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Santigold’s 10-year Reunion with Denver

Santigold’s 10-year Reunion with Denver


May 4th, 2019

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The bubbly and boundless artist Santigold took the stage at Denver’s Fillmore Theater on Tuesday, the last day of April. The scintillating artist headlined the show for the first stop of her “10 Years Golder” tour in a comfortably packed venue.

Her stage set up was minimal and straightforward. Propped with two live instrument players, one to the far right on the drums and the other at the far left of the stage on the strings. A couple of tall, wind-blown, tiki-looking statues towered on either side of the front of the stage. Right next to them were two identically dressed female dancers, who stopped, popped and dropped it energetically throughout the entire show, to the backdrop of a of Santigold’s imaginative indie-art.

As the intermission music died down, the crowd gave a welcoming cheer. Santigold stepped onto the stage, brought on with the help of an anticipatory brood of old and new fans alike. She spoke to the crowd in an enthusiastically playful way, to express how she’d flown into Denver versus taking the tour bus to avoid risking extremely long traffic stalls. Assuring her performance would not be missed for her kickoff in Denver. After a brief delivery of a few humorous and kind words, her bold music began to echo over the pit of locals, as heads immediately began to bob and weave.

Her song list included bangers from her 2008 self-titled album Santigold, as well as her most current album. Her music sounded like it could be the sexy intersection of 1960’s pop-inspired beats, with a strong infusion of reggae sway and hip hop bass lines. This is demonstrated in her collaboration with Jay-Z, “Brooklyn We Go Hard.” Her track “Creator,” who’s synthesized whammy bar sound and hard drums gave an energetic uprising to the crowd, before she graced us with her “bassy” whip, “I’m a Lady,” that would remind us of her punk roots. Off her 2012 album Master of My Make-Believe, she gave the favorite, “Desperate Youth,” while her guitar player threw down his riff.  From her 2016 99 cent album, the unapologetic and purposefully self-centered “Can’t Get Enough of Myself,’ uplifted the theater’s sequin-gold, jacket clad crowd.

Santigold’s uniqueness showed up to an ever-ready young crowd here in D-town. Some of the concert goers would up by when she invited them onto the stage with her (pictured earlier in the article). Having been way ahead of her time and finally, 10 years later, ripening to a point where her eccentric style has inspired enough artists to become extremely popular in today’s sound. Her relevance, then until now, has never faded.

Photos by Summer Taylor

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