Raise Your Vibration W/ The Weekly Frequency Sound Series

A new weekly music event is coming your way. Starting next week, every Wednesday at Beacon Denver, the Frequency Sound Series will immerse you in new genres, artists, performers and visuals. This is Party Guru’s first weekly event that is fully produced, promoted and presented by Party Guru, so it is sure to be a banging series. Partnering with Party Guru, is Beacon, the newest venue to hit the Denver scene. With its immersive rooms and art based design, it is the perfect venue to host the series. 

Opening in December of 2021, Beacon is Denver’s newest artist-created dance bar. The founders really wanted to share their burner ideals of inclusivity, diversity and artistic freedom with everyone in the Denver community. They do this by basing Beacon’s entire operation off of 6 principles: unity, diversity, authenticity, creativity, presence and safety. These principles can be clearly seen throughout the various themed rooms and through talking with the staff.

The Rooms

The first room up is “Willow Weave Bar.” This room will ground you through the experience of a cocktail in the middle of the forest. Well lit and full of life, this bar is different from most in that connection and conversation are the focus. The second room is “Dance Floor Under a Cloud.”This room features an entirely new experience. A perfectly sound enhanced dance floor allows you to get immersed in the bass without having to shout to chat with friends. Paired with the amazing sound is a bright, rippling ceiling that brings extra light and vibrance to the dance floor as well as a lush stage. Designed so that both the audience and the artists can contribute to the experience, this dance floor is one of a kind. 

The third room is the “Celestial Stardust Wagon“. This Roma caravan-styled room will teleport you to a time and space between digital and analog. A space to chill and relax, this room has a warm vibe perfect to chat and have a cocktail with friends. The fourth room is “A Trip to the Hive Mind.” Not just a tribute to bees, the honeycomb tent and art filling this room is here to remind us all that like bees, we are all one community. Vibrantly lit in shades of yellow and gold, this room will cause you to think out of yourself and with the community. The last area is “The Inconvenience Store.” This is a secret bodega within the bar and it is full of nonessential, magical items you couldn’t even begin to imagine. Get lost in Beacon and see what you can find.

The Event And First Line-Up

Now that you know about the venue, let’s chat about the weekly event. The goal of this event is to bring a new immersive experience every week. Different sounds, genres, performers, and visuals are perfectly curated to channel a different vibe. This night is also to allow more people to enjoy music. Not everyone has the weekends off and having an option mid-week is a great way to help more people get out and enjoy Denver’s music scene. If you are lucky enough to have weekends off, this event is still a great mid-week refresher.  Party Guru also wants to highlight different genres and artists, bringing in fresh talent weekly.

The first line-up is fire, especially since this first week is also our founder, Mike Knopping’s Birthday Bash. First on the lineup is CHAlit. A local house DJ, CHAlit is bringing his best house beats to kick this series off. Also on the lineup is Britton Lee. Another local, Britton, is also ready to bring some fire house beats. After getting down with some local sound, the stage will be graced by Subset. Hailing from Seattle, Subset has spent his entire career building relationships with his fans and community while making awesome music in the process. With a lineup this fire, this opening night is sure to set the bar for these weekly events.

The Future Of Frequency Sound Series

This event looks like it’s just starting to heat up. On the 16th, My Homies Spin Records is taking the night over with featured artists: Dankies, RAMNA, Macefacekilla and more. On the 23rd, The Trap Shaman will be hitting the decks with Orca and Chocolate Drop. Wrapping up the month, on the 30th GANEESHA, PVZZLR and a special guest will take over the decks. Near or far, you should travel down to Beacon and check out this new event!

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