On October 28, 2022, the legendary producer Rezz returned to Red Rocks Amphitheater for the 4th annual Rezz Rocks and captivated the crowd. 

Who is Rezz?

Isabelle Rezazadeh is the creator of Rezz and is also known by fans as the infamous space mom. Canadian-born and raised, she got an early start in music at 16 with DJing and soon moved on to producing by teaching herself the basics. After catching the attention of massive stars like Skrillex and Deadmau5 in 2015, she released an EP on Skrillex’s nest imprint and then signed to Deadmau5’s label, Mau5trap.

Musical History

Rezz’s notoriety multiplied with her 2016 EPs and led the way into her full-length debut of Mass Manipulation in August 2017. She quickly became a household name in the EDM world with songs like Selector, Plague, Edge, and Relax. In 2018, she released Certain Kind of Magic with high-profile collaborations with Deathpact, 1788-L, and Fytch. Come 2019, she released her fourth EP, Beyond the Senses, followed by one of her most popular singles, Someone Else. Then in 2021, she banged out her third full-length album, Spiral, which features many fan favorites like Sacrificial and Taste of You.

Music Type

At the beginning of her career, Rezz’s music came to be considered the first of its kind and a new wave of bass music. It’s described as futuristic and dark mid-tempo bass with mild crossovers to techno. Rezz’s music and production are known to induce hypnotic, trance-like states and create a wicked, extraterrestrial atmosphere. A legend in her creations, Rezz always leaves her crowds mesmerized. 

Opening Support

Fise was the first opener of the night, and many were not sure what to expect! But he did a great job setting the mood with some heavy mid-tempo bass heaters. I’m sure many people are excited to see more from him in the future.


Fans were so excited to see Canabliss on the support lineup! She came on during an incredible pastel sunset and threw down some deep wubs that got the crowd moving. She also switched it up with a good amount of drum and bass, which was refreshing to hear.

Kill Script

Kill Script was a great addition to this support lineup, providing some dark, dirty techno! Featuring an excellent visual production with futuristic machines, Kill Script raised the energy with heavy kicks and kept the crowd warm when it started to get cold!


Many were also excited to see Chee on the lineup! He was a great addition with his profound experimental bass beats and track diversity. Chee made for a smooth transition into the next opener. 

Of The Trees

One of the most anticipated openers, Of The Trees, came ripping through next and did not disappoint. A fan favorite and Denver local, Of The Trees, played an incredible set with a super trippy visual production that pumped the crowd with energy.

Rezz’s Set

It’s safe to say that this was a Rezz fan’s dream set. Rezz Rocks opened with the classic voiceover saying, “Rezz, the humans, they won’t understand. They communicate in a different way.” As the crowd screamed, she started playing her first song, Chemical Bond, which is a huge heavy hitter. This set was full of fan favorites like Edge, Taste of You, Sacrificial, Purple Gusher, and so much more. She went back to 2016 and played songs like Plague, which made the crowd go nuts. Rezz also played tunes from other artists like Pretty Lights, Zeds Dead, and Charlesthefirst! It’s important to note that the songs she chose from these other artists were mixed seamlessly into her set and fit perfectly. Footage can be found on Instagram here!


The Rezz Rocks visual production was also top-tier, but who’s surprised about that? The stage was set with fog machines blowing downwards onto the stage and cauldrons of fire surrounding Rezz. There were live cameras on her as she played that projected onto the stage and were incorporated into the visual production that, made for a wild sight to see. As she stood in the middle of the stage with her bright red swirly glasses and her legs swaying under the decks, it was almost as if she became engulfed in the hypnotic visual experience behind her. At any given moment during the set, you could hear screams from left and right in the crowd due to the absolute madness that Rezz was causing! You can catch a glimpse into this crazy setup in her Instagram post here.


Overall, this was an incredible experience! From the support lineup to the legend Rezz herself, the night was filled with grimey music from start to finish. We are so lucky to have seen such a jam-packed Rezz Rocks, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for all the artists involved.

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