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Russian Style: An Interview with Phlegmatic Dogs and VOLAC

Russian Style: An Interview with Phlegmatic Dogs and VOLAC

Samantha Williams

September 10th, 2019

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What happens when Russians and bass house meet? Well, the producers Phlegmatic Dogs and VOLAC have an answer to that, and it’s called Russian Style. Just recently these four house music moguls started their very first Russian Style North American Tour, and on that tour they’re set to stop at Temple Nightclub in Denver on October 26th. To prepare for what’s to come, Party Guru Press had the chance to interview both Phlegmatic Dogs and VOLAC on their past, their vision, and what’s to come for both groups. Read below to find out more:

PG: Phlegmatic Dogs — how exactly did you two come to meet and start producing music together?

PD: Nothing special. Just met each other during split dj gigs and start to collaborate. 

PG: VOLAC — And how did you both come to meet and start producing music?

VOLAC: We have been friends since childhood. We both were following electronic dance music since 2004, a lot of producers were making tracks, some of them used organ bass in their tracks, same organ bass was in a worldwide heat (Show me love), that sound inspired us a lot. So that’s why we started to produce electronic music.

PG: VOLAC & Phlegmatic Dogs — What makes “russian style” different?

PD: Russians made remix on Russians and released on the American label. Miracle!

VOLAC: Russian style is totally different .We going to show people another good vibe. Both of us have unique style, so is different then another producers does. We look at music from an another angle, that’s why Russian style is Russian style.

Russian Style

PG: VOLAC & Phlegmatic Dogs — All of you have been featured on AC Slater’s notorious label Night Bass. How do you feel you contribute to the Night Bass project?

PD: We love NB team. All the guys are big professionals. It’s more than just a label. It’s a crew, it’s a family.

VOLAC: Yeah, it is our fav label right now. We love concept and style of Night Bass. They always release good stuff and they are different from other labels. Also AC always support new producers and it’s dope. We were noname guys 4 years ago, Night Bass has supported us and now we are here. Incredible.

PG: VOLAC — So, Volacast has been a project going on for a few years now. How have you seen the project grow, and what has been your favorite part of this growth?

VOLAC: Yes, we have put a lot of energy in the production of the podcast. We have changed the style of graphic design. This is the coolest part. We are currently working on new releases, and we want to release new episodes every month.

PG: Phlegmatic Dogs — On the bottom of the home screen of your website it says “No cats here” — why?

PD: You’re talking to dogs. Is this question still relevant?

PG: VOLAC — Where does the name “Volac” come from?

VOLAC: It’s funny, when we were saving a track 8 years ago, Sasha typed the name and made a mistake with title. So it’s supposed to be “VOCAL” but he accidentally typed “VOLAC”, it looked great, then we decided to name our project “VOLAC.”

PG: VOLAC — So, you’re all about to embark on a North American Tour together, what is the location you’re most excited to showcase to?

VOLAC: Oh yeah, this tour is going to be awesome, cause we will play at good festivals and venues this time. We are pretty excited about the Electric Zoo festival in NY, MIA in Vancouver, Soundbar in Chicago, Temple in Denver, AMF festival in LA.

PG: Phlegmatic Dogs — Where would you say most of your musical inspiration comes from?

PD: Rave and Rap culture of 90’s.

Russian Style

PG: VOLAC & Phlegmatic Dogs — Has either group ever found inspiration from the other? Either before each duo made it big or after?

PD: We can’t say we find inspiration in each other’s music. If so, guess we would have similar sound, right? We usually exchange our experience in specific issues of music production – vocals mixing, sample selection or bass production. But our projects have different ideas – that’s why both our crews cover all the house music spectrum, from summer vibes to festival bangers.

VOLAC: We produce totally different music, but always play music of each other. We will try to make something huge on our forthcoming tour! Stay tuned.

PG: VOLAC — Is there a certain routine you undergo when making a track, or does each one come about differently?

VOLAC: The certain routine is find out good vocal for the track.

PG: Phlegmatic Dogs — Are there any cities you’ll be hitting for the first time on the Russian Style tour?

PD: Technically it’s our very first Russian Style tour. We have already been to many North America cities before – together with Volac and separately. During this tour we, Dogs, are going to visit Columbus, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Pontiac, Magna, El Paso, Atlanta and Washington for the first time.

PG: VOLAC — Any new music to expect before you kickstart your tour on August 30th?

VOLAC: Unfortunately no, we have already released EP “Russian Style” on Night Bass, so is enough for right now.

The Russian group has just 11 more stops to go until they settle at Temple Nightclub in Denver on October 26th. Above, VOLAC mentioned it’s one of the stops their most excited for, so that show is not to miss. You can find tickets to their Temple Nightclub show here. Phlegmatic Dogs and VOLAC are groundbreaking house musicians of this time, and they’ll surely bring incredible amounts of heat on their first Russian Style Tour. Keep on the lookout for some of their new tracks, and don’t forget to listen to their Russian Style Compilation here.

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