Milky Way Sonic Bloom Festival 2023

From June 15-18th, thousands of people flocked to Hummingbird Ranch in Colorado for the 16th annual Sonic Bloom Festival. This beloved camping festival teemed with incredible music, live performances, artists, and healing workshops designed to unite bloomers under an enchanting concept: freedom to be yourself, and to be understood.

Woke with a Purpose

Sonic Bloom begins every festival with a beautiful opening ceremony by local Native American residents to bless the festival grounds and respect residing spirits. Coupled with views of the stunning Spanish Peak mountains and raw forest terrain, it was a spectacle!

This unique tradition of deep spiritual awareness set the tone for a conscious weekend. Markedly, there was no trash on the ground, people respected others, and newfound connections were plentiful. A far cry from some shows that are riddled with garbage, thefts, and bad attitudes, Sonic Bloom is proud to attract a community that collectively creates an environment to support each other in having a good time, safely. ❤️

Two Friends Jump In Excitement At Sonic Bloom Festival

A Thoughtfully Planned Event

Although Hummingbird Ranch is breathtaking and camping is a breeze, careful planning is necessary to be comfortable. For example, someone stole a pair of pants from my tent. Other valuables remained untouched, so I figured they didn’t come prepared enough and needed them more than I did. 😅

Fortunately, Sonic Bloom had us covered and everything we needed was close by. Designated family camping for those with children was a pleasant addition to the layout this year. Bloomtown, a mecca of daily essentials, offered amenities such as ice, an ATM, food, personal care essentials, and much more. Showers, including the Foam Experience, were convenient and had modest to little wait for use. Security was friendly and readily available all over the festival grounds. Community toilets and sinks were regularly cleaned, well-stocked, and spread out strategically.

For TLC of the mind and spirit, you could schedule a massage or spa appointment. A plethora of resources at the Oracle Portal, Alchemy Lounge, yoga at the D’Om and Slacklines, and more filled up schedule blocks with self-care. Sonic Bloom emphasizes taking care of yourself, inside and out, even long after the festival has finished. Thoughtful planning by the organizers made the gathering so enjoyable!

Group Yoga Under D'Om Stage At Sonic Bloom Festival

Sonic Bloom Brings the Boom

A mouthwatering music lineup became the recipe for endless booty shaking from dawn to dawn. Some highlight headliners included d CloZee, Lotus, Papadosio, Dirtwire, Sunsquabi, and DOMi & JD Beck to name a few. (An exciting fact about this year’s music lineup: at least 25% are from our backyard, Colorado!) A jaw-dropping variety of over 100 musicians hit the stages with good tunes and feels, effectively maintaining a constant party around the clock.

In addition, Sonic Bloom boasted a tasteful palette of visual artists, VJs, and spellbinding performing artists to enhance each set. Some of my favorite acts included fire dancers, hoop dancers, intricate visualizers, and a talking phallic puppet! (You just had to see it yourself, I might get in trouble here if I describe how it “spoke.” 🍆) This resulted in an endless stream of exciting entertainment.

Things are Different Here

I’m a first-time bloomer. Without a doubt, I’ve never felt more positive energy and vibrations anywhere else than during these sets here. One of my favorite moments of the entire festival was during Sunsquabi’s performance. The night sky was so clear that the Milky Way glimmered in the stars above.

When the temperature dropped, I ditched my colorful festival jumpsuit for ugly warm clothes and bundled up in a blanket on the ground. Seated around me were a festie-fam who kindly adopted me into their group that day, air hammock loungers, and a group of girls dressed in adorable cow and cowgirl outfits. Sunsquabi began playing “Deluxe”, sending everyone around us into psychedelic dance fits. As dust and hair flew around, I looked around me and noticed something peculiar.

Not a single person’s phone was out.

No videos being recorded, no selfies being taken, no photos taken of the guy shredding the guitar onstage. Everyone was living in the moment and soaking up every molecule of good feelings that they could. I’m used to seeing the glow of phone screens in front of everyone’s face when a sick line drops — but not here. I saw freedom from the tethers of the outside world. Unified by creative expression, genuine connections, and spirit-driven dancing, these people were having the time of their lives and I got to be a part of it.

Did You Bloom At Sonic Bloom?

The quality of a concert performance is important, but the way the music makes people feel is even more so. The impact of a moment can last a lifetime and I have no doubts this event changed some lives for the better with powerful moments. Sonic Bloom is a place for those who want freedom of expression, without judgment, around like-minded people who understand how they feel.

The people, the atmosphere, the art installations, the venue, the inspirational speakers, and the festival itself left me in awe. I couldn’t be happier with the memories I brought home with me. I’ll see you all on the unified field next year!

Photos by Daren Lee

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