Converging with strangers on a bus over similarities.

The immersive art exhibit known as Meow Wolf is a unique attraction near the heart of Denver. The original location in Santa Fe, New Mexico opened in 2008 through a collective of artists. Over the years it has continued to grow and gain more attention, opening the Las Vegas and Denver locations.

The Denver Meow Wolf is a unique exhibit in the Denver art scene in the sense that it doubles as an art installation and a concert venue. The building hosts many unique events ranging from workshops to raves, from the Convergence Station exhibit to the Perplexiplex venue. The installation is open to all ages, but the demand for a 21+ event led to the creation of the Adulti-Verse emo night.

Adult Eat World

In April, the Convergence Station and Perplexiplex are packed with events with unique themes. The age-restricted event is known as The Adulti-Verse, and the April 5th installment was emo night.

Adulti-Verse is a unique experience that first started making it rounds in 2022. It’s the Convergence Station’s first no-kids-allowed event featuring three bars spread across the exhibit. The bars for emo night offered themed drinks with names like “Mint Damn Sure” and “Dirty Little Secret.”

Making a Scene

The exhibit itself was open to the attendees of the event. Walking in the door, people donned name tags featuring references like “Having a day to remember XD rawr.” The music varied from world to world, ranging between Embrace and Jimmy Eat World. Numina featured a blend between originals and EDM remixes of 2000s alternative.

Fashion played a large role in reliving days past and present. People rocked emo, scene and alternative outfits in any direction you looked. Iconic styles were everywhere: Dyed, straightened hair covering the face; black fingernails and eyeliner; skinny jeans and Converse sneakers.

You should expect the unexpected at Meow Wolf because anything can happen. The Adulti-Verse emo night included unique pop-ups like a creative writer in the library typing sad poems for the soul, a nail stylist caring for cuticles, and a mythical emo trash bunny at large among the crowd.

In the theater, people took to karaoke and played some crowd favorites. A Myspace friend request? Yes, it’s a Meow Wolf event, anything can happen!

Emo Forever

Ultimately, the Adulti-Verse is a new way to experience the exhibit freely without having to worry about children running about. It’s described as not-so-hyper space, but that doesn’t take away any luster from the experience. You can choose to stay for the concert at night, or simply stay for the installation itself. Actors walk around providing exciting moments, always in the theme of the occasion. Striking up conversations with strangers has never been easier than at an event at Convergence Station. It’s more than worth it to step out of your world into one of many brought by Meow Wolf.

Photos by Daren Lee

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