this night was so spectacular. If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience Shpongle, we urge you to. Very few artists can capture the energies and feelings of a whole genre as strongly and brilliantly as Shpongle does. If you missed out on this show, you should consider catching the next one. Luckily for all of you, Shpongle is heading to New York this upcoming December 14 and 15! There are tickets available for his Brooklyn destination on their website!  

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