SunSquabi performs at Shine Music Festival

Our “good vibe” cups are overflowing after attending the Shine Music Festival at Reelworks Denver on Saturday. This accessible festival boasted a smashing music lineup and exciting installations, drawing both a huge crowd and awareness toward true inclusivity!

Who is Shine Music?

Denver-based Shine Music is the non-profit organization behind the success of the third annual Shine Music Festival. Mindful design and planning by their talented team allowed all to enjoy a day of festivities, regardless of background or abilities. A quote from their website perfectly describes their mission: “We create barrier-free spaces for people of all abilities to share in the groove together.” Although admission is always free, optional donations can be made upon entry. To help support their cause, information to make a direct donation can be found here!

The Experience

First, I noticed the colorful palette of music provided an excellent variety. SunSquabi, Neal Evans Fro Down, Walden, Jeffrey Marshall, Tropical Waffle, Green Chi, Tantok, Desacore, Dooley, Josh.0, BKellZ, KrYmsun, Rocky Mountain Guy & Joe Bye Duo, Cory Simmons, Shauna Sweeney, Willy K (Slidewok), Grant Livingston & Ben Maillaro (River Spell), Wanderin Pine, and Jonny Woods performed. The multitude of genres kept everyone moving and dancing all day and night. In addition, I loved going from the tranquil outdoor turf stage to the indoor main stage to jam under the huge disco ball!

Music wasn’t the only attraction, either. Festival staples peppered the event like unique food options, on-site massages, vendors for apparel and homeopathic products, and even a blackjack table!

The abundance of accessibility and sensory areas were proof of the event’s thoughtfulness. Markedly, a host of ADA-friendly amenities were placed throughout the venue. There was a vibrotactile dance floor from Feel the Beat, an ASL interpreter, wheelchair ramp assistance, and much more. The festival feels and great vibes were immaculate and a testament to all the hard work from everyone involved!

Final Thoughts

Overall, the amazing music and people there made it such a good time! I loved everything about it and left more educated about Shine Music’s mission. Furthermore, I didn’t know technology to caption everything around you in real time exists, like the XRAI Glasses! This event shed light on the inclusivity of the ADA community and the opportunity for other events to follow suit. Other festivals can make it better for everyone because Shine Music sure did. No one was left out of an experience or the opportunity to enjoy it to their fullest. ❤

Photos by Kyle Weiss

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