Virtual Riot Performs Beneath Lasers At The Fillmore Auditorium

This past Saturday, the Fillmore Auditorium hosted Denver’s 2024 edition of the ground-shaking dubstep concert known as Wobbleland. Presented by Vital Events, Wobbleland is an EDM extravaganza that has made its way across the United States through major cities every year for over a decade. Each city hosts a different variety of renowned DJs to perform alongside hypnotic visuals.

Wobbleland: The Headliners

During Denver’s show, concert-goers were pleased to witness the talents of spellthief B2B PHOR, VKTM, Stoned Level, Codd Dubz, OG Nixin, PhaseOne, and Virtual Riot. The music styles varied from riddim to drum and bass. Even so, it’s clear the producers had the same prime objective: delivering wobbly, bone-crushing beats to put you on your ass.

The opening set for Wobbleland was spellthief B2B PHOR. Bass heavy and dripping with riddim, these Denver-based DJs offer fresh tracks with that classic, wobbly sound that we’ve come to know and love. If you missed their set, check out their sick remix of “Monstaaa” by STAYNS for a taste!

Next to take the stage was VKTM, who brought an interesting aspect to his stage presence. He wore a mask with a menacing grin from ear to ear. I’ve gotta say, it matched the suit he was wearing very well. His style had all the things dubstep fans like to hear from iconic producers such as Subtronics: deep, raunchy, organic flow. Bass-face engaged. 10/10.

I feel like this is one of those DJs who will suddenly blow up and soar to success. According to his Instagram, Subtronics brought him on stage to dish out an unreleased track. Also, I couldn’t find any origin story, which is odd, so…. 👀 I hope to see big things for VKTM because his music is cool!

Coming in hot and ready to rumble next was Stoned Level. He brought heavy-hitting riddim and bass for dinner, and the mosh pits were HUNGRY. His dubstep was intense, fierce, and a headbanger’s wet dream. With tracks like this, success must be no stranger to Stoned Level. According to his Facebook, he has performed at Lost Lands several times over the last few years, a feat highly sought after by aspiring dubstep producers.

To top things off, he shared an unreleased track with us before the end of his set! If you didn’t catch his peformance, check out his track “Symphony of the Dead.”

Codd Dubz hit the decks next with some straight gas. Masterfully blending dubstep with rap, his style of trap music was irresistible to booties that wanted to shake it!! I loved his remix of “Sandstorm” that quickly twisted from trance to heart-stopping dubstep. His set kept the crowd dancing and full of energy!

According to his Facebook, he has graced the stages of multiple festivals such as Lost Lands, Forbidden Kingdom, and (soon to be at) Rampage. He is also headlining his own tour across Australia and New Zealand. No wonder he has such great stage presence!

The crowd erupted with cheers as OG Nixin took the stage. For his style, one can expect a dubstep masterpiece, sometimes moshpit-worthy riddim riddled with witty movie catchphrases.

Catering to the millennials in the house, he laid some filthy remixes with “Throw it up” and “Crank That” (you MUST hear the latter). He had the entire population going bananas and it was amazing. I haven’t seen that many people “crank that” in the same room since high school. Then, towards the end of his set, OG Nixin cued his jaw-dropping collab with LSDream. So much good music in one set!!

Here’s some bonus wholesome content: He was absolutely slaying his set judging by the crowd’s reactions. At one point, after he felt he messed up a track, he stopped the music and admitted this was his first show in a year. He took the time off for personal reasons, and we felt honored to be his first comeback show!

Ragers rejoiced as metal and dubstep collided in harmony during PhaseOne‘s set. Known for pushing the boundaries of dubstep, he delivered a one-of-a-kind impact we’re not soon to forget. It was easy to see who were metal heads at heart. Indeed, mosh pits opened immediately and people raged on as PhaseOne unleashed one drop after the next.

According to his website, PhaseOne has remixed tracks by dubstep icons such as Excision and Kayzo in addition to working on collabs with Subtronics. As he’s a veteran of producing successful music for over ten years, it’s clear to see why PhaseOne would be considered influential to the dubstep genre.

Opening with the beginning of his album Simulation, we were dazzled by the futuristic display on the LED screen as Virtual Riot took the stage. Everyone started dancing like crazy as he got to work on the decks.

One of my favorite parts of his set was his remix of “Phone Tap.” It sent the crowd spinning! As technicolor lasers beamed across our heads in a grid, the room became a vortex of music and sound from which we didn’t want to escape.

Germany-based Virtual Riot has performed on stages around the world. In addition, he has countless remixes and collaborations with with many artists. Noting the success of Simulation, as evidenced by hundreds of thousands of track streams on SoundCloud alone, it’s clear that Virtual Riot is viewed as a prestigious member of the dubstep community.

First of all, I loved how bass lines could be felt from the floor up through the walls upon entry. They spared no subs for this concert and literally put the “WAH-WAH-WAH” in WAH-bbleland.

As a matter of fact, it was the ideal habitat for feral headbangers. Hit by a barrage of saucy remixes and wobbly bass drops, people were raging and headbanging all night long. While everyone was getting down to their favorite beats, lasers and LED screen visuals created an immersive experience.

Another key aspect is how multiple bars and bathrooms were close by. This meant I didn’t have to leave the floor for long to take care of any business!

Equally important, I was delighted to see that the merch booths offered free ear plugs. I forgot mine and I was devastated at the thought of my ears ringing after the show. Saved my night!

*If you don’t wear sound protection now, I strongly recommend doing so! Concerts can be extremely loud, especially in an indoor venue. I wear them to every show and I’ve noticed a difference 🙂

Lastly, everyone who attended passed the vibe check. I saw smiles and felt good vibrations everywhere and I loved it. I didn’t see a mean face anywhere, not even in the mosh pits. Ya’ll were so nice to rage around!

Photos by Kyle Brim

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