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Said The Sky Releases New Project To Raise Awareness For World Suicide Prevention Day

Said The Sky Releases New Project To Raise Awareness For World Suicide Prevention Day

Kierstin Rounsefell

September 14th, 2020

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Thursday, September 10th marked World Suicide Prevention Day. Each year, the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) organizes the event along with the World Health Organization (WHO) as a co-sponsor. Above all, the purpose of World Suicide Prevention Day is “to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention”.

According to the IASP, more than 800,000 people die by suicide every single year. This breaks down to one person every forty seconds. Furthermore, “for every 1 suicide 25 people make a suicide attempt”. 108 million people are directly affected by suicide each and every year. This includes close family, relatives, and friends who are then in a high-risk group for suicide themselves.

In a video created by the IASP, they discuss easy ways to help those with suicidal thoughts. Specifically, they list community support, responsible and sensitive media portrayals, local education, and restricting the means as being incredibly important. By “stepping closer” to those around you, you can listen to and support them. Similarly, the video states that “sometimes all it takes is a smile” to make a difference.

Said The Sky

Said The Sky is a Denver-based producer and DJ that makes beautifully perfect melodic music. He plays the piano and various other instruments which he flawlessly incorporates into both his songs and live performances. Ever since the release of his debut EP, Faith, in 2014, Said The Sky has made massive strides in the music industry. He’s even collaborated with a wide range of artists including Slander, Illenium, and Dabin. Additionally, he can be seen performing at venues and festivals around the world.

One of the most loveable things about Said The Sky as a person is his character. To clarify, he gives off an incredibly kind, warm, and caring vibe that everyone can see and even hear through his music. His social media and song lyrics give off an extremely positive energy that hundreds of thousands of people have come to admire.

Throughout his career in music, he has gained an incredible family of fans which he calls Skygazers. It is clear that this group really does care for one another as they’ve all found ways to connect with each other, even being miles apart. Together, they all share their affinity for croissants, puppies, and the anti sadboi sadboi club.

If you haven’t heard about Said The Sky yet, some great introductory songs to listen to are “Darling” (Ft. Missio), “All I Got” with Kwesi, and of course “Worth Living For” with Olivver The Kid and Levi The Poet.

You Are “Worth Living For”

On September 8th, Said The Sky released his long-awaited song and fan video titled “Worth Living For” with Olivver The Kid and Levi The Poet. This project was created in honor of World Suicide Prevention Day. Thus, the project focuses on the purpose of raising awareness for suicide and suicide prevention.

100% of proceeds from this song will go to To Write Love On Her Arms, which is a non-profit that focuses on helping those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide. Said The Sky also partnered with Songs That Saved My Life for the project.

Said The Sky

A Heartwarming Video

A few months ago, Said The Sky made a post on social media asking for fans to email in video clips of things that made their life worth living for. As a result, hundreds of fans sent in their own videos. Clips included friends and loved ones hugging, dogs (naturally), nature, confetti, shows, and festivals. The final product is absolutely gorgeous and quite tear-jerking.

In hopes of creating something beautiful, I asked you to share the moments that make your life worth living for. This is what we made with those moments.

Said The Sky

The lyric video, created by Emma Paige, starts off with a few facts and statistics about global suicide rates. Then, viewers see a DVD labeled “moments worth living for” slide into a DVD player before the collage of video clips starts. The video concludes by saying the following.

Hope is real. Help is real. Your story is important. If you or someone you love is struggling know that help exists. Visit to locate free and reduced cost options for mental health care. We are glad you are here. YOU are worth living for.

Said The Sky

Listen to Said The Sky’s beautiful new song below and prepare to get in your feels while watching the video! This song is also available for streaming on Spotify.


Suicide affects millions of people globally every single year. Someone you know may be suffering, whether it be you yourself, a family member, friend, or coworker. Taking care of your mental health is incredibly important. Furthermore, checking in on loved ones is also critical.

It’s crucial to remember that there is always help! Click here to visit To Write Love On Her Arms‘ resource page. Resources for the United States as well as international locations are provided. They also present resources for those affected by COVID-19 such as help with food assistance, bill payments, and more.

FOR IMMEDIATE HELP, CLICK HERE. These hotlines are available 24-hours a day and are all confidential.

Thank you, Said The Sky, for dedicating time to remind us that we all have something “Worth Living For”. Thank you for advocating for suicide awareness and prevention. We truly appreciate you for providing us with resources and tools to help ourselves and our loved ones.

Said The Sky

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