Said The Sky Makes His Beautiful Return To Denver

Said The Sky is an extremely talented producer, songwriter, performer, and DJ. This Colorado native, known to family and friends as Trevor Christensen, has been playing the piano and other various instruments since the young age of eight. His strong background in melodic music combined with technical training has allowed him to create an absolutely breathtaking signature sound.

Show & Tell” (feat. Claire Ridgely), “Emotion Sickness” (feat. Will Anderson of Parachute), and “Where’d U Go” (with Illenium) are some of Said The Sky‘s most well-known tracks. Since his start, he’s brought his captivating live experience to venues and festivals throughout North America. Currently, Said The Sky is on tour for his most recent album, Sentiment.

The Sentiment Tour

On Friday, March 25th, Skygazers (what his fans call themselves) gathered in Trevor’s hometown of Denver, Colorado. Joining Said The Sky in Denver were Olivver The Kid, Afinity, and Midnight Kids.

This show took place at the Mission Ballroom, which is one of the newer venues in Denver. The venue has a capacity of nearly four thousand people. However, the stage can actually be moved depending on the expected attendance to slightly grow or shrink the size of the main floor. Multiple bars and restrooms are scattered throughout the venue along with two VIP balconies, a tiered seating area, a merchandise booth, and even food options.

Olivver The Kid

Olivver The Kid started off the night by singing, playing the guitar, and also using a drum pad. His logo was displayed on a small screen behind the DJ booth, while multicolored lighting was used over the stage as well. One thing that visually stood out for the duration of the night was the fact that there was no visuals screen in front of the DJ booth. This allowed attendees to see the full-body silhouette of whoever was performing.


If you have heard of the group Pixel Terror, then you know Afinity. Just this week, Pixel Terror announced that their two members (Ahrya and Bentley) would be pursuing separate musical projects from now on. Bentley will continue under the Pixel Terror name, while Ahrya started a brand new project titled Afinity.

Afinity’s show on Friday was his debut of the new project, and what a debut it was. His electric energy and sound had everyone that was on the floor jumping and dancing. He played some remixes of songs that the crowd was familiar with, including Illenium’s “Blame Myself” (with Tori Kelly). For his set, three large screens lit up behind him and he had a full visuals display.

Midnight Kids

Midnight Kids was created by “dreamers, believers, and late night rebels“. The focus of their music centers around encouraging people to be comfortable with their stories and stay true to themselves. If you haven’t heard any music by Midnight Kids yet, “Find Our Way” (feat. klei) and “Keep It Complicated” do a great job of showcasing their sound. Early last year, the two members announced that they would be going their separate ways in regards to music. So, Kyle Girard is the sole member presently.

By the time he came on, the venue was basically full, including the tiered section in the back. By now, there were quite a bit of VIP ticket holders up on the balconies as well. Midnight Kids played a high-energy mix of original tracks along with crowd favorites including music from Space Laces, Illenium, and a remix of “Bulletproof” by La Roux.

(Hometown) Hero

While these three stellar acts were warming up the stage for Said The Sky, he was getting tattooed backstage by Denver artist Jawnton, who’s done some of Trevor’s other tattoos as well. After a twenty-minute set change, Trevor FINALLY took to the stage! His set had the largest production of the night with a massive LED wall tall enough to touch the ceiling along with the three other screens. Multi-colored light bars, fog, pyrotechnics (fireworks and fire), and cryo jets were used throughout his performance.

Said The Sky used the DJ booth and also played a few songs on a beautiful grand piano and an acoustic guitar. Day Gatsby was on the drum kit and only used one hand to play the entire night due to an injury on the other. Olivver The Kid was also a part of most of the set, singing and playing the guitar for multiple songs. During the song “Hero” (with Olivver The Kid and Dabin), Dabin even made a special appearance! Jack Newsome also made an appearance to sing their song titled “Holdin’ My Own“.

Being the Sentiment Tour, most songs that Said The Sky played were from his latest album. The crowd sang along to some of their favorites including “We Know Who We Are” (feat. Olivver The Kid) and “Go On Then, Love” (feat. The Maine). For his encore, Trevor sat down on the front of the stage and played his guitar for “Walk Me Home” (with Illenium and Chelsea Cutler), just like he did to conclude his Red Rocks set last fall.

“An Experience Through Music”

Said The Sky played a beautifully emotional and memorable set in Denver. It was easy to see that everyone in attendance was enjoying themselves. Happy tears were shed by many as the crowd danced, sang, and became fully immersed in the captivating experience that is Said The Sky. As always, his production was bigger and better than before, and we can’t wait to see what will happen next time he plays a show in his hometown.

To keep up with all things Said The Sky including tour dates and new releases, check out his socials below!

Photos by Patrik Essy

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