Sacred Acre Festival 2022 Lasers

There is something beautiful happening in Alaska. Nestled between the crashing waves and the wild woods of the Kenai Peninsula, people will come together to celebrate the wonder that is Sacred Acre.

Ninilchik, Alaska will host the third annual installment of Sacred Acre Music Festival. Deep bass and funky jams will be heard as revelers dance in the Alaskan forest. As the sun goes down and the stars come out, people will get an experience like no other. There’s even a chance the northern lights will come out and dance with the lasers. There is only one guarantee: Festival goers will truly understand why this place is the Sacred Acre. 


This year will bring bass-heavy artists like Peekaboo, Wreckno, and Zingara. Also on the lineup are legendary Glitch-Hop duo The Glitch Mob, who will also play sets under their individual side projects ediT and Ooah.

The lineup also brings the funk with Dirtwire, Lane Night Radio, and Florida duo The Sponges. Sacred Acre also makes sure to represent the local music scene. Clint Samples and Rachel Monae are among some of the very talented local Alaskan DJs that will be gracing the stage.


Sacred Acre has made sure that getting to the festival grounds from Ted Stevens International Airport will be hassle free. Tickets are available for shuttles that will take attendees from the airport to the festival. There are also cars available for rent in the Anchorage area if you would like to explore some of Alaska on your own. 

There are many different options for lodging in Ninilchik. Around the festival site there is Arches Campground for attendees looking to reside near other festival goers. There are also different state-owned campgrounds around the festival if people are looking for a more secluded place to sleep. Not a fan of camping outside? Check out some of the multiple cabin options around the area for cabin rentals.


One of the main priorities of Sacred Acre is to share the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness with the world. Preserving natural wonders is as important as enjoying them.

Sacred Acre is a NO PLASTIC event. The festival will feature hydration stations for refillable water bottles, reusable metal cups for alcohol sales, and all vendors will use compostable and recyclable materials. 

The organizers of the festival also want to bring to light the unethical reality of trawling. This practice is detrimental to the world’s oceanic ecosystems. If you would like to find out more about the different types of trawling that are destroying our oceans please visit the Stop the Alaskan Trawler Bycatch Facebook Group.

The intention behind Sacred Acre is just one reason why people should take the trip to the Last Frontier for this festival. Come and experience this magical place, and help to ensure that future generations will get the chance to experience it too.

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