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Denver’s place as a premier hub for bass music in the nation is undeniable. While the Mile High City may not be the first destination that comes to mind for house music enthusiasts, a robust foundation is swiftly emerging to spotlight Denver’s prowess in this genre. Leading the charge in this sonic revolution is Regenerate Music Festival, slated to mark its second edition at Civic Center Park this June. Beaming from its 2023 lineup is a remarkably diverse lineup of house and techno artists.

As the festival unfolds across the expansive lawns and verdant gardens between the City Council Building and the State Capitol, the atmosphere will pulsate with the relentless rhythm of four-on-the-floor rhythms, resonating from headline acts like Gorgon City, Eric Prydz, and Layton Giordani. Against this electrifying backdrop, attendees will also enjoy the synth melodies of John Summit, Bon Bohmer, and Purple Disco Machine, unveiling a captivating kaleidoscope of diversity and richness that transcends the steadfast thump of the house genre.

From celebrated headliners to blossoming up-and-comers, the festival’s lineup offers a breathtaking spectrum of creativity and stylistic diversity, catering to every musical palate. Representing global talent, the roster boasts esteemed artists like Cassian, renowned for collaborations with Rüfüs du Sol and representing Australia; Marsh, a progressive house luminary hailing from the U.K.; and the emerging duo Kasablanca from Canada, all of whom promise to evoke raw emotions with their performances.

Step into a world of sonic exploration at Regenerate Music Festival on June 7th and 8th, where an extensive range of house music genres awaits. From the soulful depths of deep house to the reverberating heartbeat and captivating rhythms of techno, attendees will embark on an immersive journey through a plethora of sonic landscapes.

Dive into the infectious grooves of classic house or surrender to the hypnotic beats of tech house. Experience the seamless fusion of progressive house melodies with driving techno bass lines, or bask in the emotive resonance of melodic house.

With a lineup studded with international talent and some of the top names in their field, Regenerate Music Festival offers an unparalleled opportunity to delve into the diverse and dynamic world of house and techno music. Get your tickets now — don’t miss out on this immersive musical odyssey set against the stunning backdrop of Civic Center Park this June.

Regenerate Music Festival lineup blue purple Civic Center

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